balance as reluctant healer

I'm new to wow and got my balance druid to lvl50. I do random bg's a lot.

At every skirmish, 4 out of 5 times I find myself healing. this is not why I choose balance. but when I see my company health going down, and no healer around (and in random bg's in my experience there are NEVER any healers around) I start healing, it's kinda most valuable contribution to the team. result? end up healing triple and more than damage.

maybe I should only go healer (my off spec) when in random bg's?
You don't have to heal, but it is kind of the point of playing a hybrid class. You can do a little of both. I say stay balanced so you can do damage when needed and heal when needed because at that level you can heal well even as balanced, which I am sure you have learned.
I mean its not your job as balance to heal... your job is to kill things... If your doing BG's you should be in the background hiding throwing starfalls out and if your targeted displacer beast and run.

The fact that your healing BG's just means your composition is terrible. If you dont see any healers in your group, then why the hell not go resto and heal. Makes your chances of winning a whole lot better...

However, if all you want to do is damage in your BG's then stay boom and tab DoT and hide.
Your heals are relatively strong at 51. Your health is under 5k and the base heal from a Rejuv tick is over 400.

At 90, the base heal from Rejuv is about 10 times stronger, but I have something like 80 times your health. Healing is not nearly so OP.

It is still very strong though. In PvP against another Moonkin, Rejuv is stronger than MF (except when blowing DPS cooldowns). Make good use of it.
all you are saying makes sense. and yes, I thought moonkin healing was lower level overpower. (with mixed feelings) I dont regret if that fades away with leveling.

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