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:| *is unamused*

This is Erani btw... (God I love gnomes)
AND THEN I POSTED! *throws microphone down on the ground and walks off stage*


:| *is unamused*

This is Erani btw... (God I love gnomes)

Lineron: Its still amusing to me.
Krystala: I'm flawless.


Post, working on it. Just so you guys know.

Ball! Where!

*pounces on ball*

*rolls ball between paws*
03/01/2013 10:03 PMPosted by Lineron
Lineron: Its still amusing to me.

*stuffs all her gnome characters in a closet and braces herself against the door*

Me: Stay away from my babies!

Erani: *sigh* You have an obsession... Do jou know that? It is getting almost as bad as jour draenei addiction.
40k nerd Me: Erani.....I truely do apologize for this (not really) but im afraid I have been forced to call Ordo Punt of the Inquisition. If you do not move away from the closet I am afraid that......well they told me this is what would happen: I would prefer this world to stay intact so if you will excuse me. *pulls out flamer* I have Gnomes to roast......mmmmm gnome roast *salivates*

This calls for music

Warning, if you don't like Techno/Dubstep, don't visit the link.

So sorry for not posting, RL got buuusssyy. Working on it.
As long as things don't take off after I go to bed I'll be right... I think

See you in the morning, and Dristis you need to respond ICly to Bryah busting in on Adrian like that.
Okay so half assed post is half assed. NO ACTION....YET.

Right now it's just respond to taunts, etc, etc, giving others time to catch up. Feel free to throw something witty at she'd care anyway. She's nuts.

When I post again, it shall be the action that i promised.
Yeah I was waiting for the push along in thread to post my response

Sam knows no fear in the face of insanity, let's GET IT ON!!!!

Sam: Can I have the pleasure of harming Mrs. Darkwrath at some point.

Me: I don't know that is up to Lia.

Sam: So if Lia says it is fine you will make sure to make me look "Cool," yes?

Me: Of course, and don't forget to thank Shinaria for healing you after Alisa leaves ok.

Sam: Of course I will I am not some unappreciative heathen like you.


:P thought I would get into the whole character talking to the writer thing I was feeling left out:)

Sam: That's because you usually are left out.

Me: I won't tell you again Sam SHUT UP!!

Sam: You just did.

Me : Gosh Dangit XD
Erani used [Taunt]!
Just to be clear, Bryah was talking about Adrian's gun/rifle/gat. She's only interested in men of her own race :P
Figured. Adrian is a bad significant other anyways.
So's Bryah, she's either working or thinking about work 24-7.
Adrian blacks out and attempts to kill people.
[Taunt] and [Shield Bash] both worked in there. :)

*flops over.*

Ran out of money and my sub unexpected was frozen. have you guys moved on, I'd understand if you wrote me out. Coming back after events would be classified kinda deus ex or modding, so I don't know what exactly to do.
Kireg is insulted by the lack of insults! perhaps he shall hock a lugi on her from the heavens!
Rhashazad, personally, I don't see why your character would be either Deus Ex or God Modding (at least as I understand the terms). The group's big enough that your character could have been in the background the whole time, IMO. Lia would be the one whose opinion matters though :)

On a related note, I'll be travelling for work Wednesday and Thursday (no it's not anywhere warm and sunny), so I doubt I'll be able to post anything of substance. If the story needs to move along in that timeframe, please do not hold it up for me.

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