LF RaF - I am buying Battle Chest!

As the title speaks for itself. Find me in-game for more details.

Battle Tag: Raznoth#1370
Still looking!
I'm interested. I wanted to do it on this account, but i'd be game for starting a new account if you're willing to buy the battle chest. I'll try and hit you up in game.

I hope you plan on leveling more than one toon, because i'd like to do several.
I am trying to fill up my list of alts. Lol. I will be buying the Battle Chest. Leave me an in-game mail. Be back in game in about 30-45 mins.
Will do! I'll be online for a while, so send me a tell when you log on.
Bump, still looking.
Bump Bump BUMP!
Oh yeah? So I guess you're bailing on me, huh? I see how it is.
Actually, no. I am not bailing.

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