The Elite 10 man raid is recruiting! (Aus)

The Elite is currently after either a druid or monk healer to become part of our core 10 man team, (as currently all the leather caster drops are going to my OS and we would rather them go to a main)

We are also for a warlock to become part of our core 10 man team. (please note we will also look into other classes, so please feel free to contact us)

We have currently cleared all normal modes and look to possibly clearing some heroic modes before 5.2 hits.

Our raid time is 1am server time to approx 4:30 am server time.

We raid Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday evenings.

As a core raider you will be provided with guild repairs/food and flasks and we ask in return that attend all three raids, unless real life gets in the way then you will be required to let one of the raiders know you won't be attending, so we can make other plans rather than waste our time waiting!

Our main goal is to clear normal modes and then time permitting work on heroic modes.

For further information please contact Keyboardcatz, online via whisper or in game mail.

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