How to increase focus regen

So having gone through about 60 BG's now I have noticed it takes 2.5 - 3x my DPS to take down a semi-geared healer. They never run out of the stat that enables them to cast and they rez with 100% of the stat that enables them to cast. So I figure, logically, there must be some way to increase my focus regeneration rate so that I never run out of focus since I rez with 0 focus. What am I missing?
You wont be able to solo a healer, ever.
Didn't ask to solo a healer.

Edit: though it would be nice to be able to take out the healer in mostly white gear all by myselves.
You can solo healers, especially as a hunter. The trick is to use steady dps to set up a baseline, then when they make a mistake or try to dps you back you use a cc chain combined with burst damage cooldowns.

At level 18 you won't have enough abilities to do this, but at level 30+ it's much more possible.
healers in low lvls are strongggggggggg, they get weeker at 90 trust me. wen i was lvling in bgs shadow priest were so anoying. huge shields for absorbs + big heals + mega damage
the answer you are looking for is haste

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