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"We will become the Alliance's unofficial special forces. Free to make our own alliances, with whomever we wish. Free to assassinate whomever we choose. Free to employ any means we deem necessary." --Flitin

Like a compass in the night, we will guide the Alliance through the veil that obscures its vision.

For several reasons, I have decided to create an updated thread for the purposes of recruitment and providing information to those who might be curious.

<The Night's Veil> is a self-proclaimed RP-PvP/Social guild. We are a small guild, but have collectively decided that we want to see the guild grow. Our guild is still developing in many ways, so we ask patience from our members and the Ravenholdt community.

We are focused on roleplaying. Most of us would be classified as medium/heavy roleplayers, but our members run the gamut from players who never roleplay to players who are in-character at all times.

We enjoy PvP. As with roleplaying, our members vary widely in how much and how well they participate in the PvP aspect of the game. One of the reasons we are seeking more members is that we hope to initiate our own WPvP as a guild. We try to ensure that any members who wish are "conquest capped" every week, but competitive arena teams and RBG's are not on the guild agenda at this time.

As a whole, we want a relaxed, open guild atmosphere. We are very laid-back, and enjoy friendly social interaction with each other. Ideally, every member of the guild should feel comfortable and free to be themselves. Most of us are working adults, a few of us with families.

The Night's Veil is a freelance organization, comprised of disenfranchised individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. The unifying characteristic of its disparate members is that, for their own personal reasons, each of them want to end the war between the Alliance and the Horde. The leaders of the Night's Veil believe that peaceful resolution is all but impossible, and the the war must be decisively ended by taking action that the Alliance as a whole is unwilling or unable to take. The guild can execute various strategems and tactics due to the diversity of its members and their skills, but unlike Jaina Proudmoore, operates in a clandestine, rather than an overt manner. The Veil is for the most part patriotic, but not blindly nationalistic; its members have friends, enemies, and more within both Alliance and Horde.

Beyond this, the guild's lore is character-driven. In-game roleplay and whatever our members contribute to the in-character forums on the Sanctum (http://ravenholdt.us) is the guild lore. We want our members to be able to explore roleplaying as they see fit, and we want the collective stories of our characters to define the guild rather than stifling creativity by forcing roleplayers to define their characters according to restrictive guild lore.
Joining and Membership
There is no application. There are no class or level requirements. Anyone who wishes to put a character (main or alt) in the Night's Veil may do so. Simply contact a member of the guild, and your character will receive an invite as soon as possible.

Roleplaying being our primary focus, what happens after your character joins will be dependent on participation in roleplaying. All new members start at the rank of Prospect. This is out-of-character membership. To find out whether the guild is a good fit, we do require an in-character interview (or other type of in-character encounter) with an officer; there is no timeframe or deadline for when this must occur--just let an officer (the ranks Champion, Veiled Council, or Guild Master) know when you are ready. After this interview/encounter, new members are promoted to Initiate, meaning they are part of the guild from an in-character standpoint and gain limited access to guild resources. Further promotions will be earned through roleplaying and other guild involvement.

Because of schedule conflicts and our guild's small size, our "RP events" are largely spontaneous and involve whoever might be online at any given time.

Other Guilds and the Horde
We will gladly help with any RP or PvP events cross-guild or cross-faction. By the same token, we will not hesitate to approach others at times for the same kind of help.


RP: If a character never roleplays with guild members, that character will never be promoted beyond Prospect. Do not god-mod or break canon lore. Other than that, you are free to roleplay your characters as you see fit.

PvP: Do as you please. I ask that you refrain from excessive ganking or camping; yes, this is a PvP server and "PvP happens," but we do not want to drive players away. I also encourage participation in WPvP.

That's pretty much it for specific rules right now. Like I said before, we are laid back. I am not much for rules, so guild leadership will deal with problems on a case-by-case basis and new rules may be established in the future.

To be determined?

We will strive to carry on in the spirit of guild founder Hadrexion. See: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7416263413
Ranks and Promotions
Rank designations are used primarily for roleplaying purposes--but guild leadership can sanction problematic conduct. All members will be respected, their opinions valued, their questions and ideas welcome, at all times. Guild chat is an open communication forum and members are encouraged to speak their minds freely.

Prospect: This is the rank a new member has, before they are "ICly" accepted into the guild. Maybe they heard about the Night's Veil and are curious, or maybe a member of the Veil is going to recommend their acceptance to the officers. After an in-character interview or other evaluative interaction with an officer, the new member is officially part of the Night's Veil, and will be promoted as long as both parties agree. Again, there is no time constraint for this; just let an officer (rank of Champion or higher) know when it is convenient for you.

Veiled Prospect: "Officer alts" that are not yet "ICly" members of the Veil.

Initiate: Members at this rank are "ICly" in the guild, but mutual trust still needs to be established. After a few in-character interactions with guild members, initiates are promoted to full-fledged members of the Night's Veil.

After the initiation period, guild members will be assigned to one of three divisions according to their individual skillsets. Members of these divisions are equal in rank and privileges. Division assignments are made as follows:

Nightwarder: Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights, Monks
Nightweaver: Mages, Warlocks, Shaman, Priests, Druids, Monks
Nightblade: Hunters, Rogues

Each division will have a captain, who will have a guild rank of Champion or higher; there is not a separate rank for captain, instead this is designated on the guild note in the in-game roster.

Veiled Champion: Members who contribute significantly to the guild, beyond simply roleplaying, are given the rank of Champion. Champions are considered representatives of the guild both "ICly" and "OOCly". They are officers, though their control is limited (for instance, they cannot promote, demote, or kick members).

Veiled Council: These officers are the decision-making leadership of the guild, mostly founding members.

Veiled Master: This is the leader of the Night's Veil. The Veiled Master collaborates with guild members, especially the Council, to make decisions that are--hopefully--in the best interests of the Night's Veil and the community in general.

In-Character Channel
The Night's Veil does not use guildstones for long distance communication, but gnomecorders. These are issued to members when they are made Initiates; we prefer if the radios can be issued at a guild meeting if possible. The in-character channel is used for communication via gnomecorder; the advantage of a separate IC channel is that gnomecorders can be issued to people who are not in the Night's Veil.

Guild Events
Guild events are never mandatory. We try to have at least one meeting per week; anyone who wishes may attend. Location depends on who is attending; our default meeting location right now is the Scarlet Raven Tavern.

Nice back drop to the guild.
Well done Ryoka.

I absolutely Love the Guild's Lore!

the guild's lore is character-driven. In-game roleplay and whatever our members contribute to the in-character forums on the Sanctum (http://ravenholdt.us) is the guild lore. We want our members to be able to explore roleplaying as they see fit, and we want the collective stories of our characters to define the guild rather than stifling creativity by forcing roleplayers to define their characters according to restrictive guild lore.

All hail Lord Revos.

Lord Revos approves this guild, the people in it are awesome.
I'm really excited to see where this guild goes in the future. RP-PvP provides some fantastic opportunities and I wish you all the best of luck!
You'll be certain to find a good group of talented and friendly RPers here, that's for sure!

I'm fortunate enough to have an alt here. ^^

02/12/2013 09:01 PMPosted by Revos
All hail Lord Revos.

That too!
This guild is the bomb :)

Totally reccomend it!
/Bump. We figured out how we're going to work the rankings. I think everything is pretty much covered now.

Thanks for the support, input, and kindness, Ravenholdt!
Wonderful to see the structure of the guild, Ryoka!

*Slowly makes his way to thread, whistling incongruously.*

*Glances around*

*Bumps thread*

*Runs like hell*
Wow, Flitin looks really badass for a gnome. Cheers!
I'm personally really proud to be part of this guild. It's got to be the most friendly and member-involved guild I've been in... ever!
*Bumps for a great guild*
Bump because I made a website. It's nothing special, but it is a thing.

A thing is good! Nice work!
*Cheers* Love the site, Ryoka! And bump for a great guild!
I'm not in this guild anymore. It wasn't a decision I reached lightly...

The guild master of the Night's Veil is now Shensheng; I'm sure Arashia will be helping her with leadership. The guild is still recruiting all levels and classes, and all of the information in this thread still applies except the website, which we've agreed I'll keep and use for my new guild. Shensheng and Arashia are not active on this forum or on the Sanctum, so the information here will likely become outdated sooner or later.

EDIT: Sorry about all this, Hadrexion.
Ah, that explains it. Was confuzzled with the guild tag you had there, Ryoka. All the best in your new guildish endeavour :)

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