<Stoic> is recruting

<Stoic> is a 10 man raiding guild on the Turalyon server in search of committed raiders who are looking to have fun and progress through current content. At the moment we are currently looking for healers and dps, ilvl 464+ is a must. Current progress is at a stalemate due to the lack of raiders, but with the right people we plan of coming back fast. If you are looking for a guaranteed raid spot and would like to join apply at http://stoicturalyon.guildlaunch.com/ or speak with Loonycrom, Mossmystic, Cylvanna, Pheonixfyre, or Soulglancer.

Raid Times
Tues 8pm-11pm est
Thurs 8pm-11pm est

Current progression
MSV- 4/6

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