Enhance or Ele for 5.2 PvE

Hey all, I just dinged 90 and since 5.2 is coming out soon I am so incredibly torn on what i should be trying to be for PvE. I know i wanna be Resto/(Ele or enhance) IDK. If anyone has some wonderful information for me helping me making this decision easier it would be greatly appreciated. Like i said i just dinged so the sooner the better so i can know what gear to begin saving. THANKS :)
Pvp or pve?

I think, for pve, enh will remain slightly ahead of ele. Especially on stationary type fights. As far as pvp goes... Someone else will have to answer there
So you are saying enhance will still be better then ele??? :(
Better is subjective. I think that most sources these days indicate that Enhancement currently does better DPS in PvE content than Elemental under ideal circumstances, but that's not the only consideration to make, especially considering that Blizz is going to be doing some tweaking to PvE numbers over the next few weeks (I know they've made some changes to elemental, but I don't know that we know exactly what effect that will have on elemental dps).

1. Playstyle. Aside from the obvious ranged/melee difference, the two specs are radically different in terms of how you play. Enhancement has more buttons to worry about and is a bit more frenetic; if that appeals to you more, Enhancement might be for you.

2. Gear. You said you wanted your main spec to be Resto. By and large, elemental and resto share a gear table, so you'd spend less time gearing up with an elemental off-spec.

Really, the best thing to do is figure out which you like to play better and get good at it (there are plenty of resources, both on this site and other WoW sites like www.noxxic.com or www.icy-veins.com). Don't pay too much attention to whether Elemental or Enhancement has the higher theoretical DPS or greater representation in world first guilds. For one, Blizzard is constantly balancing; what's top in 5.1 might not be top in 5.3, or 6.1 or whatever. For another, I'd take a good player with a "marginal" spec over a bad player in the latest flavor of the month spec.
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So you are saying enhance will still be better then ele??? :(

Burroc has good points there.

I find it rather hilarious people getting incredibly obsessed with the DPS tracking sites like raidbots.

I loved shaman , I had been restore , elemental , enhancement in the past .
When I got tired of playing restore , I went back to playing element and ehc.

If you love to play class A , stick to it , play it and master it.

Why care if it is not doing the most damage on raidbot now ? Especially if you are not in a edge cutting raiding guild . The fact is , many of the elemental shamans have changed to EHC lately because they do higher theoritical DPS . But they were unable to adopt to the playstyle , therefore you see bunch of morons complain about EHC DPS in the forum everyday .

TL:DR : Just play what you like and what suits your style the most .
Will do for sure. i was unsure on which spec i prefered seeing as how i hadnt played him in a bit then just brought him up to 90. but after playing for a bit as resto/ele i love it. its also very nice for gear farming seeing as how they are transferable (kinda not really) however yes thank you for helping me realize to just enjoy the game :) have a good day...see you in 5.2

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