Question on the BOA inscription weapons

Hey everyone,

I made the Inscribed Crane Staff for the alts but when I sent it over to my shady priest it was giving me the "not eligible" yell. He's 90 as an fyi but I'm at a complete loss as to why it won't let me equip it. I did notice that when I sent it back to this guy that it gave me the 1/1 for the staff turn in quest to do the refund for half the scrolls (lol I didn't turn it in tho thankfully) and was curious if anyone knew if I dumped that quest if it'll make it equipable again since I was able to upgrade it before I sent it over with the valor from another alt that had the excess valor to burn. Thanks for any help with this!
I ran into the same issue when I was moving my staves around. I'm not sure if you have just been right- clicking to equip, but you should be able to left-click and drag it over to equip.
Humm I'll try that and see if it works cause I did do the usual clicking to equip (lol hard to break that practice after playing for 7 years). Hopefully that'll do the trick. Thanks for the help!

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