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Im currently using a pretty old gateway laptop that CAN run wow, with a 10fps and things like simple dungeons slow me way down. I know i can blame part on my internet connection (f*** you comcast) but i would still like to look into something better. Thought about getting an alienware for about 1300-1400 but im having a hard time convincing myself to spend that much.

Hoping to get some input on other laptop alternatives or even someone to convince me that the 1400 is worth it.
I spent $1200 for a laptop with a p8700 and nvidia gtx260. my laptop is still running strong and my laptop still competes reasonably well with modern laptops and my laptop is now 4 years old, so for me it was worth the money.

these are some laptops that will allow you to game on medium settings reasonably well these are what i consider minimum gaming laptops: or

this is a decent gaming laptop that will allow you a pleasant gaming experience and will last you years to come:

this is a high end machine that time comparable to what i bought. a machine similar to this will last for years to come and will allow you to play nearly any modern game on high settings:
here are some guidelines that i wrote up:

these are some guidelines for getting a laptop to play wow on.
cpu- get an i5 an i7 is better (2.4ghz minimum 2.6ghz is ideal)
gpu- get a dedicated graphics card that is; nvidia 640 or better or ati 7670 or better. (try to get a nvidia 645/650 or ati 7730/7750)
screen- 15.6 is the most common size and tend to be the cheapest for the cost; however, 17.3 have really come down in price.
resolution- 1366x768 in 15.6in or 1600x900 in the 17.3in is what you will get for under $800. 1920x1080 is hi def and will greatly increase laptop cost.

always make sure you get a dedicated graphics card. integrated vid cards are meant for playing videos, dvd, streaming vids, playing facebook games, e.t.c....
I'm currently playing wow at 1600x900 on a hd4000 in an i3.
I highly recommend not wasting your money on a "gaming laptop" especially if you only plan to play wow, because:
A) you can run wow on a cardboard box.
B) it's going to look like crap even on the highest settings, compared to new titles.

i too have to throw the flag on this post. if you want to play wow on lowest setting with view distances set to min, you can get away with an integrated vid card; however, even on lowes settings an integrated vid card and single core processor with give 1-10 frames/sec in a raid or dungeon with a lot of ground and aoe fx. that being said (in a laptop) an i3 and integrated vid card will not play many modern games well if at all and will not allow you to do much more than play wow on lowest settings and surf the internet.
Buy a laptop that can be easily opened/serviced. That way you can remove dust and prolong its lifespan.
why would anyone claim to have 145ms ping.

Why would anyone claim not to have 145 ms ping?

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