Does DR ever bug out?

I was caught in a full Hex today, the effect broke around two seconds after I was hit with it but I was hexed again for the full duration nearly immediately afterward by another shaman.

I swore profusely.
If someone has an explanation for why stuns never seem to DR, I'd love to hear it.

Dear warriors, I hate you all.
02/12/2013 03:39 PMPosted by Nzete
Dear warriors, I hate you all.

The warrior charge stun does not DR with other stuns. The warrior shockwave stun is on a 20 second cooldown and the DR is over after 15 sec, so a single warrior can never DR his own stun. Luckily his fear is on a separate DR.

I thought hex would DR with itself. Having two shaman hexing the same target is such a rare situation that I haven't experienced it myself.

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