Holy Priest and Holy/Ret Paladin LF Guild

My girlfriend and I are transferring over to this realm and are looking for a raiding guild that is at least clearing normal modes that raids 2-3 nights a week. We both have experience with heroic progression, etc. We are both 9/16 due to our current raid group falling apart and our current realm dying. We are on EST so a guild that runs kinda early for KT's realm time would better suit us. Leave posts here please.
I don't know if you're interested in transferring servers, but in Stormrage we looking for skilled players with heroic progression for 25m add me dice#1617
Requiem of the Fallen (6/6 MSV) (4/6 HoF) (3/4 ToES) is looking to recruit 1 tank and 2-3 healers (Minimum 485 ilvl) to rebuild our 10m core after parting ways with some players that contributed negatively to the atmosphere. We'd like healers that have good dps sets as well, or working on a dps set. All classes are welcome if you have post MSV raiding experience. No applications needed as we will try you out in raid and get to know you to see if you are a good fit.

Current raid time is Tues/Wed 6PM Server time (8PM EST).
We are aiming to blow through the rest of this tier, gear up, get used to playing together, and be ready for 5.2 when it launches. Our goal in 5.2, and beyond, will be to quickly clear normal modes and begin working our way through heroics, with the ultimate goal of completing all of the content (including Ra-Den, the heroic mode only boss) and meta achievements before the release of the next tier. Since we will only be raiding 6 hours per week, we are looking specific kinds of raiders, and will be requiring specific things:

* We are looking for people who love raiding and pushing themselves to do better. Each member of the raid group should be striving to improve their performance every week on every pull. This includes the execution of encounter mechanics, keeping up with the latest changes to their class, and maximizing their healing/damage output.

* We are looking for people who actively communicate with the team. On such a limited raiding schedule, we will have to effectively use time outside of raids to communicate strategies and make assignments, otherwise we forfeit much of our raid time discussing and giving out strategy information. Communicating also includes Vent. Each raider will need to have vent, a working mic, and be willing to use them.

* Be dedicated. Life comes first for all of us, and this is just a game. But this is a commitment we are all making to take 6 hours out of our week to show up for, focus on, and give our best. If you can't make raid one evening we expect to be notified however possible so we can plan accordingly. In fairness to the team, in order to keep your raid spot we expect everyone to be able to keep at least 80-90% attendance.

* Be laid back and mature. We are looking for people who have fun raiding and look to enhance the enjoyability of it, not add stress to our lives by creating drama.

*If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don't hesitate to add me
My battletag is Endorphins#1445 and my real ID is drewamongthefence@gmail.com

A little bit about me : I'm the raid leader of a fun competitive raiding guild with a core of smart players who learn bosses after a few wipes. We have had issues getting or keeping a solid core due to personal issues with heals or offtank quitting the game or not being able to play as much. We raid two nights a week between 8-12 EST and we kill new bosses every week. I have 16/16exp and clear normal content on 2-3 characters a week. Looking for reliable players who challenge themselves to improve, study fights, and enjoy adding to a friendly and fun raiding environment. Our philosophy is that players should do their work outside of raids to learn fights, gear themselves, and improve their performance. Our hope is to find players who care to do this themselves without anyone pushing them to do it. We hope you consider us as a new home!
Holy/Ret Pally's ilvl is 489 and the Disc Priest's ilvl is 482, still searching for a guild
I sent you in game mail. Ready to invite you next time you are on!
I'll be on all night. real ID drewamongthefence@gmail.com

battletag: Endorphins#1445

Glad to invite you both tonight!
We're transferring today or tomorrow, had some stuff to do yesterday and at work all day today, we'll take that invite when we transfer over which will be soon
Sounds great!

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