gold with engineering

So right now I would say im making a good amount for the time spent, but I would like some more ideas to make gold with eng.

All I do is sell about four ghost iron dragonling trinkets for 220{218 with the cut of ah) and sell 5 cogwheels for 20 gold (19 with ah cut). The trinkets always sell everyday. I also spend close to an hour trying to get motes of harmony and I get about 2. If I got more I could be selling the mechanical pandaren dragonling for about 2k.
If you're spending an hour a day getting two motes of harmony, you should really stop, and start spending the hour doing daily quests for the tillers. Once you get to revered, you can grow your own motes at a rate of twelve per day. Also you'll probably get two or more motes from all the hozen you kill while doing the dailies anyway.

I'd also say you should look into dropping mining, now that you've leveled engineering almost all the way to 615. You could try gathering everything you need for jewelcrafting, then dropping mining and leveling jewelcrafting. It would be more profitable than mining, let alone engineering.
Bleuh, it's still not really a profit-focused profession. I don't know that it ever has been. A few gadgets can be sold, not requiring engi skill to use, but they're not really goldmines.

I think it would be fantastic if Blingtron gave money to its creator based on how many gifts it handed out before despawning. But that's not something it does yet.
02/13/2013 10:54 AMPosted by Atamynn
Bleuh, it's still not really a profit-focused profession
Do not sell gears for 20g. Value is much higher than that. On my server horde gears go for 80g and alliance gears for200g. Obviously it is competition based. You may have too much competition.

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