The Twisted shadows fall...((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Catastrokon had barely managed to free himself with the druid's timely aid when Krystala subdued the snake construct. Visibly winded, Tombclimber sassisted it's master in climbing back onto his hooves and brought his sword back. Leaning against the blade, he turned to the druid and offered his thanks. Suddenly he wished a moment's rest, but then Krystala charged after Alizar and so the group charged after him as well.

While following, the death knight converted his remaining runic power to a magic to mend his body. It did some good, but as the heroes came to a halt, so did the healing. He crouched low as the Darkwraith activated his construct, and glowered as the news of Project Midnight registered.

"You won't live long enough to reap any reward for this. We're going to kill you, you won't even have a burial when we're done."


Before he could draw up his second wind and lash out a second time, the battle was over. Alisa began another sting of nonsense, and seemed to be channeling magic for a grand attack. But then the unexpected happened. Alisa was struck down by the preistess, her holy blade cutting the woman down and silencing her finally. The demonic proxy sagged a bit, fatigued and drained as the target now lay dead. Rhaluzzian drew up more power to push on, but nearly toppled as the fortress shook violently.

The group shoved on, but not before Rhaluzzian incinerated the body of Alisa Darkwraith, scouring the stone floor clean of any trace of her body. Warlock paranoia stated she could have stored her soul, and he had to deny her the chance of springing back to life. He joined the group and was dumbfounded at the sight. A construct of unbelievable magnitude was on the move. He was jolted from his stunned silence by Shinaria's next orders.

The flying constructs made him a little leary, but he didn't see many other alternatives. He released a part of his transformation, shrinking back to a robed warlock again, with a pair a large wings sprouting up from his back. His wounds had reopened but he ignored the stinging sensation of bleeding again. Picking one of the flyers, he conjured up bolts of shadow magic to act as reigns as he sat on it's back. "Let's go, I might have a few ideas how to destroy that thing."
The battle may only have lasted a brace of heartbeats, but for Peregrine it could have been an hour. She tried to protect her vulnerable points from the evil witches' dagger as best she could, avoiding all damage was impossible. Alisa was simply too fast. She was steadily losing ground when the "sane" warlock let loose a plague of insects and a series of bolts of fel energy. It bought her a moment to reset her guard and collect herself. Now's not the time to be choosey, girl., she thought.

A well placed bolt of demonic power sent Alisa sprawling, and Peregrine saw her opening. "Come on, vomit woman! Strike me! You've said yourself, I'm a talentless fool. Yet you have not been able to defeat me! Are you even less talented than I?", she smiled grimly under her helm and began murmuring the words her uncle taught her. She fervently hoped that the magical glow her shield took on would escape Alisa's notice. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out against this. This better work and work well.

She braced herself to the powerful spell that was sure to come and the unexpected happened. Shinaria had stirred and used the last reserves of her energy to hurl her sword right through Alisa's body. As the evil sorceress collapsed to the ground, Peregrine relaxed for a moment.

She turned to Rhaluzzian and said quietly, "Thanks. Couldn't have held out much longer without your help." She admitted it reluctantly, both because it was hard to admit she needed help and it was harder still to acknowledge where that help had come from. She let her eyes linger a moment as traces of demonic energy flickered along the warlock's body. You may pay a price in blood and sweat, but others may pay an even higher price. Don't forget that.

As Shinaria finished off Alisa, Peregrine walked to her and pushed her helm up on top of her head, saying, "That wasn't necessary you know. I had her right where I wanted her." She tapped her shield as the last of the magical energy dissipated. She gave Shinaria a little smile, to emphasize the jest and watched as Kal'Theron started to recover.

"And you, Sir Blood Knight, seem to have perfected the tactic of skidding away from the enemy on the floor. Well done, sir.", She chuckled. "I know the Blood Knights seek to cleanse Azeroth of evil wherever they find it. That certainly is a new way." She quirked an eyebrow with a meaningful glance at the now clean floor.

She had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when the whole building shook. Project Midnight was about to be completed. Almost without thought, she followed the Holy Jailor's orders and leapt to one of the flyers. Colder and harder than a dragonhawk or gryphon, the thing did seem to respond to her commands and she followed the others towards Project Midnight.
Lineron stabbed his runeblade into the floor then placed his hands on his hips as the hydra disintegrated. "These fools don't even have the decency of making a construct that can resurrected so I can raise it and use it against them! The nerve of some people!" He pulled his runeblade from the ground then shouldered it, following the rest of the group. When they finally arrived to Alizar's room, Lineron stabbed his runeblade into the floor again then leaned on it while smiling and waving at Alizar. When the room started shaking violently he tried to keep himself up while holding onto his runeblade. When the room stopped moving he pulled his runeblade out from the floor and twirled it in his hand. "Such a waste of Titan technology. So many other uses and it had to be wasted on this wretch...." He said to Krystala. He pointed his runeblade towards Alizar and put on a insane smile. "I will enjoy making you into a puss-filled corpse, mate! I will use my best plagues on you!" When the Shadow Jesters and Dark Thanes started coming out of the dark stone, Bonereaper charged towards a Dark Thane screeching at it. Lineron threw a dark orb of unholy energy at him, causing him to grow into his abomination form and plow right into the Dark Thane.

"Death waits for no man!" Lineron shouted then ran towards a Dark Thane, blocking its two-handed axe with his runeblade then pushed it back. When the Dark Thane tried to swipe from the side, Lineron used his runeblade to hook into the crescent shape on its axe and threw it out of its hands then quickly returned with slicing off its arm and stabbing its head. He pulled his runeblade from the Thanes head and twirled it in his hand once again. "Pathetic...." He mumbled to himself. A Shadow Jester pounced on him from behind, stabbing into his shoulder blades. Lineron rolled over so that he was on top of it and gripped its arms, tearing them off. "WRETCH!" He yelled getting up and cracking his shoulders. "Its been awhile sense I felt a blade seep into my flesh.....I remember how annoying it is."

Daenith fell over when the fortress started to shake violently. "What in the name of the Nether is going on?!" She said as the it shook. When the shaking subsided she ran up to the balcony and saw the giant construct walking along the beach. "Oh. Freaking. Boy. Shinaria dear, do you care if I burn there corpses? So I can send to the Twisting Nether to burn for all eternity." After she said that she noticed that Rhaz had burned Alisa's corpse. "Oh, too late. May her soul burn in the Nether for all eternity. And when I pass from this world....again. May I be the one to make her suffer. Preferably with more fire." Daenith made her wings go back into her back as she turned back into her mortal form then walked towards the fling constructs. When one glared at her Daenith's eyes flared green and she growled demonically. The construct's head lowered and it whimpered as Daenith climbed onto its back. Jaktip crawled onto its head and stared at Daenith who rolled her eyes at him. "Oh fine, you little wretch. Thanks you for saving me from that wench." Jaktip smiled evilly then chuckled and climbed onto her shoulder and held on tight as Daenith flew with the group towards the construct.
"Your defiance is cute, Krystala...I guess that comes with that childish little body you have. But think you've won...but you are wrong. You see...I happen to have this." Alizar reached into his robes and pulled out a bright, sapphire blue looking key "And what will activate Project Midnight....and soon, the WHOLE WORLD SHALL KNOW THE TRUE MEANING...OF INSANITY!"

Krystala ran to stop Alizar, but she didn't make it. He placed the strange key into a hole in the temple and turned. "Titan's amazing. So powerful, so exceeds mortal see, Project Midnight is not exactly a's a construct."

Bryah's mind raced to understand what he was saying. "A construct? Larger than Uld—” She was cut off mid thought as the ground they were standing on started to shake. Something dark and shadowy grabbed at her ankle and Bryah was about to shake it off when she realised the shadow was holding her on the platform of the temple.

Barely had the temple stopped shaking, the violent nature being replaced by a steady thud thud thud, as the construct had risen itself, and them to it full height, high enough that Bryah was starting to worry about clouds blinding their vision, and began to walk. “What on Azeroth? We're on top of a giant construct?” Her next sentence was again cut off when more jesters and dark thanes flooded into each part of the temple. She rolled her eyes and groaned. “Here we go again.”
Adrian stood as the serpent withered and died. He grinned and gingerly reloaded his rifle and prepared another few explosive charges. He followed Krystala ahead so they could finally end this.

Seeing Alizar, Adrian figured that his significant other had been killed. The broken pendant and his pained eyes. He sniffed sharply and pursed his lips. He didn't much care for the pair. Adrian listened as he and Krystala exchanged words. He hoisted his rifle up and began scanning the area, waiting to just end this. As he did this, the building began shaking violently, sending Adrian stumbling and falling to a knee. He continued to try and gain his balance as the building began to move, revealing itself to be a massive construct.

Things steadied as the construct began moving. It went south, and just as soon as it started, Thanes and Jesters began funneling in to their room. The Marksman took up arms and began, one by one, dispatching of Jesters. He kept them distracted, "what are we going to do now?" he shouted to Krystala.
Sammuroth had followed closely behind Krystala, but neither of them could stop Alizar from activating his construct, "Titan technology huh, well now that's inconvenient." He non chalantly avoided a Jester as it tried to pounce on him, he kicked it with his hind leg sending it flying of the top of the construct. Looking around he saw that he was surrounded by the Jesters, "You guys again, can't they send something else, I am really starting to get annoyed with you constructs." As he finished his eyes took on a reddish glow, and his fur stood on end, his voice became a deep growl, "If you thought me in my Berserk state was bad enough, then how about you try me when I am in control of it." He leaped at the nearest Jester his enhance strength from his Berserk state caused him to plow into it with the force of a falling tree, shattering it instantly. The other Jesters needed no prodding as they came at him, Sammuroth swiped them away like chaff, he took some cuts, but he had also made his skin as hard as tree bark, so the cuts could barely be considered scratches. The cat was a ball of fury as part of the Jesters began flying all over the place, having been ripped off by the Berserk cat, he still had his intelligence though, and he avoided as many attacks as he could.

Finally his battle slowed down corpses of the Jesters beginning to fade from existence, there were still many more, but that was how the cat wanted it. He smiled in satisfaction, "Come, I know you do not know fear, but you will experience your end all the same," he crouched, and prepared for the second round.
Krystala 'n' Co.

"What are we going to do now?" Krystala heard Adrian shout over the battle. It was a good question with not a lot of answers. She cut down three Jesters in quick succession, and looked up at Alizar, who stood there smirking at the group. The construct was slow, that she was thankful for, at least they'd have enough time to do some serious damage before it reached anywhere important. However that also gave Alizar enough time to either destroy or toy with the group.

Kry's grip on her sword tightened in fustration "Fight! Show them no mercy! Don't even give them an inch!"

Shinaria 'n' Co.

Shin had to narrow her gaze as the harsh cold wind lashed at her face. The construct flyers were a big wobbly, but other than that they seemed to be getting the job done as far as taking them to Project Midnight goes. The thing was huge...massive...she began to wonder how the Darkwrath's even managed to build something of that scale. She shook it out of her head, it wasn't the time.

The group would have gotten closer and closer to their goal, the flyers reaching towards the large platform on top of the construct's head. Shinaria had to time this false move and she'd simply fall to her death. She counted to three...




She leaped off the flyer, landing in a roll onto the platform. The jailor heard a heavy 'clank!' near her and saw that Kal'tharon had joined her. Good, the others shouldn't have any problem getting on then. With that hurdle out of the way, she would have lead the group inside, where she was greeted by the sight of a battle, or the remains of one.

The numbers of the Thanes and Jesters would have been thinned, enough time for Shinaria and the others to help finish up the job.


The Jesters and Thanes suddenly stopped attacking, leaping away and sinking into the dark stone. Shin's eyes looked towards the voice that spoke with such cold amusement. There stood Alizar Darkwrath, she was finally able to see the dark 'mastermind' behind all of these dark and cruel creations.

Alizar stared at Shinaria's group with a psycho smile "So it seems my wife's killers have that you're all here, I can finally deal with you all at once.." The man reached up to the dies that held his robes in place " asked me is it that me and Alisa lived for thousands of years? We should have been dead from old age by now...well...after a long time of consideration, I think I'm ready to answer that question."

Krystala's eyes narrowed, lowering herself into a combat stance, clicking her tongue at the others to be ready for anything. Alizar removed the ties, pulling off his robes to reveal his bare chest, covered in runes and strange stitch like scars. He wore long black pants and soft black shoes, his arms were bare, the Witch knew there was something wrong here...

"You see...little one...this stone that we've carved all of out weapons, constructs and armor out has many 'mystic' and Alisa drained our blood and replaced it with the liquid version of this stone, and thus, this gives us Black blood."

Shinaria's eyes winded, she remembered Alisa's blood on her sword, how it was pitch black..could the really?..

Alizar began to growl, muttering dark spells of power under his breath. The room began to shake, the man's runes began to glow, certain parts of his body suddenly began to bulge. The sight almost made Shinaria sick, but she stood firm and waited for what ever Alizar was planning, thought she noticed Kal taking a step forward near his little sister, ready to defend her with his life if he had to.

Suddenly, spikes grew out of Alizar's arms, horns shot out of his head. His skin suddenly began to turn black with color as he continued to chant so rapidly that he began to foam at the mouth. With a sickening sound, two large black wings shot out of his back, his fingers turning into claws. "NOW!...YOU SHALL ALL SUFFER FOR TRESS PASSING HERE!"


With a sudden burst of shadow energy that was as strong as gust of wind, Alizar landed on the floor, the man finally looking up at the group. His face had changed; purple eyes wide, his mouth with large triangle like teeth upturned into a crazed grin. He stood, extending his head outwards towards the group. At firs, Shinaria thought he was about to launch an attack on them, but no...from the black stone, purple sparks of dark energy began to crackle. A sword in it's sheath began to rise, the hilt etched with runes along with a purple gem gleaming at the top. Alizar took this sword and pulled it free from it's holder revealing a strange black blade, curved in specific areas along with the tip, with a disc and a purple rune in the middle.

Testing the weight of the blade in his hand, Alizar let out a dark chuckle "Right then...first order of busniess...avenging my beloved wife..." He vanished from view, Shinaria quickly looking up to find him attempting to land a crushing blow upon her head. The Jailor dived out of the way, the blade just missing her and shattering the ground where she had been only moments ago.

Skidding to a halt, Shinaria quickly murmured a few spells under her breath and sent a bolt of holy lightning towards the man; if he could be even classified as one anymore. It struck, Alizar growling angrily in pain. Krystala rolled between his legs, taking her sword and swiping it against his feet. Alizar growled again, but seemed rather unscathed by the attack. Taking his sword, he made and upper cut swing at the girl, who raised her blade and was thrown back when she parried it. She was fine though, she landed on her feet at a safe distance "Unleash everything you can upon him!" She shouted at the group.

Shinaria quickly look for the warlock who said he could possibly shut down the construct "Rhaz, get over to the device and see what you can do. Take who ever you feel can help you shut down the construct. We will keep him busy for as long as we can!" She summoned up one of her chains and threw it towards Alizar, wrapping it around his sword arm to keep it from moving. He struggled against it, Shinaria had greatly underestimated his strength, trying to keep her footing on the smooth stone.

Catastrokon held his own against the Jokers and Thanes while they lasted, perplexe when they retreat into the form of the massive construct. The others had returned to them, and the death knight chuckled as a demonic metor slammed into the deck. Rhaluzzian had a knack for entrances, but seemed a little weaker than when he last saw him. No matter, warlocks were notorious for deception.

Alizar made his maddening statements and transformed, leaving Catastrokon pondering. Even if they killed him, what of this black stone? Well, best to wait on that, they had to kill the madman first. His first attack was too fast to track, but he paused as Shinaria counterattacked, and Catastrokon wouldn't waste the oppertunity. He charged in, switching sword for axe in the close quarters, intending fully to decapitate the man in one stroke.

But the lumbering draenei could not overcome his own bulky body, missing Alizar and almost barreling into the Preistess. He snarlled, being wide open as he tried to turn and find his target again.

Rhaluzzian meanwhile wasted no time following the Preistess' direction. He went to the control panel and examined it breifly. "Warrior, cover my flank! This requires my full concentration." He reconfigured a few buttons and knobs, recalling all the instances of Titan technology he had witnessed. The Darkwraths, like the Mogu, found a way to control it. Rhaluzzian could do the same. But not in so short a time. He opened the panel roughly, rearranging and reconfiguring things he recognized. Manufacturing circuits. Power distrobution.

He found what he wanted and two hatches opened on wither side of him. From the circular holes he pulled up two pillars, each containing delcate looking crystal matrices. He rammed his fists into them, howling at the excurciating pain of the raw energy burning through his hands. But through these conduits, he forced his raw fel power into the controls. Infecting the massive construct's systems, wresting control as his body burned. Flesh was replaced with crackling green energy, and from the floor behind him a circle opened int he floor, and from it rose a reaver. Like the fel reavers of Hellfire, this one was built entirely from his memory, of suitable scale to assist in fighting Alizar.

More arose from the room, and three total cracked their knuckles and rushed from Alizar. "Fight you fools! I can't make them fast enough and shut this monster down!" With his token assistance provided, he forced his corruption further into into the construct, wearing it's internal mechanics. Such a massive machien needed constant repairs, and he attacked it's self repair system like a virus. Using those very systems to start building more reavers and send them up to fight. Now he just needed to find the right weak link to bring it down.
Bryah took deep breath and lined up a shot at a thane. Before she was able to fire, a loud male voice yelled "Enough!" and the thane sank back into the stonework it had come from. “What the –?” Of course, she should have known. Alizar Darkwrath stood before them.

She tuned out most of what Alizar was saying as he seemed to be talking mainly to Krystala, but she did pay attention to his words of how he had replaced his blood with a liquid version of the black stone. It was almost sickening, he was proud of turning himself into an abomination.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the room began to shake and Alizar started changing in front of the group, As she watched in a sick fascination the man's body bulged as he changed, taking the form of a … demon? He looked like the demon form some warlocks could turn themselves into but different, more menacing.

Bryah's hands readied her crossbow without her realising it as she watched him form a sword out of the stone. He attempted a huge blow to Shinaria but she was able to get out of the way and the sword smashed onto the floor. The huntress aimed at Alizar's sword shoulder, hoping to weaken it enough for him to drop the massive weapon, and fired.

A mechanical noise, like a scream, from behind her distracted Bryah anddrew her attention away from the fight for a moment. Behind her, a mechanical construct similar to a fel reaver appeared. Instead of targeting the group, the reaver headed straight for Alizar! She moved back as more of the constructs appeared and joined the fight. Soon Bryah was having to aim very carefully to avoid hitting the constructs.
Sammuroth had never much been one for ganging up on a single opponent, preferring to face his enemy one on one, no matter how evil, or powerful they might be. This time was an exception, with the very world of Azeroth at stake the druid couldn't afford such sentimentalities. Alizar had to be stopped, and he was indeed powerful having to focus on so many opponents, was an opportunity the druid couldn't afford to pass up. A plan formed in his mind as the warlocks constructs began to attack Alizar, the cat stealthed, fading from view. Creeping up to Bryah he whispered, "Keep him occupied, I am going to try, and hit him hard, and hope to cause enough damage to make him easier to defeat." Assuming the ranger didn't plan on stopping her barrage anyway, the druid creapt through the battlefield, dodging around constructs, and any attacks Alizar sent out. Though the constructs were strong Alizar seemed to be stronger as he ehld them off, but for the druid they nothing more than big moving target dummies. Combined with Bryah's continuous stream of attacks, Alizar Darkwrath was swamped trying to defend himself, the druid waited at a perfect distance to pounce onto the man.

Finally an opportunity presented itself as Alizarflung his arm up to defend against an attack, the druid pounced, latching his claws into the man's chest. Alizar roared in pain, and exposed his neck, and the cat bit down, he could taste the unnatural black blood of the man, and it felt more than wrong. The druid felt Alizar stab his sword into his side, eliciting a growl of pain, the blow still forced the cat to clacken his grip, and Alizar took the opportunity to throw the cat away. Sammuroth flew through the air landing nearby Bryah, blood pouring from his wound, he did his best to stay awake, but it was difficult, but he didn't plan on dying here today, he may have taken a heavy blow, but he hoped he delivered an equally heavy blow to Alizar, and that the others could use that to finish him off.
Daenith was flying through the sk on the flying construct, following the rest of the group. 'Death from above? I think so...' She thought to herself with a smirk. She stood up on her fler then let her bod weight propel her down towards the enormous construct. A pair of demonic wings sprung from her back and she used them to float her way down onto the platform. Lineron ripped the arms off a Jester then turned to see his sister and waved at her with the Jesters arms. "HI DAE! You kill the wench?" Daenith walked over to her brother, and incinerated a Jester that tried to pounce on her. She stopped in front of her brother and scowled at him. "What?" Daenith quickly slapped him in his face. "Wha-" Before he could get anything else in she put her arms around him and pulled him into a hug.
"If you end up dying on me, I drag your soul back into the world of the living just so I can throw you back in there again." Lineron raised a eyebrow then patted her back.
"Yeah, yeah I know. Know lets kill the wench's coward of a husband yeah?" She stepped back from him and twirled her staff in her hands and turned towards Alizar.

"I will go first, COVER ME!" Lineron charged towards Alizar with his Runeblade held high while Daenith and Jaktip threw orbs of fel fire at Alizar. He saw the cat jump onto Alizar's chest, then get stabbed in the side by his sword. 'That is what armor is for, mate.' He thought then charged in quickly to do his share of the damage. "Come on, wretch! COME ON! IM RIGHT HERE!" Alizar growled then slashed his sword down towards him. Lineron parried it with his Runeblade, going down to one knee as he tried to not be harmed by his blade. "Daenith.....LITTLE HELP!" Daenith's wings popped up from behind her back and she flapped them to launch towards Lineron. When she landed her eyes glowed bright purple as she took a deep breath. A dark phantasmal head of a pit lord formed in front of her as she unleashed her breath and a cascade of shadow flame started burning Alizar. Alizar growled in pain and glared at Daenith as he was being pelted with shadow flame. In doing so, he had weakened and Lineron pushed up with all his might, causing Alizar to be wide open in the front. Daenith stopped the breath and Lineron stood back up and quickly used Alizar's moment of weakness to stab right into his stomach. "SUFFER!" Lineron's unholy rune's flashed and injected Alizar with a dose of Lineron's deadliest plagues. Daenith put a arm around her brother then used her wings to jump backwards, landing with the rest of the group. "HOPE THAT HURT YOU WRETCH!"
"Warrior, cover my flank! This requires my full concentration.", the warlock commanded.

Hells, what am I a doorman? she grumbled a little to herself, but quickly silenced the doubts. Everyone needed to do their part, regardless of the glory to be had or not and so she kept quiet. She trotted over to where the warlock began to work the dials and knobs of the control panel. Somehow he must have understood what they all did and had some kind of plan to shut the thing down.

She settled into a guard stance, interposing herself between Rhaluzzian and Alizar. She brought her shield up and braced herself in case the evil warlock sought to cast a spell. And so she stood, weight on the balls of her feet, shield raised and blade at the ready.

"Do your work warlock. Anything that comes this way, spell or construct, I will deal with." She kept her voice level and her eyes on Alizar.
Adrian shrugged. All they could do now was stay alive to keep going. He turned and drilled a jester in the chest with two quick shots, and a third to the head. He continued this, moving from one to the next. Swiveling to fire on a jester, he was only able to get one shot off before realizing his magazine was empty. He cursed as the jester closed the distance.

Ducking a swipe of an ax, Adrian rammed the butt of his rifle into the jesters head over and over, taking it to the ground and bashing its head in. He grabbed the ax and used his entire body's weight to swing it at the next jester, cleaving deeply into its skull. Drawing his revolver, he quickly pumped three shots into the next jester, giving him the moment he needed to reload his rifle and gain some space.

Glancing over every few moments, he saw Alizar changing forms into a demonic shape. Wings, horns, spikes. The whole deal. He let out another string of curses as he focused on the jesters. He wouldn't be much effective against Alizar.

But an idea clicked. Maybe give them a moment of advantage? He pondered as he killed another jester and moved backwards, closer to Alizar.

"Hey, guys, cover your eyes a second I want to try something." he pulled out a flash grenade, yanked the pin out, turned and whipped it at the Demon's face, it struck his chest, but if it would work, the grenade would momentarily blind and deafen Alizar for a much needed opening.
Arthien smiled as the rest of the group engaged the now angered Alizar, giving her plenty of time. She rolled up the right sleeve of her robe, revealing the elaborate green inked tattoo's that ran along her arm, she raised her left hand to her mouth and pierced the skin of her thumb with her canines, causing a small amount of blood to flow. She dragged her left thumb across one area of her tattoo's, the blood seemed to expand filling into each of the demonic characters engraved on her skin. Arthien knelt down and placed her right hand on the cold stone floor, calling out a name "Jakrot!" a summoning circle appeared around her hand crackling with energy, as she lifted her hand a small imp appeared, cackling happily, however before it had the chance to move any further, her hand came back down, and grabbed the demon by the head.

"Let go of me you crazy b****!" the imp yelled, muffled slightly by her hand Time to see if this spell truly works. she thought, before calling out another word in the demonic tongue "Sacrifice!" another set of her tattoo's began to glow and pulse, the imp continued to struggle, his shrieks still muffled by Arthien's hand, as the pulses began to quicken the demons struggled less, until he ceased moving entirely, and he hung limp in her hand. Arthien breathed deeply feeling the energy in the imp course through her, strengthening her, with a swift motion she drew her dagger and slit the demon's throat before dropping the limp body to the floor, bright green blood pooling around it.

"Now I am ready to fight." she said aloud, placing her fingers in the fel blood, muttering an incantation, the blood began to move towards her, inching up her arm and shaping itself into a spiked gauntlet of sorts. She smiled appearing happy with the fel green hand she now had. "Now show this fool, why he should not have given up his blood so willingly." she reached into her bag and pulled out one of the vials of blood she had gathered in the entryway, smashing it into the ground.

She began muttering an incantation, a portion of the blood rose up shaping itself into a ten crimson spikes "Agar Karaske!" she yelled jabbing her gauntleted hand toward Alizar, the crimson spikes, and six green spikes flew towards Alizar's hulking form, Arthien hoped that in the confusion caused by the rifleman her attack would find it's mark, if not, well she still had several vials to go.
Alizar was hammered pretty hard. He stood there, his sword restrained by the Priestess, who narrowly avoided the Draenei stumbling into her, he growled. "How is this happening...?" He thought as he was struck by Arthien's magic "Their attacks...organized...powerful..". Kal'tharon rushed up to the man, his blade glowing with light. He swept is katana in an uppercut, cutting the man right under the chin "I was at the height of my strength in this form and I'm LOSING....this cannot continue...I must act...I must act NOW!".

The man growled, his body beginning to crackle. Under his muttered "Shadow...Puppet." His shadow suddenly burst into life, molding and forming, taking a physical form. It had a stick like body, eight inches wide. It's arms were as long as Alizar's wing span, each tipped with five deadly claws. Spikes grew from it's back...and it was all finished off with a round, eyeless black head.

"WooooooooPPPEEEEE!" The Puppet screeched, turning to face the Shinaria. Shinaria had seen the spell used by Krystala before, and figured Alizar must have been the one to teach it to her. It's hand shot out, striking her right in the stomach. It's natural strength knocked the wind straight out of the woman, and made her lose her footing. Alizar too this opportunity to mutter a spell under his breath that broke her chain, and causing her to stagger again.

The Puppet then lashed out once more, striking her again, and sending her reeling back and onto the floor. Luckly, she had managed to use the momentum to roll onto her feet, but her hands went to her stomach, where she coughed up some saliva and struggled to catch her breath. Kal came next, the Paladin striking Alizar three times across his already injured chest. The man roared, swinging his dark blade to cleave him. Kal raised his own blade to block it as it sent him sliding into a near by wall.

"I'm growing SICK of this nonsense!" He shouted, whirling around to face the reavers that the male warlock had made. With his puppet, he ruthlessly cut down the constructs with frightening ease, his blade cutting through their stone frames as if they were made of nothing but butter. He looked for his next target, and found the Draenei Death Knight, one of the groups more sturdier fighters. He slammed his foot into the ground to create a giant pillar of the black stone before sending it towards the man, he then created three more to minimize the Death Knights chance of escape.

He then turned to the ranged fighters, starting with the Huntress and running straight for her, his Shadow puppet more focused the marksman, Adrian, which it lashed out to wrap it's long clawed fingers around and toss him aside as if he were nothing but a rag doll. When Alizar reached Bryah, he used the flat side of his blade to smash her to the right, which would have been enough to injury her. Next came the two female warlocks, starting with Arthien. He threw one of his clawed hands in her direction, his puppet mimicking him, only it's arm extended out and grabbed the woman and pulled her forward.

Taking a stance, Alizar waited for her to come close before slamming his blade into the ground, taking both of his hands, and striking her chest and stomach with both of his palms. This combined with another spell would have been enough to hurl the woman back in the direction of Shinaria, who was starting to get up, and send them both tumbling to the floor. Next was The two Dead elves, Lin and his sister. He started with Lineron, seeing as he seemed to be the one he'd considered would have to take a substantial amount of damage to put him out of the picture for a while. He did the same thing he did with Arthien and use it on Lin, pulling him forward.

This time, he'd grab the man by the neck, grinning wildly at him "You will soon know torment, you little insect." He'd take the man and slam him into the ground, cracking the black stone beneath the Death Knight. He didn't stop there, he did it a second time, causing it to become a very small, but noticeable creator. He'd remove his hand and then raise his foot to stomp on Lin, making the creator deeper "Hand enough yet?!" He'd shout, leaping into the air "A LITTLE MORE?!" He'd land right on top of Lin, causing the creator to grow even larger and deeper. That should keep him out of the picture for now, Alizar walking out of the creator, chuckling as he turned to face his next target, Lin's sister.

In a sudden burst of shadow, he'd appear in front of the woman and tower over her, where he would have back handed the undead elf straight into a wall. Not giving her a chance to recover, he'd surge forward and slam her against it. He wasn't planning to kill them, no...not yet, he wanted them to suffer for the things they had done. Picking up the woman and tossing her aside, he turned to the Druid cat, who was already bleeding. It was no matter what happened to him, he'd die at some point anyway.

He then turned to Peregrine, and his grin widened. His hand extended towards his blade, which flew from the ground and into his hand, and would begin to walk towards her "The Talentless fool....the one who doesn't need magic to fight her foes...her elven blade is all that's needed. In a way, I admire your and the Huntress and the Marksman..." As he slowly walked towards her, he placed the flat side of the blade in his left hand "You came here with little magic...and yet you managed to kill many of my creations...and my subjects...that made you three just as a threat as the rest...I wonder how I should kill you."

Alizar looked up, getting closer and closer to the woman "Should I place a burning lump of metal down your throat? Shall I stick you in an Iron Maiden with another group member? Shall I stretch you until your muscles snap and your skin tears? Shall I cut you open and reorganize your organs while your still awake? Oh the choices are endless....but for now." He twirled his blade "I shall leave you to bleed, until I figure out what to do with that warlock up there..."

With that, he charged, his blade to stab the sharp edge of his sword into her stomach, but someone got in the way. Kal stepped in front of Peregrine, not about to let a member of his race die so easily, along with trying to get close enough to land a devistating blow. He took the stab, sliding back into the woman, and grinned "You're a fool...Alizar..."

Alizar's eyes narrowed, he figured he had dealt with the Paladin, but it seems obvious the man was to stubborn to be injured so easily. Kal reached off and pulled off his helm, tossing it aside and raising his blade with his right hand as his left reached to grab blade of the sword "It doesn't matter if once can use magic or not, it hardly fact I was told once that power is not depends on the strength of one's spirit..."

He gestured to the others that had fallen injured around them "Look around you...besides all the horrors and death you and your wench of a wife threw in front of them...they kept on marching...I saw Shinaria throw up, not out of fear, but of anger and do not scare us, Alizar, you do not strike the fear into the hearts of those who have a stronger spirit than fact the only one that is afraid you."

Alizar growled "Pathetic, how could you even--" "It's true, isn't it though?!" Kal interrupted, his blade's runes glowing brighter with holy light "You fear your own undoing! You fear tried so many methods to become stronger to prevent such a thing from happening, even sacrificing your own blood just for the sake of power!"

"Shut up you little--"

"ADMIT IT! It was FEAR that fueled your insanity, it was FEAR that made you do these felt that if you torture others, it would make you feel more powerful, the thirst for killing suppressed that fear! And now that we came, you saw that we weren't going to die as easily as everyone else you killed!" Kal'tharon grinned, raising his blade "The only Talentless fool YOU!"

He stabbed the blade into Alizar's chest, causing him to scream in pain. With Kal still impaled, he took his sword and threw the Paladin aside, sending him straight into a wall, where he slid to the floor, grasping his wound. Alizar pulled out the sword, his black blood dripping from the blade. He tossed it aside and focused on Peregrine, rage boiling in his wide purple eyes "Out of my way, wentch!" He'd raise his blade and deliver a powerful swing to knock the woman to the side, sending her in the same direction as Kal, only a bit further away from him.

With the rest of the group out of the picture, he turned to focus on the warlock, more reavers rising to defend their master. Alizar roared, running and cutting down any reaver that dared stand in his way...however he forgot one person.

Alizar had gotten close to Rhal, raising his blade to deliver a killing blow. However before he would have been able to strike, a small but shadowy figure stopped him. Krystala had taken the time Alizar was distracted to take her shadow form, two black feathered wings made of the same shadow magic spread from her shoulders. Her katana, glowing with purple runes, gave off an eerie glow.

"Out of my way, Witch." Alizar warned, raising his blade. "Never." With that, she surged forward, barking a words of power to deliver a powerful blow to his stomach. Alizar flew backwards towards the exit, the man having to create a pillar of black stone to stop him. He staggered to his feet growling.

Krystala was still moving however, the girl running with enhanced speed towards the man before hurling herself into the man's chest. The black pillar shattered, and the two of them flew off the platform of Project Midnight. The two fell, two winged fighters grappling in the air. Alizar swung his sword at the girl, but Krystala dodged every attack, stabbing him with her sword time and time again.

The man's stone feathers flew around her as she continued to hammer him in the air as they continued to fall. However, time was running short as Krystala saw the ground rushing up to meet them. With this in mind, Krystala began to rapidly chant words of power under her breath. Her blade began to shudder and shake, her runes glowing brighter and brighter by the moment. Soon her blade was fully charged with shadow magic, and the girl leaped off the man and hurled the sword at him like a spear.

It struck him like a canon ball, a purple projectile striking him and sending him plummeting to the ground. While Alizar landed with a small explosion of shadow magic, Kry used her wings to land safely onto the snowy ground, her hands reaching up to remove her cloak as her shadow form faded. Alizar's sword landed next to her, the purple rune on the disc in the middle pulsing.

Kry gave it a look over before turning her attention back to the creator that Alizar made when he fell. She waited, the construct VERY slowly stopped along behind her, waiting for the man to emerge. He finally did, a normal elven hand reaching up and grasping the snow covered ground to pull himself up, her blade still stuck into the left side of his chest, which he pulled out with his right hand and wielded it "You...little....PIECE OF SH**!" He shouted, pointing the sword at her "You...BETRAYED ME....I MADE YOU INTO A WEAPON OF DARKNESS...HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!"

" didn't make me into a weapon.." Krystala said, walking over and reaching her small hand to grasp the hilt of Alizar's large blade "You made me into a monster." She looked at him with a calm and collective stare, Alizar just stared back with a look of shock and disbelief. Finally, he shook his head rapidly and shouted "FINE! FINISH IT! FINISH ME YOU BASTARD!"

"Gladly..." Kry pulled the sword from the ground, and was surprised how light it was. It was as light as a kite shield, even her small child like arms could lift this with little difficulty at all. She didn't pay much mind to it, however, and focused on the task at hand. Lining up Alizar, she charged at him, grasping the blade with both hands. Alizar attempted to swipe her own weapon at her, but she ducked under it and made a over head sweep to cut off Alizar's right arm.

He screamed in pain, staggering as his arm fell to the ground. The girl then turned, swiping the blade behind his knees to separate them. Black blood flew as Alizar fell to the ground, his left hand reaching up as if trying to stop the girl as she approchaed slowly. He attempted to scramble back, the look of utter horror in his eyes "How could you remain so calm!? HOW CAN YOU REMAIN SO COLLECTIVE! YOU BASTARD, TRAITOR, I'LL KILL YOU!"

Kry reached him, and stood over him " for the years of torment you put me through..." She raised the blade as high as she could, even which the tip of the blade touched his chest, and them drove it straight through. Black blood spurted from the man like a fountain, his screams almost painful to her ears. He flailed and he squirmed, blood flowing from his mouth. Kry gave the sword another shove before the man finally laid still.

And so was the end of Alizar Darkwrath.

((3/4. I really suck at counting. Don't judge me.))
Kry stared at the mans body for a few moments, wondering what she would do not that both of her masters were dead. For a strange reason, she felt...relieved. Like weight was lifted off her shoulders that had been constantly been a bother to her...gone.

He looked at the sword that stuck out of the man's chest, and an idea came to her. She knew exactly who to give the sword to...

Walking back to collect her katana and cloak, she walked back over to the sword. Sliding her katana away, she summoned the sword's sheath from the void where it came from and pulled the blade from Alizar's dead body. As she watched, the man's body suddenly began to decay in front of her eyes...must have been the after effects of having black blood. Shaking off the blade, Kry slid the sword back into it's sheath and wrapped her cloak around it before finally strapping it to her back.

The Witch stared up at the construct, which was still slowly moved along. She was surprised it hadn't left the island as yet...then again..this was also a good thing, it meant there was a way to hide the thing from existence to the rest of the world. Summoning her wings again, she flexed her legs and took to the skies to fly up to the platform.


Shinaria woke, the Arthien most likely on top of her after Alizar threw her. Gently, she'd move the woman off of her and stand, taking note of Sam and quickly throwing a few healing spells his way. By the looks of it, Alizar was no where to be seen, which was a good thing...she guessed. "Everyone alright?" she shouted, murmuring a spell to summon a well of light beside her. Those of the living kind would be more than free to use it.

She caught sight of Kal and quickly ran over to him. Well, she'd try to anyway, from the sudden pang of pain near her ribs indicated that something was broken. So instead, she hobbled over and knelt down besides Kal and Peregrine, murmuring spells of healing for the both of them.

Kry soon flew in, landing gently on her feet "How are they, Jailor?" She asked, Shinaria surprised for the concern in her voice. Blinking, she responded "Not sure, to early to tell.."

The Witch nodded before making her way over to Rhal "Warlock, how are we looking? We haven't left the island yet so we still have time to shut this thing down, have you made any sort of process?" She stood next to the man, looking at his work. Judging by all the switch boards and items, she'd hopped the man knew what he was doing. She knew a bit of Titan technology herself, so she'd stay there and see if there was anything she could assist with.

The din of the group battling Alizar had long been drowned out by his body screaming in agony. In order for Rhaluzzian to interface with the titan technology, he had to dump his own energy into the system, since all the Titan technology he had seen ran on massive amounts of power. However successful he was, it was literally burning his body into cinders. He was aware of Alizar's control over the black stone, feeling him pull it up to restrain the massive death knight, and then felt him shred his defenses as his reavers stood no chance against him.

He knew they wouldn't, but he didn;t want them to hurt the Darkwraith, only distract him. Buy time. His fel corruption had reached deep into Project Midnight and stopped it;s self repair systems and destroyed them. Then he targeted the power transfer drives supplying the arms and head. He felt Alizar behind him as he was guiding molten stone into the lower power transfer drive, to stop it's legs. It made him pause with the realization, but then Krystala spared him so he could finish.

But now, the pause was costing him. He was already weak, but now he barely could push himself to finish. His body burned and blistered, his robes shredded and smoldering. His arms were charred, waves of green fel power pulsing into the console's terminals. He felt Krystala return, and barely could lift his head to answer. Even his hair was turning grey. He couldn;t see her well, just a fuzzy blood as he mustered a cocky, yet weak laugh.

"Just the finishing touches... Almost finished with the lower transfer drive... it should stop momentarily, then the core will over heat and shut down..." As he spoke, a holographic display appeared in front of them, a diagram of the construct's interior with lots of flashing red, indicating component failure. The waist suddenly started flashing as Rhaluzzian finally breached the casing of the transfer drive. Molten stone filled the gaps in the many gears and cogs, then set, freezing the legs in place. Now stationary, a countdown to total shutdown started, as the construct's structure began to settle and further lock itself into a permament state.

From there, Rhaluzzian Eclipse was finished, he gave no more energy, and tried to rise and turn away. He could not pull his arms free, and as he fell back into unconsciousness, his forearms shattered, black ash where his hands should have been. His sleeves ironically covered the stumps, and all remaining reavers fell apart.

Catastrokon stuggled against his restraints even after Alizar was defeated. He summoned up his strength and activated all his runes, converting the energy into strength and destroyed one pillar and then smashed the others with the freed range of motion. He dropped to his hooves and reclaimed his axe before crossing the room and pull his geist from some rubble. Tombclimber seemed fine, and the death knight went to join the preistess.

"Is this over now? We should stablize our wounded and leave soon, I don't like our chances if this thing falls over and we're still here," he said, kneeling down to rest. He was injured, but not out of action. He survived worse before.

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