TRIBÜTE 10m raid needs 1 healer!

We're a level 25, 10 man raiding guild looking for one more healer to complete our main raiding group. We are currently 15/16 normal progression with our focus on completing Terrace ASAP!

We recently acquired several great new players to our group, two of whom have heals as OS. However, as we all like to play the way we prefer, we'd really like to find that last person who is all heals, all the time. Someone who loves long walks on the beach, kittens, hot showers & healing. Or even just that last one, to each his own I guess...

Raid times Monday - Thursday 10p to 12a.

Paladin, Druid or Shaman preferred, but show us what you got. We're not animals!

Please contact me in game or go to

Jungle Boogie,

-Kool & The Gang
anyone in your guild ever on? lol
I'm usually on most of the time. Though if you don't see me send me an in game mail. Or post something to the guild site. ;)

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