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02/13/2013 06:51 PMPosted by Sammuroth
May be a stupid question, but just want to make sure before I post, I am in thread rightXD


And for those who don't know, this is Lia, on his Druid.

Hur ha
A rare occasion when Sam doesn't spy on a meeting first, though I guess you could say he is still spying, but he is visible:P
I will get a sign up up soon. Finally decided. DON'T let me change my mind!
Just one thing before I post, Bryah's going to salute Shinaria and take a formal approach when introducing herself. Feel free to tell her to relax and chill a bit.
Name: Opalaline Sunstone

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Priest

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Opalaline is slender, and stands at roughly 5'10". Opalaline has long brown hair a shade comparable to chocolate. The front of her hair cascades over her shoulders, but the rest falls to her back. Her eyes are a mossy green. Her bangs fall over her face a little. A light brown splotch of a birthmarl is somewhat over her left eyebrow, and it is visible when Opalaline brushes her bangs out of her face, which is quite often.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Opalaline wears light cloth armor. Her robe is simple, sleeveless, without jewels or embroidery. Her robes are a light blue color, with red trim. She wears an ordinary long sleeved white shirt underneath that. She has simple but durable cloth pants under her robe. She has a red belt around her waist and light blue durable cloth boots on her feet. She carries a long silver staff with blue and red gems at the tip.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Opalaline has an excellent memory.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): none

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Although Opalaline is not of noble blood, she came from a rich merchant family and was well off. As she grew older, the prospects of a life as a socialite grew less and less appealing. Since she was faithful in the life, she decided to train as a priest. She went through training and became a priestess of the Light. Though she is often forced to stay at home, she likes to go off on adventures, so when she heard of this she thought it would be perfect.
Morg accepted
posted! a little rushed but I'm just sick of typing *passes out*
ok got post up, if anyone has any tips on rping a wildhamer or speaking with a dwarven accent dont be afraid to yell it at me cus this is my first dwarven character!

I haven't read up on Warcraft Dwarven Lore much myself, but they all seem to speak with a scottish accent- much like D&D Dwarves. Having RP'ed a D&D dwarf for a while, I would say picture Mike Myers doing his Scottish dad and tone it down by half (at least). Just slip a little in to each sentence as he speaks or every other sentence. Better to under-do it than over do it, IMO as far as the speaking and accent goes. Just my two cents.
Beeeautiful Posts so far! :D

I shall wait a bit longer, and then, I shall post myself!
Will be able to post a post when I get home from school!
Sam's parental instincts are kicking in:P
Name: Adrian Octavian

Race: Human

Class: Marksman

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Just shy of six feet, he has a muscular build and a torso covered in scars of old wounds. His hair is a medium length, only a few inches, but always seems to look like he just woke up. He rarely shaves and likes to keep a tight, clean beard. He has very green eyes.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Usually a brown, green and black tiger striped camouflage trousers and jacket, (but for this it'd be Black/White/Grey tiger striped), black leather boots and gloves. His armor consists of a plate vest, covering just his vital organs front and back and covered in ammunition, utility and explosives pouches. His biceps/triceps and thighs have plate armor pieces covering them as well. His rifle is gas operated and magazine fed, semi automatic. Interchangeable optics and a barrel, it has a bipod and bayonet. A revolver sits on his left hip but is drawn from the right, as well as two Gladius swords crossing his lower back. He has a backpack filled with survival equipment, first aid, explosives, and his engineering supplies. He also has engineering goggles that offer a variety of settings.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Expert marksman. Demolitions, and a master of scouting/reconnaissance. He can whip up a nice pot of soup as well.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): None.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D): Grew up in Elwynn Forest with his brother Dristis (who will be gainfully employed and not joining these shenanigans), he enlisted in the Stormwind Army at 18 and served through out Draenor, Northrend, and as a Ranger throughout Azeroth before and during the Cataclysm. He retired as a Master Sergeant and takes up any mercenary or volunteer work that Alliance or third parties that need his skill set.

(Didn't see if closed or not, if it is, I'll just monitor the thread)
Forgot to add that Bryah's pets are with her, but they are leashed. Large male black lion and a yellow dragonhawk. But must dash. Late for work... as usual.
Name: Sorcies Hawke

Race: Human

Class: Rogue/Assassin

Physical Description (Picture yourself in your undies): Age 28
Sorcies stands 5' 6" at 145 lbs with an athletic build (cross between gymnast and long distance runner), not heavily muscled but she has stamina. She isn't good in long drawn out fights but in short skirmishes she can be deadly.
Her hair is coal black cut in a short bob, violet eyes and a light sprinkling of freckles across he cheeks. Crossing her right cheek is a fine scar where she barely dodged a dagger strike.

Equipment Description (Show off that armor!): Dusky brown leather armor with some padding for protection. She carries 2 finely crafted daggers at her hips as well as a pair of throwing knives in her boots as well as tucked in the sleeves of her jacket. Often wears a hooded cloak which keeps her face in shadows and always wears a small pendant around her neck (red shield with a white border and white bird in the center) which has no magical properties.

Particular skills (Example: Good archer, Scout, alchemist): Particularly trained in stealth by Ravenholdt as well as SI:7 she makes a good scout and can take out unsuspecting guards without a sound. Some knowledge of first aid, very adept at using and making poisons.

Pets (Hunters, Mage, Warlock. Though feel free to have a companion pet as well :D): No pets.

BREIF! History (Really, keep it short please :D):
Raised in Ravenholdt Sorcies learned from her childhood how to use daggers, steal, forge documents and spy. She was recruited by SI:7 when she was 16 and left SI:7 by the time she was in her early 20's. Since then she has been working primarily as an assassin for hire as well as what she feels she can safely steal. She has also been known to sell intelligence to the Alliance when it was in her best interests.

Note: I didn't see if signups were closed yet or not, either way I'll be following the IC thread.
If anyones down for some idle chatter, krieg and swiftfeather are just chilling off in the corner!
Bryah's on the edge of the group with her animals. She's just a little shy so feel free to say hello.

Dristis, accepted.

Sorcies, accepted.

Now for you guys, you can say that you arrived on time as well to follow the group down to the boat, which is why I decided to end my post there for you guys to catch up.

This will be one of the few resting moments you guys have. After that, there's a bit of action, another rest, and then action action action action from there on out. It will get relentless.

For now, get cozy, it's gonna be a long and cold ride.

Also sorry for not posting. I would have had it up earlier during my lunch break in college. But, of course, my phone was dead so I couldn't log in, then their net was being screwy, etc, etc, etc.
Whew, just barely made it. I certainly hope our dwarf brought some ale with him!
Well honeyed meed but yes :)

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