[H] Selling Flawless Humanoid Battle-Stone


I'm selling (1) Flawless Humanoid Battle-Stone on the Horde side of Garrosh! As this item is Soul-bound, I'll require a non Soul-bound humanoid pet to put this enchantment on when you purchase this item!

Afterwards, I'll trade your pet back to you and request the gold as payment for my services!

Cost for this item is 10,000 Gold. 5,000 Gold below Auction House buyout prices on the Flawless Battle-Stones you can currently purchase at this time!

If you are interested you may send me an in-game whisper if I'm online, In-game mail, or reply here!


~ Korlastus

For those wondering which pets that are trade-able and are humanoid's here is a small list I have compiled below from my list of pets. I hope this is handy for pet collector's on the realm for potential buyers! :)

List of Battle Pets:

Father Winter's Helper
Flayer Youngling
Winter's Little Helper

Note: This list is not yet complete. I'll update this list as I collect more humanoid-type pets in the future. However, If the item sells, I'll post in this here thread to notify other potential buyers as well the item has sold.
Update #2: As I was unable to sell this item unsuccessfully over the past few days, I decided to use it on one of my Battle Pets.

The Flayer Youngling is now a Rare for me! :)
i just upgraded my peddlefeet and threw him in th AH :) people still love rares and i also upgraded my panda pet jade bird to rare that sells well to

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