Archaeology - Pandaria dig site question.

I remember reading a blue back in Cata who said that learning everything from a race would decrease the chances of seeing dig sites from them, making it easier to complete the other races. My question, is how does this apply to the MoP races?

It's more than just picking up the commons and rares of a race now. There's the collections and pristine as well. With the Mantid joining our book soon, I wonder if I'm going to see a lot of them for a while. I still need a lot of pristine and collection achievements, but I've gotten all the rares and all the commons at least once.
I'm not sure if that system is there, but if it is, it's a simple balance right now between how often you'd see Mogu or Pandaren sites. Either way, I've made good use of the lorewalker items that shuffle digsites if I'm zealously after something.

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