[H] Oozeling 3/12 First Night! T/Th 8PM-12AM

<Oozeling> (25M) is currently recruiting experienced, exceptional players to push through 5.2 and establish us on the server as one of the top-end teams.

Needs specifically as of 3/5:
Spec - Priority
Shadow Priest - High
Mage - High
Ele Shaman - High
Other Ranged - Medium
Hunters - Low
Feral Druid - Medium
Ret Paladin - Medium
Other Melee - Low
Holy Priest - Medium
Other Heals - Low
Tanks - Closed
(Always accepting exceptional applications)

Oozeling was created at the start of patch 4.3 by a group of close-knit raiders all of whom have raided together since early WotlK. We value respect above all else, and our end goal is to push end-game content and have fun doing it. And by fun, we mean a raid atmosphere without a naggy raid leader who yells at you.

Very friendly and chill raiders in an extremely organized and mature atmosphere. You will find no drama or disrespectful g-chat here.

No, seriously. There is none of that.

We are currently 3/12 Normal, in our first night. More business going down on Thursday >:)

Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 PM to Midnight.

Or anyone in guild, simply log on, /who oozeling and toss us a whisper!
Still lookin for solid ranged and heals going into 5.2!
Ranged DPS and Some heals needed for 5.2! Come kill stuff with us!
You know you had rather raid 25! Come join us for a fresh start in 5.2. Also, we have cookies.
Well, we don't actually have cookies.

Green hard candies though, we get new ones every fight!
Our your needs still the same as the list in the OP?

If you guys have a few min to Chat prior to raid tonight I'd like to talk with the RL or possibly officers about filling two of your spots. I'll log in about 4:30 pacific.. I'm in the process of finding a new raid for my brother and I prior to 5.2.
Yes, our needs are still the same. I'm currently the GL and RL, and I *believe* I can get my butt online at approximately 4:30 pacific as well, just have to cut my day short by a half hour, which is fine. You can realid me for easier contact: Rith#1500

Also can get in contact with my officers, any of which will work fine, and have my personal cell to get contact going.
Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try to contact someone as soon as I log in after work.
Also, our guild website has a chat function, so if you simply log in you can chat me up, I'll have it up for the next couple hours, hopefully I'll see you if you decide to pester me :)
Aaaaaaaand needs updated.
Needs updated again, medium priority on any ranged, and feral druid. All other low priority roles are open to apply, but tanks are closed.

Thanks for checking us out!
Lost one of our mages, switched mage priority to high!
Needs current as of 2/17!
Bump it up, check it out, app it up
Still lookin for solid applicants!
Needs updated, looking for a solid Mage and Warlock to solidify our roster for 5.2!
Aaand needs updated again, always open to exceptional apps.
Needs updated, currently in need of a solid Shadow Priest and Mage!
Bump for pro ranged dps

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