Where do I begin?!

I'm way behind on my dailies and such, I've been goofing off a whole lot and still aren't even exalted with Shado-Pan, Golden Lotus, the Tillers, or any of those guys.
I did a little bit of the Dominance Offensive quest chain, but only about 2 days worth of quests..

Basically I'm trying to make up for lost time and want to jump in with everyone else when the Thunder King patch comes out, but I feel so overwhelmed, where do I work hard on to be ready/understand the new patch dailies?
Is it required to be exalted with Shado-Pan, or can I just skip it all and start fresh with the new patch?

I'm not sure that the Thunder King quests line requires any other reps to do. I believe it might be associated with the Black Prince rep, so work on that one at least. The rest can be done at whatever pace you want.

Side note: Golden Lotus is required for August Celestials and ShadoPan. Klaxxi and Tillers can be done anytime.
It is rather easy to hit 480GS for the new raids.

Not sure if your worried about this toon your posting on or another so tough to get an idea as to where you are gear wise.

Heroics > LFR > VP gear is the order though an if you have extra gold you can always buy crafted but it is honestly not needed.

An do not forget to do Sha quest to get 476ilv boots.

With the Love is in the air dungeon dropping a 480ilv neck is another option unless you have the neck from the quest reward for hitting exalted with GL which is ilv489.

Unlocking all the klaxxi mantid will give you a quest which rewards you with a ilv489 ring.
As far as I know, the 5.2 raid/dailies will not require any of the current faction reps.

That said ...

There are VP rewards out there that are upgrades for you. Take a trip out to Townlong to see what Commander Oxheart has, as well as over to Karasang to see what Dominance Offensive has. Make note of upgrades, and what faction and rep threshold is needed.

Also: Damn, you've been lucky on Sha. You've got the 2pc t14 without doing any non-LFR raids?? Wow.
If you're revered, buy the commendation thingy. You'll be exalted in a jiff and your alts will too.

Look at your gear and see what needs upgrading first (or most) then work on a faction that offers that slot item. Dominance should be done if you're going for ilevels since they give out the highest.

Otherwise, just do them while you queue-sit.

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