Battleground Misconceptions

Hey guys, here's a short list of stuff that isn't true in battlegrounds.

1. Alliance/Horde always loses!
Not true. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you win more than you lose, or lose more than you win. Either way, changing your faction is not going to tip odds in your favor as far as success in random BGs.

2. They have healers! There's no way we can win!
Ah, for so long, Phantom believed this to be true. But it isn't! Here's what you do: kill them. If you aren't strong enough to kill them (if the healer has any sort of PvP gear and knows what they're doing, you shouldn't be able to solo them), then make them so preoccupied that they can't heal anyone else (a healer who is barely staying alive can't effectively keep someone else alive). Here are some tips on killing healers:

Don't waste your interrupts/silences. That is, don't interrupt a smite, because then you won't be able to interrupt the penance or greater heal afterwards. All too often, a DPS will mash the interrupt key as soon as they see a casting bar. Healers KNOW you can interrupt them! A good healer won't make it that easy!

Use more than basic interrupts/silences to stop casting. Discipline priests and holy paladins can gain interrupt/silence immunity for a brief period of time. That means interrupts and silences obviously won't work. But what about the rest of CC? When that priest pops inner focus, use a gouge, hammer of justice, shockwave, hex, fear, death grip, whatever! There are plenty of ways to stop casts.

Don't forget to emote them. Healers get FURIOUS when you /lol or /spit at them. There's not really much they can do to you because they're just healers. What are they gonna do, smite you to death (please don't get smitten to death)? Make the healer mad if you can't kill them.

Make a toon on that piece of @#%&'s server. Give him a piece of your mind after the battleground. "lol were you a healer or a DPS? I can't tell BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT BOTH LOL!" and, "I thought only DPS specs of hybrid classes got their healing nerfed. Guess I was wrong," are both great insults to throw out. Make sure you have them ignored so they can't defend themselves.

3. We lost, just give up so we can queue again.
Look, guys, STOP EXPECTING TO BE CARRIED! No matter your gear or skill level, there's SOMETHING you can do to help your team out, even if it's just mashing fear on cooldown or being the rogue that stuns people, but does horrible damage. Remember, a rogue at 90 with 200k health can blind or sap someone the same as a rogue in full elite PvP gear. If you really want to give up in a battleground, LEAVE, and let the serious players give it their all.

Over Phantom's thousands of battlegrounds played, there have been plenty of premades. A lot of them are nasty, yes, but at least half of them are people who think there's strength in numbers. With rated battlegrounds around, less and less groups are queueing as premades--if there is a premade, it's likely an arrangement of people from trade chat. Heck, even if it's someone's 2800 5s team, you still have a chance to win.

But you better hope to god it's not

5. They're more geared than us! We lost!
Gear will give an advantage, yes, but battlegrounds are not arenas. Your objective isn't always to kill, but to outsmart. This is why things like, oh, Typhoon'ing someone off of a cliff or into the twisting nether works so well in BGs. Sapping the EFC before they grab the flag and become the EFC can give your FC time to capture the flag.

6. We tried! We lost

This concludes Phantom's whatever-the-@#$&-this-is.

So who likes anime?
Not sure if trolling.
I like anime. Baccano? FMA: Brotherhood? Cowboy Bebop? Samurai Champloo? Eureka 7? Rurouni Kenshin (1st and 2nd arc only please)? Hellsing, and Ultimate? I'd think of more but I need some coffee.
02/12/2013 09:47 AMPosted by Phantom
"lol were you a healer or a DPS? I can't tell BECAUSE YOU SUCK AT BOTH LOL!"

Funny. I've only heard that from people on my own team when I was playing a shadow priest and kept switching roles back and forth, due to a lack of heals on my team and lack of having prepared a spec I don't like (bars not set up etc). Rather than be grateful for the literally dozens of times I saved his life in the space of one BG, some guy thought he had the balls to talk smack at me and claim that I wasn't being helpful, when I was in fact carrying him so hard that he would have died in seconds if I had simply stopped focusing heals on him. Wtf? Do people think it's GOOD when a shadow priest does nothing but tunnel dps on enemies and never turns to cast a bubble on his team-mate to keep him up?

but yes, the story --

At the start of the AB, I told my team to go for the Blacksmith. Since we are Alliance, we have to be told to go for it or no one will. When we got there, we failed to cap the flag quickly enough, and Horde sent several unkillable healers, so it devolved into a very long never-ending battle and we were losing other bases because people were tunneling BS so hard. I then told people to go for the farm. Guy starts giving me crap in BG chat about how "I was the one who told them to go for the BS before the gates opened, I shouldn't be talking," so what was I doing telling them to leave the BS now that it was uncapturable. l-o-l? So of course I told him off with a hard dose of actual logic, which shut him up for a bit. Then toward the end he started taking cracks at me saying I was a "bad shadow priest" and "shouldn't be trying to order people around" (by identifying vulnerable enemy bases and telling people to hit them) because my damage was slightly mediocre, even though I had done the same amount of healing as damage.

Does not compute...

I like anime.
1) Mana is a used stat in low level BG's.
2) Just because a single character can outheal 2-3x your DPS does not mean that single character can't also top the DPS charts.

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