New to DK tanking ...HELP please.

Death Knight
Can anyone simply explain the rotation I need to drop on mobs? I get the fact I have to spread my diseases all over the place but I seem to just click anything that appears useable since the runes are confusing me.
Outbreak, D&D and BB/HS. Use DS when you need to and RS when you are about to cap or doing nothing else.
frost & uh runes are used *only* for death strike. basically, use DS whenever you have death/frost/uh runes. and you use blood runes for either heart strike (1-3 mobs) or blood boil (4+). its pretty straight forward, it gets more complex at end game when you have to manage when to use death strikes, etc. to maximize your blood shields and damage mitigation.
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Can anyone simply explain the rotation I need to drop on mobs?

Reniat can! His tanking guide is awesome.

Of course, this all assumes you're max level. If you're only level 61 then things will feel clunky until you get your level 75 talents. Also blood boil is OP at that point in the game.
Thanks fellas!
Making a pull in Ramparts for example:

Icy touch at range, death and decay while you are going to the spot, plague strike, then blood boil to spread.

After that death strike if you are under 100% health, blood boil for more damage, use runic power on rune strike when you get it, death coil before that.

Rune regen sucks till 75 but hang in there.
Pretty much BB spam for a while. Hit a BB or two early to get initial aggro, then spread diseases and spam BB. Use Rune Strike on the mobs with the least amount of threat. If your healer is asleep use Death Strike to stay alive. This will last you until the 80s, when you'll start getting closer to using the data from my sticky.
if your a Leveling DK like its been said ^ up there Roiling Blood is a god send it means you can Damage while spreading and Refreshing Diseases. At your Level you will be applying your diseases by starting your pulls with Icy Touch and Plague Strike, as soon as that trash gets close Blood Boil to spread your DoTs and get some threat. (note: you are above level 60 meaning you have Heart Strike when a Trash pull or Boss fight has 3 or less enemies use Heart Strike as this will get my more threat and more damage over all but be careful as your main job is to keep those diseases up so Blood boil when they need to be refreshed)

Afterwards get to Death striking use that to heal yourself and maintain threat on your targets form the dps, for now Use Death Coil to get some extra DPS and keep up the threat (note: this is basically just burning Runic power when your are waiting on runes) you will be using Runic Strike instead once you learn it.

Now as for Death and Decay it is a useful AOE ability use it if it procs form Crimson Scourge or you feel like you might need to slip it in there for some more threat mostly its not the biggest deal for DKs any more unless it is a large pull of weak enemies (note : Death and Decay casts a Dot on the enemies that what is generating the threat from it more damage on things = more threat)

If you have more questions about new abilities you get as you level just ask.
drop dnd

outbreak/cast diseases if it's down or you're not high enough, Blood boil (or pestilence if you don't play rolling blood)

then, blood boil if 4+ targets, HS if 3 or less, deathcoil until you learn runestrike to dump rage, and deathstrike at least 1 set of FU runes at all times, use the 2nd set if you dip.

Honestly, in the 60's, blood boil alone should sustain your threat.

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