PvP Balance & Greg Street ''Ghostcrawler''

Found this on the EU forums and figured I'd share it here.
Credit goes to Drufy on Stormscale.

Before we begin, I would like to make clear that the following things I am about to say have nothing to do with trolling, spamming something which has been said much, or anything of the like. I just want to express my opinion (and many other players', I am sure) about the PvP Balance issue regarding patch 5.1 Landfall.

I have noticed that in certain previous patches, changes which should affect only a particular class or spec were (wrongly) made so that many other classes were affected, and brought PvP a bit downhills. An example of that is that patch in Cataclysm where they just had to nerf damage and healing of Blood DKs and they just nerfed every tank, removing their ability to gain Vengeance in PvP, even though tanks such as Prot Paladins or Feral Druids never were much of a problem really. What is funny, is that in the end DKs were still able to heal to infinity, even if not as much as before, but the point is that the problem was not solved in the end.

I believe that this exact situation is happening right now with the new patch. Blizz said that they initialy wanted to nerf Shadow Priests' healing and ended up nerfing the healing of every hybrid class (such as Elemental Shamans, Boomkins, and even Rets!), thus killing and destroy them. The funny thing again, is that Shadow Priests are still cappable of doing insane off-heals etc, and are still competitive vs healers in arena. Again, they are the hybrid class healing the most. I don't mean that I want Shadow Priests to get nerfed. I mean that this whole change was made to initially lower their healing, and it ended up destroying half of the PvP Balance.

For example, I don't understand how Ret healing was nerf-worthy while healing made by Holydins was buffed. Neither do I get how a 10k HoT Rejuvenation (used to be approx. 22k) is going to help me save myself or my partner in arena, especially when I mainly get multi-critted (or killed) by warriors, locks, or mages, who can sometimes kill me in a single Deep Freeze.

After some thinking, I believe that Greg Street ''Ghostcrawler'', the guy who is in charge of the PvP Balance, acts carelessly as he buffs and nerfs classes by looking at his personal interests. I believe that since WotLK, he has showed us wow players how unable he is to sort and balance whatever he is in charge of. His uselessness on that matter has made many players quit or reroll classes, even if they were bound to their main character/class/spec. The bad thing is that the majority of players (as it is understandable after a certain point) take advantage of his mistakes, and make PvP even worse. Remember how arenas were flooded by RMP, RLS and Frost/Fire MLS back in Cataclysm? Remember how many countless people rerolled to BM Hunter, Frost Mage, Lock and Warrior at the begging of Pandaria, and some still do?

These actions ruined (and will continue to ruin) PvP, and destroyed most (if not the entire) of it's fun as well as every PvPer's mood. Some people are seriously considerating leaving wow because they believe that it will never be as good as it was in BC or Wrath, and this can be seen by the millions of subscribers that Blizz lost just by introducing the new PvP in Cata, and now in MoP.

So what I finally want to say is that in my opinion Blizzard should remind Ghostcrawler that he is just an employee, and his purpose is to satisfy Blizzard's customers. If he dtill doesn't get it, demote, or even fire/replace him, for his careless actions are destroying a huge part of the game, if not 1/2 of it. As Blizzard is a company, and we are their customers who pay not a small price to play this game, don't we deserve to enjoy this game at it's best? Or - at least - as much as possible? I understand that asking such a big thing can be even awkward, but I am sure that out there, there are many others who will agree to these points that I made.

If you agree with my points, I would be grateful if you would request sticky or even like this post so maybe someday Blizz can see this. That's all, and thanks for reading!
So what I finally want to say is that in my opinion Blizzard should remind Ghostcrawler that he is just an employee, and his purpose is to satisfy Blizzard's customers.

I don't think this is exactly the case.

His job is to help create the best possible product in alignment with the vision set forth by Blizzard.

That is not always synonymous with satisfying the customer.
I'm pretty sure as soon as he or any other employee actually does anything to jeopardize Blizzard's biggest cash cow, that individual will be dealt with swiftly, efficiently, and appropriately. And without your assistance.

What I SERIOUSLY doubt is that anyone actually in a position to do anything you are asking is that clueless.

SO utterly disconnected with the game or changes constantly made to it that they will suddenly be brought to the same conclusion just by reading this (or the original) thread, or even that they would ever need to read it.

That this is somehow a revelation they are unable to deduce through the direct contact the company shares.

"Hey, Greg- so i read a thread in the forums last night that says you're doing a bad job - is that true? WTF?"

^ is THAT what you expect to accomplish here? Lawl.... the entire world isnt 13 years old, people.
This is a simple case of entitlement. "If my gaming dollars are recieved by the company that pays your salary, then you work for me." The reality is far different. While Blizzard does an excellent job of listening to feedback, it's ultimately their decision what changes to make. Very often they have a vision of what direction the game should go that's different from yours. By virtue of ownership of the game their intent carries more weight your yours. That dosn't mean they don't listen, but it does mean that game design isn't a democracy and you don't get an equal vote.

Over the past few months, I've noticed that Ghostcrawler has been doing an excellent job of communicating the reasoning behind these class balance changes through his twitter account. I highly recomend you subscribe or at least read the weekly roundup on mmochampion.
02/12/2013 03:56 PMPosted by Satsuriku
For example, I don't understand how Ret healing was nerf-worthy

I stopped reading after this. If you can't understand why OS healing was nerfed than you're not working with a full head of mind grapes.

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