I really dislike inquisition

1. TV
2. Judgement
3. CS
5. DS
6. Exo

Only got two full bars bind. Trying different combos to get everything bind.
I play a feral in pve, eat that.

Inquisition is fine. (Although I wish they'd make the hand glowy animation yellow instead of blue)
Honestly other classes have to balance something in PvE. Since SoT is sort of... Passive it just leaves Inquisition and HoPo. That's about it. I agree it sucks in PvP to an extent, but c'est la vie.
t takes time to figure out which keybinds work/feel best for you. It's kinda cool because everyone develops their own unique ability map over time.

this, I play with arrow keys(I still love the shock of people when they find that out)(left/right arrow is strafing and up is move forward) I use the number pad and \, ctr and shift mods, mouse wheel, and a naga to have ever single ability, and the addon clique for all mouse over utility spells
02/14/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Thermadin
this, I play with arrow keys(I still love the shock of people when they find that out)(left/right arrow is strafing and up is move forward) I use the number pad and \

I might have to mess with that - that sounds quite interesting.
02/13/2013 06:44 PMPosted by Lobster
You're nuts. Inq is obviously Shift1.

Inq is shift 1 for me too :D
Hey N00bsauce. In cata, Inq. lasted 4 seconds per holy power spent. There were perks available to stretch holy power, sure. If something procced, holy power abilities cast as though 3 holy power were up and cost no holy power, that sort of thing. So you have 3 holy power, and you want to do a damage move that costs holy power, with inquisition up? You could hit inquisition, then try to build up 3 more holy power in 12 seconds.... it can be done theoretically but if the dungeon boss stuns you for 2 seconds, you will miss out. Once in awhile it worked and sotr crit for 90k+ if the judgement buff proc'd... now sotr crits for about what my dk's autoattacks do. I'd qq about that. Also hammer of wrath seems weak, ima qq about that soon as I find the thread.
I honestly love using my keybinds, comes in handy for wen dueling, and pvp. my keybind is for hammer fo righteousness and my b for wog, wen I get inquis it probably gonna be either f or as those are pretty easy to hit with my play style lol....

but with inq, it would be def cool to just add a sparkle wen hit
You are complaining that your 30% bonus dmg and 10% crit isn't shiny enough. Is that about right?

Well OP... that's, like, your opinion.

I know right.

OP would absolutely love playing a Mage. /sarcasm

Nearly every class at this point has a mechanic like Inquisition for raiding these days. Ours is painless and it's well worth the effort of maintaining it with how much it increases our damage. IMO there's nothing to dislike.

Atleast in my case Im not complaining about its uses against raid bosses, every mechanic in WoW seems to work fine there, its while out in the world levelling or doing dailies, or clearing trash in 5 mans where it sucks a supremely big one, with low haste levels it can take almost a solid 10 seconds to get the damn thing up, and because of how much of our damage is tied to it, you spend those 10 seconds essentially wet noodling stuff so you can prepare to do proper damage, this is particularly hellish in AoE situations since ret depends SO MUCH on divine storm to do any real AoE, so on a fresh pull your looking at nearly 15 seconds before you can actually start casting DS, which is so much more of a ramp up than ANY dps spec in the game.

The buff to SoR is a minor bandaid to this problem in 5.2, but what ret really needs is a short term cooldown (30 or 60 seconds) To auto apply it or generate 3HP, or the ability to cast a 10 second or so duration somehow without being forced to open up with your regular rotation first so you can have it ready right at the start of the pull. Ynow, both things that feral druids have to make savage roar tolerable.

Seriously though, single target raid boss is NEVER where a mechanics flaws show, ever, that's target dummy stuff, the real test of a spec or abilities user friendliness and functionality is only seen in open ended content with random exposure to random numbers of low health enemies, and in those cases ret fails obscenely hard. Hell, affliction warlocks, the poster boy of the DoT playstyle, the style thats SUPPOSED to fail at that kinda thing is one of the best target swapping/solo specs in the game due to how soulburn and soulswap work, while ret is intended to be a huge armored dude swinging a 2hander, the kind of spec that isnt supposed to be all that technical/high maintenance in the first place, its all just a matter of poor design.

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