6H Guild - Raiding Times: 8-12 (EST) Tu/Th/Su

6H Guild - Raiding Times: 8-12 (EST) Tu/Th/Su

We are a brand new guild made up from some arthas players + some transfer. A couple of us have high level raiding experience with previous top 100-200 us guilds. We are currently looking for any solid players who can avoid fires, do mechanics and keep a level head while pushing content.

It is important to note that unlike most guilds on this server we do not put up with drama, immaturity or general loot whorishness / swollen head syndrome. Most of these will result in you being immediately removed from the guild. We wish to push high US ranking on a reasonable raid schedule and have a professional environment. Social raiders will also be accepted but we will generally weed out people who like to eat balls, stand in fire, cannot do basic stuff, etc.

Have a few spots for solid deeps and maybe ah ealer.
High preference for disc priest/mages/hunters/ranged/resto druid or sham that can play dual specs.

Contact Levios#1714 if interested
WTB Disc Priest/Frost DK, one solid healer of anything but holy pally.
25m BL down in decent time.
25m Windlord at 5% in a couple pulls.

Looking for more to help knock down a few more bosses before 5.2.
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buncha nerds

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