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Posting this in both the druid and healing sections, in case one isn't used as often. If this is wrong to do, let me know and I'll fix it tomorrow morning.

First of all, I'm a resto druid. I'm fairly new to the raiding scene so I'm making a lot of mistakes with gearing like the examples below...

I have been using Ask Mr. Robot to look for upgrades, it told me that the balance tier pieces were better for me so I got them, however I've been hearing that AMR is wrong about that and doesn't calculate the bonuses you get from the set. Is this true? Should I be getting the resto tier pieces instead?

Also, this is a gearing question. I have the LFR Helm of the Shadowy Vanquisher and the normal Gauntlets of the Shadowy Vanquisher. Should I get the resto tier pieces and will it be better to give up my 496 helm for the LFR tier helm?

EDIT: Also is the 4pc bonus worth getting?

EDIT: Is there anything I am reforging or gemming incorrectly with my gear? Anything at all that I can improve? :)
Hmm... let me see if I can help.

First good on gear. Your correctly gemmed and have all the right gear. However, why is nothing upgraded? Your weapons first the the DMF trink should be your priorities to upgrade.

AMR is alright... however when it comes down to healing it all comes to preference. At least for me the LFR terrace healing trinket is better than the MV healing trink you have. I like proc'd spirit and passive int... again it all comes to preference and comfortability.

Gems as far as I can tell are in the right place. You and I hover around the 9k spirit mark, if your comfortable with that it works out then. The one thing I have against your stats would be, that your haste is a little higher than what it should be. The HBP you should be going after is the 3043 point. Your at 3385, I am sure you can find somewhere to get some added mastery. Because mastery is so delicious for us restos.

Lets get into your gear question. Are you struggling as a healer ATM? If you are then the rejuv mana reduction is kinda nice. However, if your other healers are able to pick up the slack then I would recommend not going for the 2 piece unless both are in 496. As well, the 4 piece is really meh... unless its the best gear in your bags. Bonus' for this tier are quite lackluster.

So lets get into your healing spell priorities. If you have logs, check to see what your LB uptime is. How many OOC you are getting, and if you are using all of your OOC. If your able to do that your sitting on a pretty high horse. Without 2 piece you are really going to need to be conscious of your overhealing. If your doing so, your probably going to OOM real fast. Just control yourself, thats what playing resto is all about. You dont need to always be casting.

Knowing your a good healer, just means when !@#$ hits the fan, you know how you react.
300 or so haste over whats needed for that breakpoint so switch that to mastery/spirit unless its for some obscure haste cap im not sure of, gylphs are fine, talents arent what I would run but it generally comes down to personal preference. R druid tier set bonuses are pretty strong, for both mana and throughput, getting them would be my priority, worst piece to have is legs so unless using for the bonus switch them out if you can.

As a response to the guy above me, any mana you can save without sacrifcing downgrades is a bonus, especially when a players gear isnt the greatest, in regards to 4 piece, it basically double dips swiftmend, first you get a lower cd for a cheap powerful instant heal, then ontop of that you get more uptime of the aoe ground effect which is always a bonus.
Joedy that was a good catch.

Can you explain the HotW talent choice? NV is a pretty powerful spell. I will normally combo that with my ToL. And as an engineer I combo my synapse springs with my tranquility.

I mean 6% passive int is nice, however a CD in my opinion is nicer. Again it all comes down to play style of the healer. If your raid is good, then there is no need to add to burst healing.
I always go with nv, just saying that how+sotf is another option
I fixed the haste thing, thank you so much for reminding me! I'll be testing NV over HotW all next week and see how much it helps me.

Thank you again you two for taking the time to help me out. :)
Yeah Np it beats actually doing work at work ;-p.

I do want to add, SotF is a great addition to your arsenal. Once you get comfortable with your character. The other thing is, I recommend going with SotF if you think your wasting your CD's. If they are of no use to you, SotF is every 15 seconds compared to every 3 min, and increases your consistent throughput.

I would say the same with NV, if its no use to you the passive 6% int from HotW can be useful, but again only pick it if you dont need burst heals.

I highly recommend getting into HM and getting the 2 piece for restos upgraded immediately. Since they are shutting off upgrades for 5.2, the healing 2 piece added with the nurf to rejuv will be a massive help to our blanket rejuvs. It will make it almost unfair ;-p.

Another thing is wow on Spirit!!! Almost 10k. ATM that may be a little overkill. If you are making good use of your OOC, and innervate there should really be no need to have that much spirit.

You already have some awesome trinkets, there should be no need with that much spirit on you now. I suggest getting 2-3 of your blue gems to be spirit/ mastery gems. Mastery increases throughput again, while spirit just regens mana. If you had the mastery, you would spend less time casting heals out there, and focus more on other things, like not standing in stuff, keeping LB up for OOC, and mastery always being up.
02/15/2013 06:48 AMPosted by Skyotter
Another thing is wow on Spirit!!! Almost 10k. ATM that may be a little overkill.

That's what I was going to say. For me, 7k just bearly gets me through a fight and that's with innervate & pot of Focus. I'm comfortable at 8k and trying to watch out for overhealing. You have to find your comfort level and then I would suggest more intel for thoroughput. I know mastery is good, too. A lot of people use AMR but I feel that takes away from feeling out your particular playstyle and actual game situations. I refer to my character stats tab often to figure out where I am and what I need. See how much mana you have left at the end of your fights and regem/reenchant for more intel & mastery. You might even think about going for the next HBP. The tier gear is indirectly adding even more to your very high spirit level. I would equip the 496 helm and forgoe the tier bonus because you have so much spirit now. Your trinkets are great - I've been dying for that Qin-xi Polarizing Seal :P But, again, your stacking a huge amount of spirit and could probably change out some for more intel IMO.

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