Looking to join server. LF raiding guild.

Well I am looking for a good raiding guild, pref alliance but i can possibly do horde also, on this server. I want decent progression but also focused on maintaining a fun aspect and with hopes of raiding on weekends. Eastern time. Really just looking for a good community also. Anyone got tips for recruiting guilds or just recommendations on how the server population is?
I am currently running around on a alliance hunter named aleaderofmen so if u want to say hi and give me a good impression of the server feel free!
Depends if you want 10s or 25s.
i perfer 10s but honestly idc i just really wanna raid.

Pick a guild on either side and apply. I know Bench Squad needs a hunter.
It's an alright server. As Síeara has already mentioned, Bench Squad is looking for a hunter. They're advertising for the classes they need to be 490 in item level and ready for heroic modes. I'm not entirely sure how strict they are with their criteria, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

I'd recommend looking around and finding a guild before you decide to transfer. We've had people transfer and then look for a guild / raid group. They didn't last long.
I think im ganna post an official looking for guild post on this server forum then. just to see hits.
unofficial thread is unofficial

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