Unholy DK looking for progression raiding (H)

Hey everyone

So after recently trying to form my own 10 man raiding guild that fell flat on it's face, I have decided to start looking for a progression guild. I work 3rd shift, so the absolute latest I can raid is 10:45pm server time. I know the ins and outs of my class, and have alts of various roles that can be useful.

As of posting this my ilvl is 486. I have been playing the game since late BC and began raiding in WOTLK. I completed all 10 man normal and heroic content in wrath, as well as about half of the normal modes on 25. I stopped raiding in cata due to Rl obligatiions, but still played the game quite frequently. I have the ability to learn fast and step up to the plate when needed. I play the game for fun, but prefer to push my class to it's limits and play at a cutting edge level. Don't get me wrong, I am most likely not fit for a world first guild, but I can without a doubt roll with server first guilds.

It is hard for me to really prove my skill, as I have not raided competitively in some time. I know that if I were looking for talented players for my roster, I would have trouble trusting someone who has my type of raiding history. I assure you that after one night I can disprove all of the doubts you may have.

I am free to raid any night, so long as the raid is over by 10:45pm (server) at the latest. I don't mind raiding multiple nights, but would prefer to not go above 3 nights per week, but like I said I may be able to do more.

I can show up to raids with a 95% attendance record, if not more. I am loyal and friendly, and all in all just looking to progress with down to earth gamer's like myself. I don't care if you run for server firsts, but would like to join a group that has heroic progression experience.

Thanks in advance,


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