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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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A small but heavily cloaked figure walks across a snowy plain. Trees, bare and twisted, bent over, dead. The small figure walked through the remains of a burnt and destroyed village. It was making it's way to a large temple ahead, the sound of machinery and large cogs moving and clanking together could have been heard from miles away. Two large gates, each etched with a figure of a dragon facing each other and looking as if they were locked in fierce battle, met the small figure.

At first, the small figure would just stand there, looking up at the gates, two shimmering jade green eyes looking it up and down. The figure raised gloved hands to pull back the cloak's hood, revealing a young elf with long ebony hair. She looked like a young elf in her young teenage years, no higher than 4'9, her facial features young and innocent, to sweet to be any killer...

Shame really, because that's what she was.

She let the cloak fall, careless of what might happen to it as a cold wind blew. She wore a over suit that was black and sleeveless, covering her from neck collar to ankle. Under the suit she would wear a black sleeveless shirt with a hood attached and some short trousers. Her bare arms would be covered in runes, all used for shadow magic. Her skin would be a pale pink, and gleamed in the light of the moon.

It was Krystala, her eyes returning to the gates in front of her. Yes, Krystala Dawnshadow, the Elven Witch, the one who claimed to be Insanity in the form of Flesh....she had returned to the very place her dark path began. Guided, by the hand that owned this fortress, trained by the man and his wife who built this place with the dark magics they taught her. She had finally arrived...

"Master...Ma'lady...I've returned home, like you've asked. Now let me in." she'd murmur softly.

The sound of gears suddenly bursting to life rung in her ears as the gates groaned open, revealing a dark hall way. There were sounds emitting from the halls...the sounds of victims snatched unknowingly from around Azeroth, brought here, and tortured to the point where their bodies could not longer take it and died. The was music to the girl's ears..and the ears of her masters.

She stepped inside, soft shoes crunching the snow under her feet before they met with the marble floor. Around her there would be large rotating gears, all run dark enchants and shadow magic. Hall ways leading down to chambers filled with torture equipment would have been passed every now and then, producing more screams. A drip of blood landed near the spot where the girl was about to step, catching her attention.

Krystala looked up, noticing a human male hanging from a rope, impaled with rods connected to four tesla coils. In this fortress, every where had some sort of torture device, all were made to make their victims scream in agony and terror. The man's face would be horrified, a hand hanging above his head, where his own blood with drip from his finger tips "" he whimpered "Help me...please.."

From where the girl stood, it seemed the tesla coils malfunctioned, and needed a spark to continue what it was meant to do. Smirking, Krystala walked over to a near by panel. No doubt this is where her Masters turned the dark machine on and off when ever they pleased. Given her height, she couldn't reach it, but with a small levitation spell, she floated up to a decent height to open it.

There, she found a purple crystal, dimly glowing. As she expected, the machine had ran out of power, and was not operational. Behind her, she heard the man repeatedly thanking her, thinking that she was going to help him. But as she turned around to face him...the man noticed the insane smile on her face and her right arm crackling with shadow energy.

He shook his head, quickly, waving his hand " no..please! No!" he'd beg, watching as Krystala placed her hand on the crystal "No!No!No!No!No!No!No!No!No!No!--AARRRGGGHHHHAAAAHHH!"

He was cut off, Krystala had reactivated the machine, sending waves upon waves of unrelenting pain through out the mans body through the tesla coils and through the rods. More blood spilled from his body as Krystala landed on the floor gently, the panel shut, and continued to walk down the corridor.

Before she could take a few steps forward, however, she was stopped. A statue had appeared in front of her, it was carved like a jester you would see try to entertain a king. For a while, she simply stared at it before smirking "Come to lead me to him, have you?" she said. Lines begin to appear across the jester. Purple shadow energy empowering it to work. It clicked once, twice, three times before every movement it made was a click as it was brought to life. Its head did a full 360 rotation before bowing gracefully to the small girl.

Krystala smirked.

The 'Shadow Jester', as they were called, began to lead the girl down the hall towards the far side of the corridor, where there was an elevator. Besides the constant clicking of the shadow jester, there could have been more screams heard as she made her way along with her guide. The jester stopped at the elevator, turning to face the girl and bowing, gesturing to the machine.

No words were needed to explain what it might have meant, Krystala walked forward and entered the elevator, the jester following behind her. Standing with her back against the wall, the jester turned and pulled a leaver. A metal gate closed shut with a loud 'BANG!', and with a few lurches, the elevator began to rise.

It was then...she heard voices. They were not the screams of the dieing...these were beautiful, vibrant..they began to sing, singing a strange words as she ascended upwards.

((Please listen to this while reading :D :

"What will we do with the druunken whaaller?"

"What will we do with the drunken whalller?"

"What will we do with the drrrunnkeen whhaaller?"

"Earrlly in the moooooorrrnnniinng..."

What was once nothing but a blank wall while they moved upwards, they finally moved to another level. This was a large room full of torture victims. Male, female, and of any race. None were spared the torment of her masters. Shadow jesters and a few small dwarf looking creations moved around the room to certain victims in different contraptions.

All the victims mouths were open, screaming in agony. Before the girl could get a better look, the view vanished, more words being sung....

"Waaayy-haaayy and up shee rises"

"Waaayy-haay and up she rises"

"Waaayy-hay and up she rises"

"Eaarrlly in the moooorrniing..."

Another level, It was here that the creations like the Shadow Jesters were created. They all moved around the room, filling molds and carving figures out of dark wood. Spell casters, which no doubt would have been her masters true puppets, moved about the room. Some were bringing Jesters to live, others were helping carve strange creations that looked almost similar to vrykul from black stone. Some where creating weapons, and some were over looking some strange black liquid that was being poured into the same molds for said stone creations.

This made her curious...but she remained silent as the Jester continued to take her up. As the level was hidden from view, more words were sung...

"Stuff him in a sack and throw.him.ooovver"

"Stuff him in a sack and throw.him.ooovver"

"Stuff him in a sack and throw.him.oovvver!"

"Eaarrlllyy in the mooorrrnniing!"

Another level, one more to the level the jester was taking her too. Here the bodies of victims were being burnt and turned to ash. Krystala figured that her Masters would want to leave no trace of their dark work here. As the level vanished from few, even more words were sung...

"Feed him to the hungry rats.fooorr.dinnneer."

"Feed him to the hungry rats.fooorr.diinner"

"Feed him to the hungry rats.fooor.diinnner!"

"Eaarrlllyy in the mooorrning."

Finally, they reached the level the Jester had intended to take her to. The gates slid open and the jester stood to the side to let the girl pass. She did, Krystala nodding at him as she moved forward. Head of her, amongst a few rows of the same vrykul figures she had seen being made, was a throne. Sitting with in this throne, was her master...

It was him. Alizar Darkwrath.

He was and elf, just like her....the question was, where was his wife?

That answer was given as she walked down the middle row, where there was a black carpet rolled out, as if expecting her arrival.

"Waaaayy-haaayy and up.she.rises!"

"Waaaaay-haaayy and up.she.rises!"

"Waaaaay-haaaay and up.she.RISES!"

"Eaarrrllly in the moooorrnniing"

She noticed five cloaked figures, one of them with a silver crown, appear out of no where in front of the man. The cloaks all had vine like patterns elegantly stiched into them in silver thread. The middle one, which she figured out was Darkwrath's wife, Alisa Darkwrath from where she sat, her cloak was more silver than the rest.

All of this intrigued the girl, her shimmering eyes falling upon each cloaked female, Alisa continuing to sing...

"Shoot him through the heart with a looadded pistol"

"Shoot him through the heart with a looadded pistol"

"Shoot him through the heart with a looadded pistol!"

"Eaarrrllly in the mooorrning.."

Shadows begin to swirl around one spot where a set of stairs would lead up to the throne. A man and a long sword would appear. The man was in chains, and looks as if he had been badly injured, along with tortured.

"Slice his throat with a rus-ty cllleeaver.."

The other figures sang along again

"Slice his throat with a rus-ty cleeeaver..."

"Slice his throat with a rus-ty cleeaavver!"

"Eaarrlly in the moooorning."

Krystala bent over to pick up the blade, the man slowly looking up. It was then the girl noticed something..something that made even herself feel a little sick in her stomach.

The mans lower jaw had been torn off, his tongue dangling against his neck idly. She spat, as if spitting out the disgust she felt from seeing the man and raised the sword above her head. The man bower his own head, and awaited his fate....and with that, Krystala swung, cutting the man's head clean from where his neck would meet the rest of the body.

"Waaayyy-haaayy! And up.she.rises!"

"Waaayyy-haaayy! And up.she.rises!"

"Waaaayy-hay! And up.she.rises!"

"Eaarrlly in the mooooorrrning!"

Krystala dropped the sword, letting the Jester that came with her clean up the mess she had made as she made her way up the stairs. It was there, she knelt down, placing the palm of her hand flat on the floor "Master...Ma'lady...I've returned at your request."

"And up she rises indeed....welcome home, Krystala Dawnshadow...the Elven Witch." Alizar said, a crazed grin spreading across his face.


"So why is it you summoned me here?" Krystala asked, her head lowered in respect.

"Rise, Krystala, you have no need to kneel...we want to show you something. Something that can change the world forever..." Alizar replied, gesturing his hand for the girl to rise, sitting leisurely in his throne of marble. His wife, who sat in the same thing, smiled "It's good to see you again, Krystala...and Dark Sirens and I sung of your return one day..."

Krystala stood, bowing to the woman "It's good to see you again too, Alisa." She turned, looking over the black statues "So what's with them?"

Alizar rose from his seat, walking over to place a hand on the girl's shoulder "All in due time, little Witch, for now come with us..." He'd gently nudge her towards the elevator, Alisa following the two. The other four cloaked women would vanish from sight, leaving no trace.

As the three entered the elevator, Krystala turned and noticed one of the black statues gaining the same purple lines that she remembered the Iron vrykyul would have had, along with the jesters. However, before she could get a better look, the gates slammed closed and the three began to descend.


They had gone down much further than Krystala expected. She noticed the floor she had been on when she entered the room, but now they had just kept on going and going...until finally, a clearing. A large statue was the sight that she was met with. It was huge, larger than a titan, and being carved out of the same black stone as the vrykul she had seen.

"That's amazing..." she breathed as she watched to see Shadow Jesters and spell casters working together to continue construction. "Yes...and it's almost complete. Krystala, say hello to Project Midnight." Alizar said, gesturing his hand to the construction.

It was amazing, to have something so big under such an almost seemed impossible. She was proven wrong this day. "Project Midnight, huh? What's it suppose to do?"

Alisa was the one to speak "With this, we will combine the powers of shadow with the stone, and with it, we shall create a powerful monstrosity. With it, we shall trek across Azeroth, spreading fear and chaos across the world, and NO ONE will stop us!."

For the first time in her life, Krystala felt doubt creep into her mind. She knew the heros of Azeroth had faced many things; Titans, large bugs, Old gods, Death it's self; The Lich King. Even the very END of the world, Deathwing. What made this any different?. "Along with the armies we create, we shall destroy all who stand in our way...we will be unstoppable.." Alizar's words rung in her ears as the elevator came to a stop.

It was there the other four women had been waiting for them, following them as they passed. Krystala looked down upon the construction, still amazed this was what Alizar had been doing for all of these seemed...dream like.

"And I suppose you want me to be apart of this, am I correct?" She asked, turning to face the two. However, the looks on their faces, the insane smiles she was met flags shot up in her head. Something was off.

" have been a great student...but don't you think we haven't been watching your progress. You've failed, time and time again, to weaklings!" Alisa said, chuckling sadistically. Alizar continued for her "And it's for that, we decided to let you go...and to do that, we are going to kill you. We'd figure we'd show you what were going to use as your replacement."

Krystala's eyes widened. A mixture of feelings welled inside of her; Anger, hate, insaity, sadness, all of these mixing together...but one of them stood out the most. Betrayal.

"What?!" She started, whirling around. In her right hand, a long black katana blade which was a bit longer than she can stand appeared, etched with purple runes "You can't DO THIS TO ME!!"

The two giggled, and spoke in union...

"We can...and we have.."


In their hands, scythes appeared. Krystala had seen them before, and knew the weapons well. When the fought, it was in perfect harmony with one another. Symmetry, one could say, would be the only thing that could truly describe it. They leaped into the air, bringing the blades down upon her. Quickly, the girl surged forward, dodging their attacks.

There was no way she was going to waste her time trying to fight her old masters, she was out numbered as is. However, it was then that the other four cloaked women stepped between her and the elevator, all with palms raised. She gasped, sliding to a halt and trying to back track, but before she could do so, the women sent a shock wave of shadow toward her.

She was knocked back, landing heavily on the floor and stumbling into the railing, groaning in pain. Using her sword, she struggled to rise, just in time to notice one of her Master's scythe's screeching through the air towards her. She raised her sword to block it, staggering as it struck. She stumbled, Alisa appearing behind her and attempting to cleave her back. She manage to stop herself from being killed, but the blade still did get her, creating a long scratch mark along her back.

She screamed in pain, falling foward, but rolled to the side just in time to avoid another scythe blow.

She needed to get out of here, she needed to get out of here now!

Krystala's eyes darted around, and then noticed a vent, obviously that brought air from above down into the chamber. Quickly avoiding an attack from Alizar, she ran towards it, murmuring a spell that blew the cover of the vent from it's hinges. When she was close enough, her body exploaded into pure shadow energy, speeding towards the vent and making her escape.

Alizar scowled, moving to follow, but Alisa stopped him "No, dear...she wont get far..." The man turned to face his beloved, grinning wickedly "Yes...." He looked over to the cloaked women "Send out the Dark Thanes...kill her."


Krystala crawled out of the hole that had lead down to the vent, panting for breath, the cold air chilling the sweat upon her brow. She fell back into the snow, letting it cool her aching muscles.

Betrayal...she had lost her Masters' trust...

Tears began to stream down her face and her mouth opened a frustrated scream. She let her sword lay by her side as she raised her hands to cover her eyes, and it was there she began to sob. "How c-could this happen to me.." she whimpered to no one in particular "I will not let them win...No...screw them!" she sat up, wincing at her wound, but her jade green eyes stared angrily up at the fortress "Just you wait...Darkwrath....I will return..."

Slowly, she picked up her sword and stood "One day...I will come back...and I will tear your spine from your body! You hear me?!?! I.WILL.KI--" A dim flash caught her eye, cutting her off. Out of instinct, she stepped to the side, but a little to late. A black spear cut her side, causing her to gasp in pain and stagger, her blood spilling onto the white snow.

She looked around, trying to find the source, and notice the same purple lines she had seen all but so many times. It was...flying...wait, flying?

"Shoot!" she leaped out of the way, a heavy figure slamming down on the place she hand stood only moments ago, creating a small crater on impact. She quickly got to her feet, panting to get a good look at her attacker. The same stone figures she had seen before..the ones that looked like vrykul....they had been brought to live using shadow magic.

She was in no condition to fight these things, not now, so she turned and ran, ran as fast as she could. She panted, running through the burnt down village, hearing a horn blown behind her. She had to make it back to the spot where she had hid her teleportation rune..she had to..

Krystala found it, and dived for it, grabbing it in her hand. She heard the stone figure catching up with frightening speed and quickly activated the rune. And with that, she vanished, just in time to avoid another black spear that would have more or less killed her if she hesitated a bit longer.

-----Mean Shinaria's place-----

"And that's how I ended up here."

Krystala was now wrapped in a blanket, provided by Shinaria who had finished healing her and made her a cup of herbal tea. What Krystala had told Shinaria, it was horrifying, and the fact that she could remember every detail made it even more so. "So you're saying that your Masters have plans to try and do what so many have tried to before...?"

She felt sick as the Witch nodded "Yes. That's exactly it."

Shinaria stood, walking over to the large glass window that over looked the Heights. She pondered, trying to figure out how best they could tackle it...

She and Krystala alone would be not match. No, they were going to have to get help; help from other heros to bring down this thing before those two psycho's could put this 'Project Midnight' into motion.

"I don't know why I ask for your help, Shinaria. But right now it's time to put differences aside and work matter how much we may hate each other." Krystala spoke behind her. "Why does everything tell me it's all a big lie...why should I believe you.?" Shinaria replied, turning to give the Witch a dubious look.

"Because we would have been locked in combat ages ago and your house would no longer be standing." Krystala said, meeting her gaze with her shimmering jade green one.

The two stared at each other in silence for a moment. It would have been a while before any of them spoke again...the silence broken by Shinaria. "Fine, I'll help you."

Krystala smiled and stood, nodding, though flinching as her body protested from the earlier wounds "Good..we shall head to my home, where i've summoned someone and will send out more summons to those who wish to aid us...I hope you don't mind me using you, don't you? Chances are people who get said summons from me are not going to respond..."

Shinaria looked out over the Heights again, her eyes narrowing "I shall send my hawk....he will deliver the messages...let's go."

------------IC complete. OOC below------------

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ALRIGHTY! Welcome, to The Twisted Shadows fall.

In this thread, we shall be venturing out to and Island just above Northrened (as north as one dares to go) called the Isle of Falling Shadow, where this fortress is located. It's a large fortress, constructed using magic and steel, it's been made to be the mother of all fear and the Darkwrath's eyes that is.

Here you will fight their horrible creations, battle for you life, and attempt to STOP Project Midnight from happening. It will test the mettle of your characters, and it will push them to their limits...are you prepared?

Let's find out, shall we?

Before I put up the rules and such, allow me to give you a discription of the island. Besides the burnt down vrykul village, it's a very barren landscape with lots of snow. You will find a few rabbits here and there for food, but other than that, nothing but twisted and dead trees will await you there...along with shadows of the past.


-No Mary Sues/Gary Sues
-No Godmodding
-No races such as Dragons or Demons
-No Super Duper Over Powered peoples (Talkin' like, Super syain here)
-Please do try make your posts 6 lines+. No two liners. That's lazy.
-No OOC arguments...we're here to have fun, nothing else.
-Have fun :D

Sign ups! Dun DUUUUN




Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies):

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!):

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist):

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):


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Have to decide who to sign up
Reserved times 2 or 3. Still deciding if the entire family should go or not.

Question: Could i have a character who would work for Darkwraith? if not i will just use another character.
Name: Alabron Stargaze

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Hunter

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Alabron stands at a solid 7'1. The kaldorei has an athletic build due to his time in the forest running and keeping in shape. He has light pink skin and glowing silver eyes. Lastly, he has 5 tattoos.
One, on his entire chest, an image of a green serpent's face. On his entire back is a bow and arrow, well-designed and in black ink. On his right bicep, was a fang, it was partially in black ink, and partially in red. It was showing a fang with blood on the tip of it after feeding. One on his left hand of a kaldorei tribal design, it was a dark purple ink and it was enchanted to glow when he was fighting something. Lastly the tattoo on the side of his torso, was a detailed snake eye. It was in a darker yellow shade of ink.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Alabron wore heavy pandaren-based armor. It was bronze and purple with jagged edges, but it was light on his body. His helmet resembled his armor, except in the back, there was a white 'ponytail'.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Alabron has always excelled in being an archer. He loved to shoot bow and arrows with his friends at wild animals to see if someone could actually manage to kill one. The kaldorei also was a scout for Northrend missions. He was quiet, quick, and precise about stalking the enemy.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): He usually travels with two of his most trusted companions, Scar and Fang. Fang is a wolf with pitch black colored fur. He looks like a shadow of a wolf besides his glowing yellow eyes. Scar is a spirit beast, with white fur along with many designs all over his body. His eyes are an azure, simular to a death kight's. (Referring to Loque'nahak's design.)

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Alabron has been around Azeroth about four or five times, looking for adventure and trouble. He always brought along his friends all who wished to come along. He usually always liked the thrill of battle, no matter if he was near victorious or defeat.

((Hello again Lia :D))
Name: Payton Lexington

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Payton stood tall at six foot and three inches. He had faded blonde hair since he was in his elder 30's. He had tan skin with an athletic build since being apart of the Stormwind Guard.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Lexington uses heavy plate armor to protect himself, yet he doesn't use a two handed weapon. But he uses a spiked shield to protect himself against heavy attacks and small mace. He usually doesn't attack others, but aides them in battle. Payton is a paladin of the Light who swears to protect and heal those who need and deserve healing.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Payton Lexington is a combat medic or holy paladin. He uses spells of Holy Light to heal his allies from danger. He also is a blacksmith, he can smelt or create any basic to intermediate armor or weapon.

Pets: N/A

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Lexington is apart of the Stormwind Guard, he usually goes around an busts criminals for theft, drugs, and murder. But not alone, he usually goes with a small battalion of men. He was the medic and his best friend, Cobe Natrix, was the protector of the group (tank).
Name: Erani the Reckless

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Shoulder length, Indigo hair always done up in a ponytail. Light, pale blue skin with freckles beneath her eyes. Wide spread bull-like horns. A septum piercing. Lots of faint, crisscrossing scars all over her body. A golden band at the end of her tail.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): As with most Draenei armor, it is crystal forged. A fairly basic armor set embedded with crystals at the breastplate and at her boots. Her shield is a light violet color with the symbol of the Naaru in the center. Her sword is sleek and double edged, adorned with crystals at the hilt and along the sides of the blade.
I’m no good at describing armor. Use this as a reference: Http://

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): An expert with her weapon, Erani has been training to become a warrior since she was a child, which is to say for hundreds of years. She is skilled with a sword and shield but she can also dual wield with grace. She has been able to implement her horns into her fighting style, earning her the title, “The bull”. She is a novice engineer but she is already pretty handy with explosives.

Pets: none

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): (for those whom I’ve RP’d with before, I’ve changed some things about Erani’s and Rysill’s history. Nothing truly major, though) Erani was born to a small draenic village on Draenor to a paladin father and a priestess mother. Ever since she was a child, she has always had the reputation of a troublemaker. She was originally going to be trained in the ways of the paladin but lacked the patience and discipline to wield the Light properly, and so she became a warrior. She fought for the liberation of the Exodar, the battle against the Burning legion in Outlands, had some presence with Argent Dawn, and has battled against the Twilight Cultists.
Name: Rysill the Lost (AKA: Reli)

Race: Draenei

Class: Death Knight

Physical Description: Pale, grayish-white skin. Small, rounded, ram-like horns. Long, snowy white hair. Stitches down the center of her chest. Sickly thin and frail looking to the point of her ribs being visible. Gruesome scars all over her body from the torture she received before her death. Her left horn is engraved with unholy runes and her right horn engraved with frost runes. She has more unholy/frost runes down the underside of each of her forearms and all down her back. They glow when she uses her abilities.

Equipment Description: Normally she prefers her cloth, black robes in her leisure time. She doesn’t like how “large” her armor makes her feel. In her words: “I’m a draenei. I’m large enough.” However she does always keep her armor close at hand, normally carried in a bag by her geist, Gutripper. Either way, whether dressed in her robes or armor, expect it to be black and adorned with plenty of skulls. She always keeps her black cloak on with her hood up, concealing her face. Her runesword, Frostscream, is engraved with unholy runes down the side of it. The edges are jagged in some areas, and of course, the hilt is decorated with skulls.

Particular skills: Very skilled in unholy runemagic. Her favorite in-game skill would be army of the dead. I can imagine her laughing maniacally as she uses it. She is also a very skilled scribe and very talented in frost magic. She loves all things cold and frosty.

Nightmare, her beloved deathcharger.

Gutripper, her geist minion. There are only two things in the world he really cares about: shiny objects, and keeping his mistress happy. The latter comes first.

BREIF! History: A former paladin who joined the Argent Dawn towards the end of the events of the burning crusade after speaking to the representatives located in Darnassus. She was sent to the eastern plaguelands to fight against the scourge in the name of the Holy Light, captured, tortured, and eventually killed to be raised as a death knight. Her initial cause of death was having her heart brutally ripped out, hence the stitching. When she returned after the fall of the lich king, she was disowned by her parents who viewed her as an abomination. In life, her name was Reli but when she was raised from the dead memory of her ture name was all but a blur and "Rysill" was as close sounding as she could get. She is Erani and Ascul’s cousin from their father’s side. (Originally they were childhood friends but she and Erani are so close it would make more sense to make them relatives)

Name: Rhaluzzian Eclipse

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Warlock

Physical Description: 6 feet in height, fit as most blood elves are. His skin is fair, with long black hair tied back in a pony tail with tendrils of it falling over his shoulders. His left ear is missing the tip, and a bite taken from the lobe, leaving it nearly invisible while his hair is down or hood is up. A scar runs down from over his upper lip down to his chin on the left side of his mouth. A poorly healed Horde brand on his lower back on the right side. A demonic rune is tattooed on his chest, just above his heart. His eyes glow vibrantly with fel energy. In demonic proxy form ((Metamorphosis)), he rises to 8 feet in height, muscular and bristling with fel power. The horns sprouting from his forehead and thin and square, two long one with two smaller ones flanking each. His skin is a deep midnight blue with black hair and glowing eyes. His wing webbing is opaque, with sharp claws at the joints. A long muscular tail that is almost as long as he is tall, and clawed feet in exchange of hooves.
Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Wearing armor he plundered from the beaten Icecrown Citadel after the fall of the Lich King, his robes are tailored to be open in the front, giving him better range of motion. ((Teir 10 Warlock armor)). He carries a long crystalline sword ((Greatsword of Horrid Dreams)), as well as his heavy, bound spellbook. At times he conjures chaines and a mask to bind himself, making him appear less threatening. Also wears a fel iron gear on the high collar of his shirt. His cloak is dark and folds under his shoulder pieces to stay out of his range of movement, with a Goblin Glider pack at his lower back. The Belt of Omission hangs several small back as well as his still faulty invisibility field. In a special sack he keeps the small Puzzlebox of Yogg Saron, usually out of sight.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Practices fencing off and on, master engineer, as well as a field professor of Archeology((unoffically)). Decent cook, but has no patience for fishing.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): Has outgrown the constant use of his minions, but keeps a miniature fel reaver((Personal World Destroyer)) for company.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Disowned from a minor noble house of Quel'Thalas, Rhaluzzian strudied the dark arts at first to survive, and now as a means to wage war on his idelogical enemies. Now estranged from the Horde and it's current Warchief, he generally wanders from digsite to digsite. He is counting down the days to the return of the Legion and the final battle, but until then he wanders and learns from the past.

Quirks: He is unusually quiet, prefering to watch in silence before saying something one can barely hear. When in Alliance territory with his ally Catastrokon, he pretends to be chained and gagged to avoid the stupid war. He keeps the Puzzlebox at all times, to protect others from it, and because he fears he is surcumbing to the whispers.
Reserved. Deciding which character to use.
Name: Ascul Anchorite of the Aldor

Race: Draenei

Class: Holy Priest

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Very tall, even by Draenei standards. He stands at about 8’5”. Slightly darker blue skin than his younger sister. Loose, navy blue, hair. A heavy, muscular frame. Four face tentacles, each adorned with golden bands, a striking scar down the side of his face. Tattoo of the symbol of the Naaru on his back.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Usually wears his simple white and violet robes. At the torso, is the symbol of the Naaru (the draenei logo). His staff is crystal forged. Two large violet crystals are embedded at each end and glow brilliantly when he uses his Light magic. He doesn’t like anything flashy.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Skilled with Herbalism, first aid, and Engineering. He is also a very powerful and well trained priest, courtesy of his mother’s teachings.

Pet: A sporebat hatchling named Krista. He uses her to send messages.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Ascul was born on the Oshu’gun about 10,000-15,000 years ago and has planet hopped for most of his life. Ever since he was a child, just as most draenei, he idolized the prophet Velen. The Prophet was his motivation to become a priest. Never really having a true home, the settlement on Draenor was a huge relief to him and was overjoyed when he heard that he was going to have a little sister. Ascul was already an adult when Erani was born so he acted as more of a third parent to her than a brother. It seemed that everything was finally falling into place. Needless to say, he was devastated when his home and all he loved was destroyed by the corruption of the orcs. He hates all dark magic, which he blames for the destruction of draenor and the genocide of his people. As of right now, he spends most of his time in Outland, trying to rebuild draenei civilizations.
Name: Gizzle "The Machine" Mizlefirtz

Race: Goblin

Class: Tinker

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Gizzle stands at about 3'4", weighing around 73 pounds. He has deep green skin and bright yellow eyes. He is somewhat chubby around his stomach, but his arms and legs are very, very skin. He usually has a 5 O'clock shadow, and has no hair.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Gizzle wears dark red goggles, a tank top, some pants, and a pair of boots and gloves. He carries a bag of tools which is slung on his back. He usually gets around on a mechanized unit he calls "The Kick-!@# 3000", which has a power saw for one hand and a flamethrower on another. "The Kick-$%^ 3000" malfunctions ALOT, so it usually is being repaired by Mizzle. He also carries a small pistol.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): He is considered a genius by most of his peers in the art of Engineering, granting him the name 'The Machine'. He also is skilled in the science of Alchemy.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): A robotic humanoid named 'Gizmo'

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):
Mizzle has been a greedy Goblin ever since he was born around 30 years ago. He always stole his parent's stuff, especially his father's tools. He used to always make stuff 'Go Boom', as in his first creation he named, "KABOOM!". after it nearly blew up his house when he was around 8, his parents shipped him off to an engineering academy, so he could learn to engineer better, and to get out of their life. After graduating at around 14, he became an 'Engineering Genius" to his peers, but the science committee was not impressed. Wanting to prove his genius, he began to work on a machine known as 'Project Jungle Fodder'. When he presented his work to the Science committee in the Academy, the project blew up in his face...literally. Shamed by his peers, he locked himself up in a small room with a set of tools and his mind, and made what he called 'The Kick--*! 3000' after 7 years of working and drinking 'Kaja'Cola', which made him utterly disgusting to look at. The mech he created was enough to prove his Genius, but his appearance made him even more shunned by the committee. He now works for the Horde, waiting for an opportunity to make gold, drink Kaja'Cola, and make more genius inventions.
Name: Catastrokon "The Spiteful"

Race: Draenei((undead))

Class: Unholy Death Knight

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): A mountian of undeath, he stands at 8'4", muscular from life and still very much so in undeath. His skin is patches of sickly green and white, his long hair ghostly white. His hair is tied up in the back and drapes over his shoulders. His moustache is long and graceful, with a long matching beard. His horns sweep foreward like those of a bull, preventing him from wearing much headgear. There is a scar on his back from the deathblow that ended him, on the right side of his spine, trailing down slightly. His frost runes are inscribed on his left forearm and right leg. Blood runes on his right shoulder and lower back. Unholy runes on his chest and left thigh. Tail is longer than average, with a cracked band on the end.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Wearing armor won from the Crusaders' Colisium(( DK Teir 9)), his armor is darkened in color, a heavy girdle like belt sporting an engraved with a skull. Heavy black cloak is wrapped around his shoulders at all times, being totally indifferent to tempature. Alternates between a large blade(( Armaggedon)), and a wicked axe((Tyrannical Beheader)). He also keeps a sharpened hammer pick on his belt.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Aside from runeforging, his only skills are an ability to dig for ours in search for ore and is a talented weaponsmith.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): uses geists in combat, is almost never seen without one.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Whatever good he may have done in life, it is all lost to time. Catastrokon is a Death Knight of the Ebon Hold, first and foremost, and is Alliance only by virtue he is draenei. During the war in Northrend, he met Rhaluzzian Eclipse, finding his views and methods so unique that he had to help him. Serving the Ebon Hold and the warlock, he acts as an escort into places the blood elf is normally barred entry, and provides muscle when needed. He avoids the War as much as he can, not as skilled in subterfuge to get away with sabotage. In the end, he lives for the kill; to fight an enemy and extingiush their life.

Quirks: Is very blunt, and hates waiting for groups to make descisions. Though capable of random acts of kindness, it is often not well recieved. He will eat very nearly anything, and has yet to relearn portion control.
Name: El'oana "The Peregrine" Dawnpath

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Warrior (Protection/Arms)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Just under six foot, well conditioned, light brown hair usually worn loosely over her shoulders or tied up in a ponytail, depending on what is most practical. Numerous faint scars over various places, most appear to be from weapon blows, one that stands out is on her left forearm- a clear magical burn wound that never healed properly. Walks with a mixture of confidence and determination.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Her heavy plate armor is a hodgepodge of various suits ranging from human to pandaren construction, all enchanted to some degree or another, some obviously re-sized to fit a female elf by a skilled hand. All battered, but repaired and well cared for, if old and well used (and not particularly impressive). Her shield is of Sin'Dorei style and make, with the silhouette of a flying falcon emblazoned on the center. She carries a Sin'Dorei make longsword and a greatsword of Pandaren design.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): She is a skilled blacksmith, having practiced repairing her own armor and equipment over the years. She can fish and cook to care for herself.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): She doesn't have any pets, per se. Whatever mount is most practical (and available) she will use.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Born to an innkeeper and his wife, El'oanna lived a quiet life until the Scourge came. She lost her immediate family in the invasion. When Kael'Thas took the bulk of Silvermoon's army to fight the Scourge (and later to Outland), El'oana volunteered to join the guard and protect what was left of her home. Her princes' betrayal and the unsustainable addiction to magical energies eventually convinced her to leave home and try to help those in need where she can. Eventually, she ended up in Northrend fighting for the Horde. Embarassed at her common upbringing, she rarely gives her name, simply perferring to be called "Peregrine".

Quirks: Stoic, no-nonsense. Does not suffer fools lightly, nor those who refuse to help themselves. She is confident in her skill, perhaps overly so.

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