first time building a pc...HELP plz...

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not sure if this too much or just right to run on ultra in raids
It'll run ultra no problem, roughly the same system i have and i get 50+ pretty consistently.

If you're looking to save money you could get away with a 600W PS but I also got an 800 in case i wanted to do SLI in the future.

I'm not sure on windows 8 since it's newly released it may have some compatibility issues running older games but i have no confirmation on that. Personally i prefer windows 7 anyway.

But that would definitely run ultra just fine.
i can see that system dipping down to 25-35 fps on ultra. i personally have an i5 3570k at 4.6ghz and a 7970 @ 1100mhz and it sometimes dips down to 45fps ... of course i have shadows on ultra so that's probably why.

if you're just looking to do 10 man raids it'll definitely handle that no problem medium to high shadows.

if you're looking to raid 25 man, i'd like one or two other settings from ultra to high with a 7870 and an AMD processor (they tend to be slower than intel).

if you want to do a raid on a world boss with 40 + people on sha of anger or something, i can see that system dipping down to 15-25 fps if you have everything completely maxxed.

it's not a bad card it's just middle end not high end.

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