More Utility of JP system, apply to old raids

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
This seems to make sense to me, anybody else?

have a daily classic dungeon 60+
for at least


burning crusade 70+
wrath 80+
cata 85+

have them give dungeon/heroic for jp

open to all people who are above that level

just giving the same amount needed to buy the gear at the level

as it was supposed when things were issued. this would

let people actually get a bit of decent gear, and not be excluded

from things like old raids, finders, or heroic dungeons, even if they

were higher level or something stupid, it's still just a run. Or just

make them 2 person or something to counter the needing 5 people,

if it was say 80s or 90s at BC heros, just make the guys reasonable/ gear based
or random (Kara-BT) Raid strong For 80+ when trying to make these LFG, getting things like raid finder gear is impossible now if you leveled out of the bracket?

if you were giving comparable jp, but still the rewards are less expensive, but keeping things like x honor = x gear = x looms = anything else in terms of time investment, and see that people at lower levels at least understand that the dungeons and things that surmount to the new game did indeed have their time and did amount to things, even making all old raids, a raid finder version, just for at level people, who probably wouldn't see a raid group forming, or are simply under geared would make sense…

There is the profession called enchanting in the game, which consists of farming dungeons... this could ultimately be called, enchanting evenings or something nice.
seriously put back in a good reason to run JP content, even having a miss matched bag of 80-90s for an old BC, LK , or Cata raid is good enough, letting things like 85 raid finders sit empty forever would be a shame to let such a utility go to waste, plenty of people would run simply for x-mog gear or points.
Does this not make sense? Things since BC all awarded Badges of Justice, etc, just put these back in the game on a scale that make sense alloting people to get the gear at 70, giving more points for higher and higher level content.

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