[A] Warlock looking for 10m, recent transfer

Bleeding Hollow
Just transferred here from a PST server, where I've raided Vanilla, BC, and WOTLK (was pretty casual in Cata). Times have changed and I'm no longer able to commit to the 4 day raid weeks that I could while I was a student. So, I'm looking for a 10m team that raids on any combination of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights. I'm also usually pretty active on other days of the week, but not consistently enough to make raids on those days.
ill take you right now, but we raid on tuesday and sunday 5-9. starting HoF in thirty minutes. talk to me in game.
Thanks for the response, I should have clarified that those are nights that I can raid on. I work during the day, and can get home for a raid by around 7pm.

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