[A]<Is Best Pony> is recruiting!

<Is Best Pony> is currently recruiting.

We are a new guild forming up on Darkspear Alliance. Our guild focuses on everything, from PvE Raiding to Rated Arena's and Battlegrounds. We also offer a home for more casual oriented players looking to level and gear alts, or run Random Heroics and Battlegrounds.

Our main group for PvE raids from 7 server to 11 server on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

We also run Rated Battlegrounds periodically throughout the week as often as we can and thus invite players who are strictly interested in PvP content.

Our current recruitment needs are:

PvE: Currently recruiting a tank for our 10m raid group. Preferably Paladin or Warrior.

PvP: Open Recruitment.

Casual: Open Recruitment.

If you are interested in joining a guild with a progression oriented mind set for both PvP and PvE, hit either myself, Jonat or Clammyhands up in game and we can get you an invite, or visit our website at is-best-pony.guildportal.com
Disclaimer: Not a My Little Pony guild, just thought the name was fun.
02/12/2013 05:37 PMPosted by Bándet
Disclaimer: Not a My Little Pony guild, just thought the name was fun.

Cool story, brony guild.

Caught us red handed.
Ain't nothing wrong with Ponies.
I am not looking for a guild but It is cool too see some brony guild's on here!

Me and a few others in my guild are bronies so we wish you all the best of luck
bronies are lame. but is best pony is best guild :D
denial brony is worst brony
Bump for still needing raiders!
Hi, if I can get an invite I will join tomorrow. If I can get onto the raid team that'd be cool, if not in fine with PvPing dungeoning or just being in the guild.
Hi i dont know if you got a hold of anyone but if you still want an invite i can pass you one if im on. i usually am :3

you'd probably be just a pvper or a back up if thats ok we do have a priest right now for raiding.
Hunter would still be pro for progression fights, you can message me or my mage Cryoteknics in game for more information
Bump for updated recruitment needs. Tanks can contact myself, Jonat or Clammyhands in game about the position, or contact anyone in guild and they can point you towards an officer.

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