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Bad Habitz is a newly formed raid guild seeking members for progression based 10 man raiding. Looking for talented group of players with the same mindset and goals. Since we are getting a late start obviously there will be some catching up to do, however once we are on our feet and geared we will be looking towards Heroic modes. Does this mean you need heroic experience, no it does not.

A little about me, Ive played on this server since release, I use to raid in vanilla with Crescent for some of you old schoolers on this server, in TBC i joined Tupan Techno and raided with them for a bit. Then i took a break from raiding and for the past 2 expansions focused on Arena. However a couple of my arena friends and myself are looking to get back into serious raiding.

That being said im sure there are a lot of people in the same boat as us as in being good players but not having the gear / current experience needed to get into the few good raid guilds on this server atm.

As it stands now we are looking at raiding the typical T/W/Sun schedule from 7pm server to 10pm server. Obviously we can be flexible if people cant make it and we need to reschedule days, lets be honest we all like to think we have lives outside of this game.

Currently seeking

1 Mage or warlock
1 Warrior tank

Update Currently 6/6 2/6 3/4, need to fill these last spots asap with dedicated raiders.

Any questions feel free to msg me in game, shoot me mail, or respond in this thread. thanks

Also forgot to mention we are also looking for 2200+ members for arena funtimes.
Just need 3 more members for our core team Raids start next Tuesday
Looking for 1 mage still for 10 man core team

Dat mage.
Hi We might be interested in talking. Our raid us reforming our 10 man. We're currently 5/6 H, 2/6 H, and 4/4 N. However, some people have become flaky and you understand what happens when that happens. So we need to fill in some spots.

We'd like to chat with you, maybe we can form up a team?

Can get me in game as Thanaroth or another friend of mine Surrrealae.

If it's easier to chat through real id, you can reach me at: mhjanus@gmail.com

Bump. Looking for a warrior tank.

First week was not too bad. We're now 8/16. looking to throw HoF on full clear within the next week. Find me or Templlisk in game for extended questions. Or post here. Either way works.

Stilll in need of exceptional warrior tank and a mage.
bump Need to fill last spot for core team, 1 Warlock lets gooooooo

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