Currently Offline is seeking more members

<Currently Offline> is a newly formed guild looking for more adults to join its ranks. If you are 21+, and looking for a guild to call home, hit us up.

Why join <Currently Offline> over another guild?

- First and foremost, with the invent of guild perks - more and more guilds are formed to benefit the pockets of the GM. Unfortunately, many guilds out there use your hard work to level a guild, get money from Cash Flow. Then /gkick and sell the guild. We aren't gonna do that - we are already a level 25 guild, and have a core group of players that have played together for years, and are in it for the long haul.

- We are drama resistant. I would love to lie to you and say that the guild will be 100% drama-free. This will never happen in any guild. There is always going to be bickering, infighting, personality conflicts. How we aim to avoid this is to have a mature player base. Most of the current core are all 30+, have families, have jobs, have people that rely on them everyday. We are not think-for-yourselves type people. We have dealt with the vent flirt, the loot addict, the raging raid leader, the guild mooch, the people with too soft skin. We will continue to do so in any future setting.

- We are social. We talk in vent, ham it up, do fun runs, etc.

- We are experienced raiders. Our members have been around since the beginning, but due to real life, ghost town servers, and personal life choices have taken breaks from the game. We are looking to form the guild first and foremost, then form our tiered raid groups.

- Something for almost everyone. Whether you are a progression raider, casual raider, the ADHD type who just loves to level alts, or farm, or rock the AH - Currently Offline is the home for you.

If interested, please send tell to any member in game. Be prepared to answer a few minor questions, primarily your age - this is an important factor to us. We have candid and colorful conversations at time, and unfortunately we have found age to be a drama factor.
Always looking for more members.
Looking for more adult players to join.
Do you guys have any type of raid schedule in mind? Me and a few friends are looking for a home but we can only raid a bit later in the night.
As of this time, not currently. Again, newly formed and still waiting on a few server transfers.
im interested. didnt see anyone online when i checked. hit me up sometime, prcheek#1139
More members always welcome!
If you guys are needing a tank I could join up.Since I work third shift it would fit my schedule nicely
How very silly of me.I forgot to give my Id if you wanted to speak with me


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