493 Horde Mage 5/6 HMSV LF +8 GMT guild

My main is a mage that has been active since Vanilla and has raided continuously through the expansions killing most heroic content via progression runs. In Cata my 10 man was realm 3rd Heroic Spine and currently I have killed the first 5 bosses in Heroic MSV.Ideally I would like to raid 3 times a week, my attendance is always excellent and I prepare well.I am hoping there is a friendly yet focused raiding guild that is looking for a mage and if so will contact them to share details and armory etc

Looking to raid no earlier than 10 pm ST

Come check us out we are looking for a good mage for Heroic Progression!
Our guild is also looking for a good mage. We raid 8:00pm - 11:00pm mon/wed/thur, currently progressing through heroic HoF content. Add my battle tag if your interested.


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