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Bleeding Hollow
Greetings all, Gorghul here.
Im a Unholy DK from Kil'Jaeden <Real Talk>, I raided HC for some time, Hitting top 50 Unholy dks on World of Logs Pre nerf in Hard mode Dragon Soul.

Anyways, im finding its hard to find a guild that will invest there time with the "Player" Not the gear the player has. Yes my gear isnt the best im a 476, i Min/Max to the best of my ability, and know my class, but yet guilds say. " oh you're not 485+, you wont do good".

Is it just hard to find a guild to take a chance on the "player" not the gear they have?
personaly id be looking for how the player uses outside resources to be the best player he poossibly can be at his calss, using theory crafting sites ect...

Cheers, from a Frost/Unholy DK.
We are in the same boat as you, toss us an app on

Will do, Thank you sir.
If any other guilds are interested :)
You should enchant your bracers and reforge the expertise on them to something else.
<Dracarys> is building a strong core of 25 players. Eligibility as we move our shift from "casual" to "serious" and more progression oriented is more focused on players with skill, as opposed to players with gear. Gear can be attained from a variety of methods, and skill is only gained by simply playing the game - in short, we'd love to have you. We only have 1-2 dedicated melee plate wearers, so loot should be a-plenty. Cant tell you how many items we've De'd because offspecs didn't need it.

Hit us up for an app at: or talk to me in game: Ammonex#1298. We have a few members that come from top 50 guilds that have toned down their play style. Our biggest difficulty and challenge has been finding dedicated players that can commit to raiding.

Hitting top 50 Unholy dks on World of Logs Pre nerf in Hard mode Dragon Soul.


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