(A) Digital Power,LFM THUNDER KING

digitalpower.shivtr.com to apply

Digital Power is Recruiting to refill our 25 man Roster for Thunder King Progression. Guilds wanting to merge plase feel free to message me in game all other raiders please apply on our website or add mtkaiido@gmail.com to real ID

Raid Times:1145pm-3am Server Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Tank (Paladin,Warrior)
DPS(Rogue,Warrior,Mage,all exceptional raiders)

490+ilvl prefered but exceptions can be made

for more information please add mtkaiido@gmail.com to real ID or send an ingame mail to Vare and we will get back to you asap :) ty
bump please hit me up asap looking for heroic focused people
looking for more for thunder king progression

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