[H]<Mayhem>(25) LF Mage / Boomkin

<Mayhem>(25) Is currently looking to recruit a Mage or a Boomkin for core spot currently inHOF Progression.
- We are currently 2/6 (garalon 2% -.-) and 6/6 out of MSV (within 3 weeks of new raid group) but we're no longer raiding it due to HOF progression. <Mayhem>(25) pays for repairs, enchants & gems raid gear.
- We ask that you be 480+ and have at least 2/6 HOF XP. We're a Mature guild and like to have fun in raids, but keep it clean and focused.
- We Raid Tues, Thurs, and Sunday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Server time. Be repaired, flasked, and full of pots.

If you could link a parse or something similar of your previous raids that would be helpful.

Please post, or contact Malvicious, Domanatrix, or Eredun in game.

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