Best race for Rsham pve?

I'm thinking Pandaren for the double stats. And on progression if a healer dies it's usually going to be a wipe anyway so the fact that the racial becomes null upon death isn't that big of a hinderance.
Although orc is tempting...
Troll = Master race.
Troll = best race
Though orc if AG is good with the buffs... plus Orc is most likely better race to play as 5.2 ele (GCD capping issues galore making Troll's berserking value question and variable based on badge trinket+legendary meta procs).

I would say Orc if you split time between Ele and Resto. Troll if you are a resto shaman ~80+% of the "progression" time.
Panderan or Troll. I think the double food buff is pretty significant as it is static as opposed to an on use ability with a cd. During the time when using beserking it is great, but the rest of the time, you are missing out on +300 of a stat. I kind of discount the wiping thing and losing the food buff because on progression if you are wiping early you will usaully just call it as opposed to wasting a rezz early in the fight.
Draenei for ascendence boosted GotN
Dwarf because dwarf.
Time is money, friend.

Gobby Powah!!
because we troll
hmmm, well, we're shamans, so if you die... surely you pop your Ankh, whatever race you've chosen?

Pandaren double stat food buff is a kinda pretty big deal, even if you run the risk of losing it. Also, the fact is that it's flexible, like Alchemy; need a bit of Spirit to offset having just gotten a Spiritless upgrade which replaced a +Spirit piece? Snack on Spirit food. Have an offspec that gets used in raiding? There ya go, double food buff stats for that spec, too.
A dead healer does not mean a wipe in progression. I think the ironic part of that is that you're a shaman.

Pandas have a good bonus with the well fed, but the lose of the buff during early progression sucks. When you near the kill, and are enjoying .5-10% wipes you're probably not dying anymore so you'll get the full benefit.

Basically what it comes down to is better regen (panda), more static throughput (goblin), or more throughput through burst (troll or orc).

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