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Would there be any harm in shortening raid locks on pre - mop raids? I am currently farming Naxx for transmog items, and love to solo or bring others through raids. Just curious as to why shortening locks to ~3 days instead of 7 would be a bad thing. Obviously Blizz doesn't want everybody having the best transmogs, or the rare mounts from raids. But it seems like it wouldn't be a huge deal since the number of people who actually do solo/farm is relatively low.

I have no problem being wrong, I'm just curious. If there is a specific reason, let me know, just don't be an !@# about it.
I'd support this.

People don't need the gear for anything but transmog and it would encourage people to run old content more often.
Totally in favour of this. It's an unnecessary restriction that serves no purpose.
I support this. If they're so worried about mount drops keep the mount drops on a 7 day lockout and have everything else be on 3 day lockout.

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