Buying a SSD, how to?

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I'm going to purchase a SSD today, Most likely a 128gb one, how would I transfer windows and my games from my current HD to this one? I really don't wanna do a fresh install and lose all my stuff.
Hmm.. I wonder if 128gb is enough for windows, bf3, steam, wow, and other games.. Doubtful
Changing games you decide to play/temp quit from ssd to hdd and back is not difficult.
yea if you just want say, 3 games at once on the hard drive, that'll be fine... but that many games you'll definitely want a 256gb one.

and yea, its true that you can port over the OS from one drive to another, but it won't be stable by any means. the best cleanest way to do it is just to back up important files to an external drive, and then install windows on the new SSD. then, format and completely wipe your larger storage drive and move the files back to it.

also make sure (if you have 8gb or more of ram) you just completely delete the paging file and disable hibernate. for me, with 16gb of ram, that saved me easily 15gb of the SSD storage 10 or 12 gigs was for hibernation mode. then you can also disable system restore, which i only suggest if you're comfortable wiping the SSD clean in case of file corruption or really terrible virus (ive never had a virus on any of my windows machines)

oh and to increase speed and performance make sure the SSD is set to AHCI mode before installing windows. this step is imperative as you'll get anywhere between 50-100% performance increase.
Put your OS and fav. games on your ssd.

Send everything else to a slave drive.
SSD is unecessary. You get faster boot times and program launches, but the smoothness during gameplay, etc. remains unchanged. Not worth the money and the small size IMO.

Better to get fast spinning drives and set them up in a RAID. If your concern is reliability then SSD might have an advantage, but spinning drives are more and more reliable all the time.
Do not buy an SSD for the purpose of increasing FPS: It won't.

While you can transfer HDD content over to SSD using cloning software, and it will work fine 99% of the time, you DO have to do some extra work to ensure that OS is optimized for SSD performance. One such example is the AHCI mode activation: If you installed Windows 7 while SATA mode was set to IDE compatible, it won't have AHCI drivers active -- and thus, your SSD would be penalized in terms of performance.
yea if you just want faster load times, that's fine. it won't increase fps like kalganized stated. if you want fps generally video card or processor are bigger upgrades. depending on your motherboard (i.e. socket type) you may even want to replace the entire thing. thats what i did, of course i couldnt get more than 10 fps on lowest settings at one point.

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