[H-Khaz'goroth] LF Healer to try 3s

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We are looking for a healer to try 3s in next patch. We will mostly run Shadowcleave (DK/Lock/You) or Dk/Rogue/You. I play both lock and rogue atm.

DK - Full Malevolent include 2/2 upgraded T1 weapon.
Rogue - Full Dreadful, 2 Malevolent piece and 2/2 upgraded T1 weapons.
Lock - Full Dreadful, 2 Malevolent trinkets and trying to get 2/2 upgraded T1 weapon next week.

We don't expect you are super geared, at least in full Dread, but hope you know some basic kiting, los-ing and cd management. I will be the peeler *most of the time*.

We will use vent and it would be a plus if you have a working microphone.

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