A <Siege> 8/12 ToT LF Tank

<Siege> is a progression-minded 10-man guild based on Turalyon-US. We are 8/12 in the Throne of Thunder

Currently, we are actively seeking to fill a main tanking position. This means you will participate in every raid and we expect your gear and knowledge to reflect someone who takes their craft seriously.

Key details
-Three nights a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thusday
-Raid Times: 7:20PM muster; 730PM - 11PM EST raid

What we expect from our raiders
*Have a sense of humor, we leave most topics up for grabs.
*Be an asset not a liability.
*The ability to adapt to new situations quickly.
*Have a good attitude in raids and out. Be able to wipe on progression and maintain a good attitude.
*Be willing to sit. Working hard modes, we need to min/max raid compositions. If you are sat, be available to be swapped in at short notice.

Consumables/Repairs will be provided on an "as available" basis.

Fill out an applicaton on our website or contact a member in game.

Punch and pie
Daily bump. Still looking for Holy Pally/Resto Druid
bumpity boo
wtb healer and hunter/warr dps
Bump. Recruitment needs updated. 1 healer and 1 deeps
I have scotch and cigars.
Bump. Needs updated.
I would be interested in this, but my lack of experience in heroics and terrace seems to be a turn off for a lot of guilds.
Bump. Need Tank.
Recruitment updated.
Progression updated.

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