Another No Dice Victory!

While guilds like WBSH and optimus are busy fighting over who has the better 1550 achievement, No Dice is once again getting down to business.

Gratz guys, great team effort once again!

inb4 u wintraded the kill or some rubbish fueled by jealously.
you get a shell ? 15min is to long.

pls stop with these embarrassing freds. u r starting 2 make <No Dice> look dumb. this is why ur repeated applications to rejoin WBSH r being declined
Another no dice victory! GOT THEM!
02/12/2013 10:11 PMPosted by Vaelxo
Another no dice victory! GOT THEM!

this guy isnt included in anything we do normally~
^ this
I use arena's to reset my shells cool down so i can victimize people doing daily's more.

atleast people from no dice can't do that cause thats where all the Epeen comes from
I'm a little perplexed Rax. Explain for the class your thoughts on dropping thousands of gold worth of mats into enchanting your PVP weapon with Jade Spirit, yet being too cheap to drop a couple of hundred - tops - into gems.

You should buy gems. I sell gems. People who buy gems are cool. People who don't suck. You don't want to suck do you?
Jaii #1 Boomkin Oceanic, world.

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