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Name: Bryah Starstrider

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Scout

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): 5'9” tall with a slender build. She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair that she wears tucked behind her left ear and jade green eyes.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Simple black leather armor, a long black cape lined with black wolf fur, that has a hood to cover her head and is reversible. She has two leather pouches that she keeps on her belt that carry almost anything she may need and a small collapsible crossbow that she keeps in a pouch that is attached to her right thigh. On her back she carries a larger, more sturdy crossbow that has better range and more power than the smaller one. On her left hip she wears a large dagger that really only is used for defensive purposes.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): She's a marksman that is deadly over long distances or close up, however her real skill is being able to track almost anything that moves.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): She has two pets that travel with her at all times. A large black male lion named Hades and a yellow dragonhawk named Blaze. She has trained them to understand hand signals and whistles, making some less observant people think that she controls her pets by magical means. Blaze often acts as an aerial scout, showing a slight change in his flight patterns when an enemy is spotted, while Hades has the ability to strike from the shadows, surprising the enemy.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Orphaned in her mid teens, Bryah was raised by her older sister and managed to join the Farstriders. She showed skill in tracking animals and was trained in the ways of the scout. Her skills now are used by the Silvermoon City Guards in tracking down criminals, however she will occasionally be used in operations that require her working with other members of the horde. Her work has also required her to work with the alliance and she has a limited understanding of common.

Quirks: She has been accused of being aloof and arrogant when the truth is that she is slightly shy around new people. The problem doubles when she is in large groups of around the alliance as her accent is quite thick when she speaks common and it is something that embarrasses her. Because of this, she is likely to just disappear with her animals, usually returning hours later with an animal carcass to provide the camp with fresh meat. In one on one situations or after she gets to know the people she's around, she reveals an intelligent mind and a quirky sense of humour.
Well I guess I will sign up my demonically possessed kitty druid even though Shinaria, or Krystala won't know him, but this seems like something he would fight against anyway:P

Name:Sammuroth Stormfury

Race:Night Elf/ Highborne

Class:Druid (Feral)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies):Stuck in his feline form Sam stands at 3'6" on all fours. He has white fur, and amber eyes.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!):Four anklets that increase the power, and duration of his Barkskin spell.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist):Scout, warrior, hunter, strategist

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):None

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please):Born 100 years before the War of the Ancients, into a Highborne family of mages. Disliking the arcane he took up the sword, when Azshara unleashed the Burning Legion onto Azeroth, his family was ordered to help keep the portal stable. Not wanting his family to fall deeper into corruption than they already had, he killed them before fleeing Zin'Azshari. He did however try and save his older sister Moriana, but she did what he couldn't and took her own life. During the war he fought against a demon called Uk'thok, seeing the same anger and hatred in the young warrior that gave him his power, the demon placed a curse on Sammuroth, depositing his soul along with the curse.After the war and the exile of the Highborne Sam took up the druidic arts, which was where his curse made itself apparent. When he finally accomplished the feline animal transformation, the curse caused him to remain in that form, being activated by the natural feral rage, that came with the transformation. After the Third War and the fall of the World Tree, Sammuroth has spent his time helping those in need of both factions, being a member of the Cenarion Circle, he is tolerated in most Horde settlements. He has also been searchiing for a way to remove his curse.
I think that I shall put up two, someone old and someone new.

Someone Old:
Name: Arthien DawnStrider

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Standing 5' 6" Arthien is pale and thin lacking any significant muscle mass, her long white blond hair frames a rather thin gaunts face, and her bright fel green eyes her right arm though usually covered, has a elaborate assortment of demonic runes tattooed on it.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Arthien wears a long red robe, embroidered with golded thread, lacking any skulls, bones or other such designed to give away she is not a mage. She carries a cerimonial dagger, and a large leather bound tome, devoid of any writting on it's cover.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): A good cook, and tailor, powerful spell caster and tactician, dispite her tactical advice coming off incredibly rude.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):
Arthien has access to three demonic minions, her Imp Jackrot, her succubus Carrthea, and her voidwalker Kal'Taz, though she will only call on them if her need is truly dire.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Arthien was born the first of four sisters, gifted at a young age with magical potential she was taught all her parents could teach, then she was sent do Dalaran to continue training. She left with Kael'Thas and a large number of blood elves after the sacking of Quel'Thalas and later went on to join him to Outland. She defected with the Scryers once Kael's true plans came out. The Fel magics of Outland changed her, upon her return she delved into the demonic arts, abandoning the ice and arcance in favor of Fire and Fel.

She now tenetivly serves the Horde, and seeks ways to further her own power.

Someone New:

Name: Saelien Nightmist

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Saelien stands 6' 2', her body is well toned though not overly strong, red crane marking cover her silver eyes, her face framed by shoulder length purple hair.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Saelien wears a rather traditional Druid garb, a long green and brown robe (Basically Tier 5) she carries a traditional Druid staff, a long wood staff wrapped in vines, and budding blossoms.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Good caster, cook, and healer.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): None

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Saelien was born in Nordrasil over 300 years ago, originally to be a priestess of Elune, she however desired to be a Druid, the direct communion with nature amazed her, secretly she began to learn the Druidic arts, through befriending a Dryad, she was able to learn some very basic spells.

At the Battle of Mount Hyjal she attempted to fight against the Burning Legion, during the fighting she tried to undergo a shapeshift, and was nearly consumed by the feral side, though she did change back, she has since refused to enter many of the animal forms out of fear, even though she has since been trained by the Cenarion Circle to control the feral instincts. After her training she continued to aid the Circle in healing the now shattered world.

Well that's both, let me know if there's any issues,
Alright, currently I'm to busy with a few things now, but I shall look over them soon.

Sam, for now, get rid of the demon. I always found that iffy your character...almost attention seeking really
Name: Lineron Plagueweaver

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Death Knight (Unholy)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Lineron stands at over 6 feet tall. His hair is a blueish-green color in the Falcon hairstyle, along with a goatee that is the same color. His teeth have been sharpened to a point, so he can look more intimidating. His skin in undeath has turned a pale white color. His muscles look as if they are well used and have many old scars along them. On the front of his chest is a large scar, it is the wound he sustained that killed him the first time and turned him into a Death Knight. On his back Unholy runes are carved around a tattoo of a laughing skull that is crying blood.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Lineron prefers to wear the armor of the Scourgelord's with a hood that only show his glowing blue eyes and his insane grin. All of the pieces glow with a unholy aura. His runeblade which he calls "Needle" is sleek and long with Unholy runes etched into the sides of it.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Lineron is skilled in using Unholy magic against his enemy's and enjoys seeing them become corpses filled to the brim with every plague at his disposal. He is also a engineer and joys making bombs that spew plagues.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):
Lineron's personal ghoul, Bonereaper and his Deathcharger, Suffering.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):
Lineron was born in Quel'Thelas and grew up with his sister Daenith and when he reached the right age, joined the Blood Knights. All through out his life he had always having a morbid sense of justice. A example of this is when he beat the leader of a group of noble brats into a bloody pulp after he discovered they were bullying his nephew. he died when he was protecting his nephew from a group of Scourge who had overrun a camp they were sent to aid. When he was raised into undeath he served in the assault on the Scarlet Enclave, slaughtering many innocents with insane glee. After the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel he vowed that he would prove to the world that he was not a monstrosity simply because he once was. After the Cataclysm, Lineron left the Horde because he was disgusted with what it had become and after the discovery of Pandaria, he also discovered that his nephew Carinoth was alive! But had become a emotionless shadow priest. Oh joy. A little while later he also discovered that his sister was risen by the Forsaken, is always in a deep depression because she wanted to rest in peace, and also became a Warlock. Best. Family. Ever. Seriously.

((Part 1 of 2))
Name: Daenith Felweaver

Race: Undead (formally Blood Elf)

Class: Warlock (Demonology)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Daenith usually stands with a hunch at about 5 feet and 10 inches. She has dyed her hair purple and is always unkempt and has lots of dirt in it. Her skin has been tinged purple due to rot and lots holes can be seen along it. Her fingers have been sharpened to the point that they are almost claw like. Her eyes have changed from the usual green glow of Blood Elves to the eerie yellow glow of most Forsaken. Unless she uses lots of Fel Magic because then they turn back to the fel green they once were.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Daenith will usually wear black robes with purples runes adorned all across it. Her cowl will also have a drop down mask that conceals her face. (think this: Her preferred weapon will be a staff that has metal on the top of it, fashioned so it can stab and slash people who get to close. But most of the time she will stay behind and use her fel magic and demons to assist her allies.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Daenith specializes in summoning demons of the Twisting Nether and using destruction magic (preferably spells that involve fire). She also aids her brother in making his runes and has learned inscription from it.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): Daenith prefers using her imp, Jaktip to aid her in killing her enemy's with flaming balls of fel fire. Her preferred mount is her Undead Warhorse, Vengeance.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Daenith had grown up in Quel'thelas with her younger brother Lineron and raised him on her own after there mother died. She eventually studied hard enough and became a minor magister in Silvermoon. She eventually became pregnant with her son, Carinoth. She continues to claim to not know who the father is and even if she did, he would probably be dead. When the Scourge invaded Quel'Thelas she assisted in its defense by burning as many undead to a crisp until she inevitably was overrun and died. When next she woke she had been resurrected by the Forsaken around the time of the Wrath of the Lich King and had grown disappointed in the arcane, and abandoned it in exchange for the teachings of Warlocks.

During the time of the Cataclysm she started growing more and more appalled by the actions of the Forsaken and after she was sent to aid in the escort of some captured humans from the Plaguelands she instead killed the guards and set all of the humans free then started making her way towards Quel'Thelas. There she went to what she thought would be abandoned home and discovered that her brother Lineron had been killed and resurrected as a even more mentally insane Death Knight and her son has become a emotionless shadow priest.

((Part 2 of 2))

Ermahgerd so much typing ;_; I must now go do homework. Tell me if there is anything wrong. This is the first time im using her.
Alright, currently I'm to busy with a few things now, but I shall look over them soon.

Sam, for now, get rid of the demon. I always found that iffy your character...almost attention seeking really

Really? was not intentional, I can have him take a backseat, will that be alright, he is still there, but he won't play an active role at all? If that won't work I may have to sign-up another character cuz I can't really think of a good reason for Sam to be stuck in cat form without the demon:/ Not trying to be difficult :3
Accepted List!:

Alabron (All good, no real complaints)

Paylex (Though a bit short, still looks good)

Erani (All characters accepted)

Rhas (Warlock, I'm a bit iffy on it, but I will accept. However, don't go overboard with it! If you do, you will be gettin' an ear full from me. Death Knight, same with the Warlock, don't go overboard

Grathan (Looks good! Gotta love goblins sometimes)

Peregryne (Very nice, accepted)

Kass (You know you're accepted :D)

Daedhel (Like 'em both! They look great. Accepted!)

Lineron( Your DK I shall accept, because I know him and so on and so forth. If this is your first time with the warlock, like Rhas, just don't go to overboard with the whole thing)


Now Sam, I would suggest signing up as a new character. Don't take this the wrong way, but for me at frist Sam was an alrighty character and it just went a bit down hill from there. Not saying he's bad, it's just him constantly going on about his demon every single post...gets really off putting for me.

Again, that's imo.


Everything looks good so far! I shall get my own sign up sheets up and running soon! And then if those reserved people sign up, we shall start le IC
Ok Lia I will think about a different character
Name: Krystala Dawnshadow, The Elven Witch.

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Shadow Priest (Or general shadow user)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies):

Krystala stands at around 4'9 and looks like a young teenager in elven years. No one really knows why she looks so young, not even herself...she is actually around two hundred years old. Shadow runes would be located on her stomach, arms, and legs. For one that looks so young, she would have an athletic-ish like build, with ebony hair and shimmering jade green eyes, her facial features young and youthful.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!):

She wears and over suit which would cover her from her collar to her ankles. It's sleeveless and black, with the symbol of a symmetrical dagger with in it. It would be baggy as well. Under that she wears a a simply cloth shirt and shorts, also black but plain, a hood attached to the shirt to throw over her head, all finished off with black gloves and black soft leather shoes. For her weapon, besides magic, she has a long black blade katana with purple runes etched all the way to the tip. She summons this when she needs it, the blade as longer than her height. Say 5'9.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist):
And expert in shadow magic, she attunes herself with it. She is able to manipulate and control shadows, and has a real knack for making her foes hallucinate. Other than that, she is an archeologist in her spare time, searching for new runes or sources of power.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):
Not so much of a pet, more of a guardian. Useing her own shadow, she creates what she calls a 'Shadow Puppet. This puppet would loom over her, with long arms with the width of that of an arm of a sin'dorei female. At the end of each arm, would be five long and sharp claws, all of it finished off with a round, ball like head.

Other than that, she can summon creatures from the void.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):

Krystala never used to be she was young, she was actually quite a sweet heart. She'd stick close to her older brother, who looked out for her constantly. When her brother went away to train as a paladin, she wanted to do anything she can to catch up with him, and thus began to secretly study shadow magic. Her father, not approving this, punished her by throwing her into a dark room for about 2-3 weeks, with little food and water. It was dark, cold, and little light shone through.

One night, Alizar Darkwrath and his wife, Alisa, came through the small window and appeared in front of her. They discussed of how much use she could be to them...and decided to test it, by letting her go rampart amongst her family. Teaching her a few spells, one of which being Shadow Puppet, she killed half of her family...and vanished. No one knew where she had went, where she had gone...until now.
Also Lia I will try and do better with Sam in the future, I am getting close to perhaps making my thread where Sam gets rid of demon also, since I found a thread to intorduce Sam's villain:3
Name: Shinaria Sunblaze

Race: Quel'dorei

Class: Holy Priest (Holy Jailor)

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Shinaria stands at around 6'1, with black hair and azure blue eyes. Her facial features, like most women of her race, would be young and youthful. There would be two tattoos that circle half way around her eyes of azure feathers, spread out in flight. Each side would have four feathers each. On each of her upper arms, there would be two azure dragons, symmetrical to each other. She carries an athletic build, and has slightly tanned skin.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!):

From top to bottom.

Starting to her chest piece, she wears a white long sleeve tunic which reaches all the way down to her wrists and to her waist. Attached to it would be a white hood lined with gold thread to go over head head. Over the tunic would be a layer of chain mail, and then a white metal plate; a golden symbol of the Argent Crusade painted on the front. For shoulders it would be what looks like a woman's face carved from metal, golden chains dangle from her hair and a golden blind fold would go over their eyes.

For her hands, they would be mail gloves that cover her arms up to her elbow, again, white. Her waist would have a brown leather belt with some satchels attached along with a spell tome and a golden long, thin spell blade etched with holy runes. Legs, they would be long leather pants that reach to her ankles, the same thing plate covering her thighs and painted with the same symbol as her chest piece. For her feet; knee high leather boots (not heels -_-).

Besides her sword, she is able to make chains made of holy light. These can be used for a few things, such as whips, grappling hooks, and restraints. This why she calls herself the Holy Jailor, along with her sister.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist):

You can say Shinaria is a battle Priestess, for the gear she wears and her skill in healing in combat. Other than that, she's a book worm, and her knowledge about past events does help from time to time. She's also a rather accomplished cook.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D):N/A

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):

Studying to be a Priestess ever since she and her sister were little, they always wanted to strive to be their best. This is where the idea of creating chains made of holy light came into play. When they were both at least 100 years old, they started practicing, with success too! However at the time the control over the chains sapped them of their strength very quickly. So they practiced, for years they practiced, until they finally were able to use them with out having to worry about running out of energy. From there on, they called themselves the Holy Jailors.
Name: Kal'tharon Dawnshadow.

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Paladin

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies):

Kal stands at 6'8 with a athletic but slightly muscular build as well, with long black hair that is usually tied into a fox tail and shimmering jade green eyes like his little sister. His face would be clean shaved, handsome, with a scar that criss-crosses the top right top right side of his head. He has another scar that goes over his chest from a blade wound he suffered a long time ago.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!):

Kal wears the same attire as those of the Blood Hawks. Dark black and crimson armor with the symbol of the Order on the right side of the breast plate. It would cover him from neck to toe, though made slightly lighter that most so that he'd still have some flexability and more movement in battle. His helm, unlike most of his Order, would cover his entire face, with two falcon like wings on each side of his head and visor full of holes to give him a rather threatening look.

His weapon of choice would be a white katana etched with holy runes all the way to the tip, the blade made of ghost iron. The hilt would be crimson red and black like his armor, and have a small necklace fashioned to hang at the end of it. It would go into a brown sheath that goes across his back.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist):
What he lacks in healing he makes up for in offensive attack. He has got some movement in battle and able to cut down foes, specially when they are at a close range. Other than that, he's good at Blacksmithing and carving.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): N/A

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):
As mentioned before, he is the older brother of Krystala Dawnshadow. When he had heard of the massacre of his family at the hands of his little sister, he threw up, for he couldn't believe the little innocent child he once knew would do such a horrible thing. When he heard that there was a chance that she didn't do it alone, he decided to make it his mission, along with completing the tasks given to him by the Blood Hawks, to find his little Sister...and try and save her from what ever shadow has come across her. During these times, he made his way up the ladder to a decent rank amongst the order.

((There, all done))
Name: Cobe Natrix

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Natrix stands at a solid 6'3. He has short spiky hair. His hair is jet black. He has fairly trimmed facial hair. He has an ancient tribal tattoo covering his entire torso and forearms. He has light tan shade of skin. He has an extremely athletic build, his upper body strength overpowering his lower.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Cobe Natrix wears heavy plate armor, resembling the Stormwind Guard attire, but with a golden armore base color. (The border of his armor). He uses a massive shield to block attacks, both physical and sometimes even magical attacks like fireballs or shadowbolts. His sword, Shadowfire, is a pure black blade with red etchings on the blade. In elvish it says, "A human being is only breath and shadow."

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Natrix has been skilled in the way of the sword and shield for years now. He also picked up a skill of learning languages from fellow races of the Alliance. He knows common, Darnassian, Dwarven, and a bits and pieces of Draenei.

Pets: None

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Cobe Natrix serves as in the Stormwind Guard with a battalion of 5 men. Himself, his friend, Payton, and three others who recently retired due to injuries from their recent arrest. Cobe always like solving problems and catching criminals, usually with Lexington.
Unfortunately Lia I don't think I will be able to take part in this one, none of my other characters would really mesh with the thread, so have fun with thread everyone Lia's threads are always good, and fun:3
I would like to throw up a sign up if their is still room....
For some reason i can never just quit this game, theirs always something that drives me back...
And i'm blaming Lia.....
Name: Krieg Stormrider

Race: Wild Hammer Dwarf

Class: Gryphon Rider

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Krieg stands tall at 4’10” and weighs in at 180 pounds. Taller and leaner then most of his dwarven brethren, Krieg is able to leverage that height to hurl his stormhammer with devastating effect. His skin has browned and become leathery in consistency from the overexposure to the elements. On his right bicep the crest of the wild hammer, a single hammer supper imposed upon two screaming gryphons, on his left, his familys seal a gryphon rider screeching through a lightening storm.
He keeps the top of his head bald with a low golden ponytail in the back and a great golden brown bushy beard in the front.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Kriegs chest, legs and feet are covered by multiple layers of sturdy brown/green raptor leather that is studded at regularly close interval by strips of tempered obsidian. Always a pragmatist when it comes to gear, instead of adding ornamental feathers to his regalia, Krieg instead had them etched into the leather. Other accessories he carries with him are a flint and tinder box, a canteen, and a supple brown leather bag. In the bag is a artfully crafted wooden pipe and some tobacco that his father gave to him when he made his right of passage from child to adult.

The hammers head is colored a dark brooding grey reminiscent of a storm front that is about to unleash its fury. On one end the family crest, a gryphon rider flying through a lightening storm is etched into its steel face and on the other end is the sigil of the wild hammer nation.. Across the rest of the hammer, etched in glowing blue runes read the family name of storm rider.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Krieg can fight from the air, upon his faithful companion Swiftfeather, hurling his hammer from afar. He can also smoke, like a chimney and curse like a sailor.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): Gryphon; Swift feather. Swift feather is 8 feet long and well over 500lb. His golden fur and white head make him the poster child for an alliance gryphon. (Not entirely sure how long he wil stay with the group. He defiantly won’t be going into the fortress proper.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):
The only son of Beorn Stormrider and Klili Stormrider, Kireg spent his days in the harsh land of the twilight highlands. From a young pup until the age he passed his initiation, Krieg has spent his entire life learning how to escape from and combat the many threats that the highlands impose upon its inhabitants. Though the land was harsh his family was not. No matter how cruel the outside world was, his family stayed true to themselves and their kin. This allowed Krieg to develop a good attitude towards the world, hard, but not jaded and cynical.

When he was 12, his father gave him a gryphon egg as his naming day present. The young
boy cherished it and nurtured the egg until its hatching. Once it hatched the twos fate became intertwined. As they grew older, Kirege and Swiftfeather began to sore the skies seeking out trouble and mischief. One of their favorite past time was racing the others youngsters, much to his father’s disapproval. Many races they participated in few they lost.

At the age of 39 Krieg set out on his rights of passage. The journey was long and perilous, but upon his return he was now an adult and as such respected as one. Krieg now flew with his father, learning the finer point of aerial and martial combat. Beorn was a hard teacher, producing many a bruise and many a gallon of spilled blood, But over the years Krieg learned, and grew better till he was able to fight his old man to a standstill. Kriegs life seemed to be ever on the rise, until the raid. In the middle of the night, their small hamlet was raided by the insidious dragon maw and their drakes. With the other men and woman of the town , Kireg and his father mounted their companions and fought to repel the invaders.

As the fight grew desperate, Beorns gryphon was slain in midair, sending Beorn plummeting to the earth paralyzing the older man from the waist down. After many long hours of combat the orc were repulsed. No longer able to defend the family Beorn gave the family’s ancestral weapon to his son, No words were spoken, Both men knew the weight that the weapon carried, both knew the responsibility that it entailed, and neither backed down. At the young age of 47, krieg was now responsible for not only himself but his family.
02/13/2013 07:30 AMPosted by Sammuroth
Unfortunately Lia I don't think I will be able to take part in this one, none of my other characters would really mesh with the thread, so have fun with thread everyone Lia's threads are always good, and fun:3

Aww Sam, don't pull out yet. You're a good rp'er and I enjoy reading your posts. Why not make a new character for this thread?

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