Concerned About Healing Heroic Dungeons

I hit 90 not too long ago and I'm about to try out healing heroic dungeons. I'm just a bit concerned because I've seen other Holy pallys struggle at healing heroic dungeons (to the point where they cause the group to wipe) while tanking on my DK.

I don't want to be a bad healer. Does anyone have any pointers to help me do better?

Do some respeccing.
- Selfless Healer is the worst choice on the tier for Holy. Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame are both good, with most people preferring the later.
- Unbreakable Spirit is also pretty weak for Holy. I'd recommend Clemency, since Hand of Sac is fantastic.

Get some glyphs. There are several to choose from, almost all of which are better than nothing.

Do the Arena scenario to get a decent starting weapon.

Get a good healing UI you're comfortable with. There's a lot of personal preference involved here, but it makes a world of difference.
First of all, read the Holy sticky.

Done? Ok.

Your spirit is abysmally low. This is going to hurt you a lot. Keep in mind, there are tanks (screw the dps, they aren't people anyway) that are also starting out. As such, they will be a little spongy as they figure out their own way. What this means for you, is that sometimes it will feel as if the other 4 people are working against you. Tanks may not use CDs or fully understand active mitigation. You are going to be going through a lot of mana.

Focus on bringing your spirit up to a comfortable level. For me, it was being able to cast Holy Light and have that mana back in about half a second. There is no magic number, this is all based on how you heal. For the spirit you can't attain right now, there's the glyph of Illumination. This is a great tool for a fresh lvl 90, since most do not the 7k~ spirit it takes to make the glyph useless. Selfless Healer isn't bad, but it requires using judgment. And if you don't know, it no longer is the regen tool it once was. Also, it costs mana and a GCD. Eternal Flame is a solid choice. And, in my opinion, offers more flexibility than Sacred Shield, which is the other solid choice in that tier.

I won't get into anymore glyphs and talents, because it's all in the sticky. Read it.

As for the healing itself: Get used to precasting. Do not rely on Flash of Light or Divine Light for the bulk of your healing. They will drain your mana very quickly. Focus on your instants. Learn to abuse and love Holy Light. Accustom yourself with healing through Beacon of Light. And finally, do not be afraid to use cooldowns. They are powerful and meant to be used. You say you've tanked heroics? Good. You know what to expect, and that's a good advantage to have.

Keep a calm head and your eyes open. If a PuG group consists of people standing in BAD, let them die. You are there to keep the group refreshed, not heal whatever mental deficiency they have. Yes, I'm bitter. You will be too. Enjoy.

And read the damn sticky :P
It's really going to depend on your tank. If the tank is taking a ton of damage it means they don't know how to use their cooldowns and abilities appropriately. Even with my 10K spirit and 15K INT I still run into the occasional tank that monopolizes my time.

You have to learn to not panic. To conserve mana, don't forget to beacon the tank and if the tank and another party member are both taking damage cast Holy Light on the other party member as it will heal the tank for the same amount. This is key. In addition, if you cast Divine Light on the beacon'd tank you get a holy power for your effort.

When damage is going out to multiple targets simultaneiously the tank is your priority but that doesn't mean you have to heal the tank directly. Always be thinking about how to generate holy power.

There will be times where someone takes damage so quickly they can go from 100% to dead in the time it takes to cast a Divine Light. Oops!
On all of my healers, it was a bit rough when they first hit 90. With every piece of gear it gets a little easier. It might be pretty rough at the start, but don't give up. Maybe there's a good tank in your guild that will run a few with you until you feel comfortable? Do you have a BS that can make the 476 gear? That would also help a lot.

I agree that your spirit is VERY low, start reforging into it. Don't forget to always bring your potions, flasks, and food. If you keep your spirit where its at, you're gonna have a lot of trouble.

I also agree with Sarvan, the worst thing you can do is start to panic. Whenever healers panic they start spamming Flash of Light/Flash Heal/Surging Mist etc etc and go OOM lol. Its all about learning mana management :)

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