World of Glory unusable with an enemy target?

So since my paladin hit 90, when trying to use Word of Glory and if I've got an enemy targeted I can't cast WoG because it tells me it's an invalid target and when an enemy is a long distance, it tells me they're out of range.

I don't have the glyph to make it deal damage either. Do I really need to make a macro for WoG or is there a talent I've misread? I don't remember it being like this in cata.


Woops, forgot to link my paladin.
Unfortunately, you do need a macro to make it work right. Here's the basic ones if you don't know how to make them:

For yourself only:
/cast [@player] Word of Glory

For a friendly target if you have one, or yourself if not:
/cast [help][@player] Word of Glory

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