[A] Stormstouts Army 10 Man

Bleeding Hollow
Stormstouts Army, a recent level 25 transfer guild, is looking for a few more compenent players to join our core ten man group. We have been raiding with a few PuGs since joining the server, and are currently looking for a healer with a dps offspec (a shammie would be great), a non-cloth ranged dps and a melee dps.

Since starting raiding two weeks ago, we have cleared MSV and are currently working on HoF and ToES. We are looking for folks who are willing to join a growing raiding guild (with some of the growing pains that entails) while we progress in 5.2.

Our raid times are Mon, Tue and Wed, 9:00pm EST to midnight. Some of our members are avid PvPers, and we have scheduled RBGs on the weekends and offnights.

If interested, please whisper Erdosain or Kailia in game.
BUMP for edited class requirements
Still looking for a rdps (hunter would be great) and healer with a dps offspec (shammie please).

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