The Twisted shadows fall...((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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"Like the note said: crush one and we will go to where they wish us to meet. Meet me below Acherus, see you soon brother." Lineron nodded at his sister then went to his quarters to collect his gear. He opened the door to his quarters looked up and down a armor stand that was holding all of his armor and his runeblade "Needle". He quickly put on his gear and was strapping on his gauntlets when he heard a familiar voice. "Master.....Auntie here." Bonereaper, Lineron's personal ghoul stated. Lineron smiled at him then patted his head.
"I know Bones. She is waiting for us below Acherus. Apparently the Argent Crusade decided to finally ask for help. Lets get going shall we?" Lineron picked up his runeblade then went to go join his sister.

When Lineron joined Daenith below Acherus and she had decided to continue reading her book while she was on top of her Undead Warhorse. "Did you know that Southshore is a toxic hell hole now? Everyone there is dead....or worse." She closed her book and had a frown on her face. Lineron put a sad frown on his face as he looked at her. "I am sorry undeath has not been kind to you. Trust me, it shall get better and you will move on." Bonereaper came up next to Lineron and frowned as well.
"Why is.....Auntie Dae....sad?" Daenith smiled sadly at Bonereaper.
"I.....shall be fine. There is no need to worry. Lets get going." She smiled at her brother then held out her hand. Lineron sighed then shot a orb of unholy energy at the ground and opened a portal to allow his Deathcharger, Suffering into this world. Lineron hopped on to Suffering and held out the rune in his hand.
"Death waits for no man. Well it does for me, anyway." Lineron smiled insanely at Daenith who rolled her eyes at him, then they both crushed the runes and immediately felt the familiar cold of Northrend blow across there skin. "Huh, haven't been back here in awhile. Didn't miss the cold." They looked at the group that had already arrived. Some of Lineron's siblings in death, a couple of humans, a number of Blood Elves, a damn High Elven traitor (but she looked to be part of the Argent Crusade so she was tolerable), a small Blood Elven child who even from where Lineron was standing looked kind of creepy, a cat for some reason, and a familiar pair of Draenei. Lineron smiled then turned his head too his sister. "Go tell the trait- I mean High Elf that we have arrived. I have some old friends to meet." Lineron motioned for Suffering to start trotting over to the Draenei with a smirk on his face.

Daenith rolled her eyes at her brother then motioned for her warhorse to move towards the Argent Crusader, maneuvering her horse around the people who have already gathered. When she finally reached them she hopped off of her horse gave a slight bow. "Daenith Felweaver and my brother Lineron Plagueweaver at your service." Jaktip who was sitting on her shoulder gave a casual wave and evil smile to them.

Lineron trotted behind the Draenei and let out a chuckle to get there attention. "My dear, Erani. Long time, no see." He hopped off of Suffering then gave a polite bow. "And it appears you have already made friends with one of my siblings in death." He turned his gaze to Ascul and frowned. "Ascul" He said with disdain in his voice. Bonereaper trudged behind him and smiled at the giest that was with Erani's friend.
"" Bonereaper mumbled.
((Part 2 of 2))
“My dear, Erani. Long time, no see."

The three draenei looked back to see a familiar death knight riding up to them. Rysill watched him in silent curiosity then glanced at Erani and Ascul. The death knight didn’t seem hostile, but Ascul certainly did not seem very fond of him what with the way he was glaring at him. Then again, he wasn’t very fond of any undead beings. Erani on the other hand lit up at the sight of him. “Lineron!” she said with a wide grin and practically tackled him in a bear hug when he hopped off his deathcharger.

"And it appears you have already made friends with one of my siblings in death."

Erani stepped back, still smiling and quickly switched to common as she gestured towards Rysill, “ Ah, yes. This is Reli.”

“Rysill,” the female death knight corrected her.

Erani rolled her eyes, “Sure. Fine. Rysill. Anyvay, she is my cousin from my father’s side. Reli-I mean-Rysill, this is Lineron. The cute looking elf-death knight I vas telling jou about.”

Rysill arched an eyebrow at Erani. “I try not to think too deeply about the fact that you have come to fancy a walking corpse.” Rysill politely bowed her head to Lineron, “Pleasure to meet you, brother.”

Ascul only spoke when Lineron said his name with a hint of disdain.


Turning away from him, Ascul said, “I vill go ahead and tell the crusaders ve have arrived,” clearly only wanting to get away from the scene.

“Alright,” said Erani. “Ve vill be vith jou shortly.”

Ascul nodded to his little sister and left with his sporebat gliding happily by his side. The hostility that had been between he and Rysill lifted. After he was gone Rysill looked to Lineron and said, “It’s quite alright. I hate him too. Typical brainwashed draenei zealot.”

Erani huffed at Rysill. “Enough of that! He may be a close-minded fool but he is still my brother! Don’t forget jou vere once a preachy Light wielder.”

“Don’t remind me,” grumbled Rysill.

Erani smiled teasingly at her. “It’s alright, Reli. Embrace jour inner draenei!”

Erani was met with a hard smack in the back of the head. “Ow.”

“Next time I’m using my fist,” said Rysill.
Saelien smiled slightly hearing the Druid, his reaction wasn't much different from that of her mentor's when she wanted to aid the Cenarion Circle in Outland, and Northrend, and she would respond the same. "Only when one falls do they learn if they can fly. If I do not test myself I will never learn my limits. I have been training since my twentith winter, and I desire to put it to the test."

She paused before realizing she hadn't introduced herself "Oh pardon me, where are my manners." she bowed towards the druid "Saelien Nightmist, at your service." she looked back up at him, smiling sheepishly How embarassing, to not introduce myself before making conversation. she thought to herself awaiting the cat's response.
Krieg watched from the side as more and more people came. Since he had arrived, the groups size had nearly doubled, with a large contingent of death knights among them. A tingle of unease crept through his body as he thought of the living dead. Death was supposed to be a blessed peace from the strife of this world. Every dwarf knew that one day they too would pass away from this world joining their kin in the afterlife, as well as watching over their protégée, guided them from time to time. To be ripped from this nirvana, and unceremoniously reattached to one’s former body was disconcerting to say the least.

Sensing his unease, Swift beak gently nudged him in the back, stirring him from his stupor. Turning Krieg admired his friend’s majestic form. Strong bundled muscles etched across his 8 foot leonine from. Un blemished white feather covered his head impressive plumage. Scratching behind the ears of his oldest friend caused a coo of pleasure to escape from Swiftfeather’s beak. Chuckling slightly, Krieg reached into his knapsack and retrieve both his canteen and his small leather pouch.

As a gust a particularly harsh gust of wind blew through their valley, chilling him to the bone, Krieg unscrewed the canteen and took a long swig. As the honeyed mead landed in his gullet, a all too familiar warming sensation spread throughout his body. Leaning against his friend furthered this effect, as the Wildhammer dwarf greedily accepted the radiant heat let off by the massive gryphon. Gently Krieg unrolled the pouch and pulled out the intricately carved wooden pipe. With a quick flick of his wrist, He lit a strike-anywhere-5000 match, which he had acquired from a recent job in booty bay, and brought it to the pipe. A few quick puffs caused the pipe weed to amber, allowing the aromatic smoke to enter the dwarf’s lungs. As he exhaled his mind began to wander as he imagined the work this job would entail.
Sammuroth smiled at the girl's response, it was a common phrase with different variations, the premise being, as the girl had said to test your limits, much like a mother bird pushes her chicks out of the nest to see if they are strong enough to fly. He bowed in return as she introduced herself, "Sammuroth Stormfury, I am glad to see such a young druid actively testing her abilities, my own aprentice tests hers every chance she gets, usually against my wishes. Not to say it is a bad thing, but I do wish she listened to my advice more, but every bird must leave the nest eventually, no matter how much we teachers wish to keep our charges safe." The druid shook his head, and smiled, "Forgive me I am sure you did not come here to listen to an old druid's ramblings, I am not sure what the plan is for this mission yet, nor do I know any details, I assume the ones who summoned us will explain soon enough."

The cat smiled, this girl, Saelien reminded him a little of Lori, though more subdued than his adopted daughter, she had the same thirst to prove herself as Lori did. "I do hope you forgive my earlier question, just parental instinct I suppose, I am sure you are quite capable, and will be a great asset on this mission, though it sems we are the only two druids here. It seems the majority of people who answered the call, are either some kind of users of dark magic, or wielders of the Light, which makes me wonder what this Project Midnight actually is. Well I suppose we should join the group, before they start the strategy meeting without us," the druid smiled at the girl as he began to walk towards the gathering group, looking back to see if Saelien was following.
Gizzle fell asleep immediately after he teleported, is snoring echoing through the air. After about three minutes, he hit an alarm in his sleep which caused him to jump. "Waah!" He screamed before recovering and sliding back into the driver's seat. He looked around for a moment, eyeing the landscape before realizing he was not home.

"The long have I been sleeping?" He said as he jumped out the mech and eyed the people there, but specifically the holy jailor there. 'Helloo, there.' He thought to himself, licking his palm and tubing his bald head back. He then proceeded to casually walk before stopping in his tracks and eyeing the mech behind him, creating a devilish grin. He jumped into the driver's seat and turned it on. The engine roared to life as black smoke filled the air. He slowly began to walk towards the holy jailor before the mech began to malfunction and stopped.

"Stupid!" He kicked the controls, "Machine!" He gave another kick. The second kick caused the mech to eject the goblin into the air, who quickly fell to the ground. He recovered to see he was near the jailor, shaking his head as he rubbed the dirt off of him, "Ow..." He muttered.
Having introduced herself to the leader of the expedition, Bryah moved off to the side of the gathering to observe the rest of the people. There seemed to be a lot of Sin'dorei, a dwarf, a few draenei, a goblin and a couple of what looked like druids.

Hades paced in front of Bryah and looked in the direction of what looked to him like another cat. She knelt in front of the black lion and ran her fingers through his mane. "Silly cat. That's not a panther. It's a druid in cat form, and from its size, I'd say it's a male." Blaze squawked above her head and gave a very pointed look in the direction of her bag. "Of course, you don't think I'd come up here without some apples." She tossed the dragonhawk an apple and laughed as it bobbed and dipped in appreciation.

"Ok boys. I know you don't like the leashes. I'll take them off you when we make camp. For now, this is for your safety as well as that of everyone else." She stroked Hades' thick dark mane and tickled the soft feathery underside of Blaze's belly. "I just hope we get moving soon."
El'oana watched as the group gathered and eyed each other warily. There were a surprising number of Death Knights. The unholy warriors always made her skin crawl a little, allies or not. Beings whose will had been subverted before, could be controlled again and perhaps not as overtly the second time.

The obvious caution of some in the group actually soothed her nerves a little though. It seemed that at least a few had learned that immediate trust was inadvisable. That boded well. On the other hand, the diverse nature of the group meant it could fracture along any number of lines. Light users against the practitioners of dark magic, horde versus alliance... If this group did not spontaneously self-combust, there were skills amongst them to handle about any kind of threat from the look of things. She needed an ally.

She stamped her feet to keep the blood flowing in them. Titansteel greaves were great for deflecting sword blows, or the fangs of any number of creatures, but they conducted the cold directly to her skin.

Her eyes settled on the Sin'Dorei ranger. If the earthy colored leathers didn't give her away, the dragonhawk and black lion sitting beside her on leashes were obvious. The Farstriders were about as reliable a group as one could find in Silvermoon and El'oana had worked with them several times. She'd be the least likely to turn on her.

As she approached, the ranger knelt and stroked the lion's mane, speaking softly to the lion, "I just hope we get moving soon". El'oana stopped just outside of the leashes' reach and smiled her best friendly smile in greeting.

She cleared her throat and held out her sword hand,"It's a long way from Silvermoon for a Farstrider. And my toes agree with you. The sooner we get moving or get warm, the happier I will be. I am Peregrine."
Bryah stood and smiled "Pleased to meet you Peregrine* She took hold of the offered hand to shake it. "I am Bryah." She indicated first the lion "This is Hades," then the dragonhawk. "And this is Blaze. I had forgotten just how the cold in Northrend bites into you. No matter how much you try to prevent it."

Thankful for the fur lining of her cloak, Bryah pulled it tighter around her to deal with the wind that was teasing at the material's folds* She looked at the plate clad figure in front of her. "The note was hazy on details. Do you know anything about what we are facing?"
"Seems like a decent turn out, don't you think, Shinaria?" Krystala said, her eyes hidden by her hood and her hair, but her gentle smile was all that was needed for Shinaria to know that she was enjoying this. Of course she would, she was insane, however with the truce they were on, she had to get used to it. "Of course, I would speak, but you're the one that summoned them here.." the Witch looked up and the woman, still smiling, her shimmering jade green eyes filled with strange amusement "...don't you agree?"

Shinaria looked away from the girl, and then glanced to the man next to her. Kal'tharon would have been silent, staring down at the group. Blood Elves, she was surrounded by blood elves, death knights, and thankfully other Light long as they didn't try to pick fights with said Death Knights or even Warlocks...everything should be fine. She hopped anyway.

She noticed a -few- familiar faces...well..more like one. Some crazed blood elf Death Knight she remembered seeing once, what was his name?...Oh, right, Lineron, thanks to the undead woman who rode up and reminded her while announcing their presence. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could even say a word, a loud and fierce roar of a male Vrykul shattered the calm mood that was so far evident.

Both her and Kal turned quickly, reaching for weapons, but Krystala raised a hand to stop them "It's him." She said, to calm for Shinaria's comfort. The roar was loud enough to scare birds in the trees, a large Vrykul wearing bone armor from proto drakes mixed with a bit of cobalt was surging towards them at break neck speed. Kal watched over the Jailor's shoulder, wondering how a small girl like Krystala ever managed to gain the trust of such a strong and battle hardened race.

As the large man burst through the bushes, he slowed down. Krishman, would would have been more than 8'5, seemed a lot shorter than the mans 9' body. He knelt down next to Krystala, looking like a gnome that would stand next to a Draenei and be dwarfed so easily. "Krystala, the boat is ready for departure. All the necessary equipment and provisions have been loaded, it awaits your arrival." he said, his voice deep and fierce, but had some respect in it as it addressed the girl.

"Great news to hear, Kronrick, thank you." The Witch replied, nodding up at the large man, who stood at his full height once more. Kal noticed the large curved blade that the vrykul wielded, and slowly reached for grab the hilt of his sword for comfort. Shinaria turned away from the vrykul and returned her attention back to the group in front of her, seeming pretty sure that she had their attention now after that little display from Kronrick.

"Alright, listen up." she'd start, her voice formal, but strict "I am what you probably now know as the Holy Jailor, Shinaria Sunblaze. It is I who have summoned you, however the little girl here beside me.." she gestured her right hand to Krystala " a sense, a part of the reason your here. It was because of her this information was brought to my attention."

"You will not only be taking orders from me, you will be taking orders from this girl as well, infamously known as the Elven Witch, Krystala Dawnshadow. We've agreed to a truce to work together for this mission." She looked over to Kal, who would return her gaze evenly. He seemed to be capable, a leader in his own right. Turning back to address the group again, she'd continue to speak "You will also be taking orders from the man on my left, his name is Kal'tharon Dawnshadow, the older brother of the Witch."

"We will, as you probably know pretty well by now, will be taking a boat to a island, north of north as you can get. It will be cold. Verycold. So I hope you dressed warmly...besides the Death Knights. Before we get on this boat, I want to lay down some ground rules..." As she spoke, her voice lowered some, becoming more fierce than formal "I don't care if you're Horde, Alliance, Blue, green, pink, orc, human, elf or something else along your imagination. You are all required to work together during this mission, for it will mean the fate of everyone in the world. I know it's hard, I know you might dislike something about another person, but suck it up. It's hard enough for me to trust this little Witch as it is."

She glanced over to Krystala, who nodded "She -does- have a point." she also added quietly. Turning back to the group, Shinaria continued "If I hear ONE of you decided to try and pick a fight or even draw blade against another member of this group.." She raised her hands, light beginning to radiate from her arms and spreading to the rest of her form. With a flash of light, chains appeared around her, floating in the air "You will find out first hand why I'm called the Holy Jailor...and if you persist even after you've been told to stop." Suddenly, with another flash of light, the chains grew spikes "This will be your fate if you kill the person you were fighting. I will personally Put.You.Down."

With that, the chains vanished, Kal'tharon raising a brow at the woman "Kind of fierce for a Priestess...I kind like that. Though, hopefully there wouldn't need to be any violence involved.". Leaving Kal'tharon to his thoughts, Shinaria continued to speak "Of course...I would certainly hope I do not resort to such means. See to it that it stays that way. Specially you, Death Knights." She turned, nodding to Krystala who smiled in return and began to walk down towards the boat. Following, Shinaria raised a hand "Any questions may be asked once we get onto the boat. We will be going through a Vrykul's village harassing them!"

With Shinaria and Kal'tharon behind them, Krishma decided to speak with the small Witch in her mind..

"Are you sure this is a wise idea, Krystala? They now know of your location on the island...they can possible want to come back and kill you."

Krystala kept walking, making it look like she was just focusing on reaching the village.

"I can understand your concern, Krishma, in fact, that's what I've been thinking about as well...while I'd hate to suggest it after all that you've done for me in the past, I suggest you and the rest of the village find a new place to live. There is no point staying here now that the location is exposed..."

Krishma simply nodded, Krystala frowning. She knew what the vrykul woman might be thinking, in fact she sensed the doubt and sadness from her. Usually, she'd enjoy it...but it made her feel like of sad to. She had grown used to this place and living with the vrykul village so close near by. It was Krishma that listened to her when she purposed to help them, and it was her that got her on her feet in the world after she had learned everything she could from Alizar and Alisa..that's a debt she had yet to repay.

As they would pass through the village, vrykul warriors, heavily armed with large swords and axes and covered from head to toe and brown and blue armor, would watch them pass. They would be silent, weary, watching as the outsiders strode through their village. They would have reached the boat, it would be large enough for the group and a few vrykul to man her. It would have harpoon weapons along the side, and a Proto-drake skull tied to the front. two large sails would be the things that would drive this ship; this was the groups transport.

"Everyone get on, we will be leaving soon..." Shinaria said as Krystala, Krishma, and Kronrick boarded the vessel. She and Kal'tharon would stand near one of the masts, watching those who signed up board the ship. "So how did you get tied up in all of this?" Shinaria asked the man, glancing over to him with her azure eyes. Kal didn't respond right away, it looked as if he was thinking about his answer very carefully. Surely it wasn't that hard to think about, it was his sister after all.

"Krystala killed half of my family many years ago...I had trained hard and long for one day when I see here again, I can stop her...and somehow, try to help her from the insanity that had broke her." he began, keeping his voice low "I recognized that symbol of the star and the dagger. I knew it was her...I thought perhaps I can get revenge on those who made her into this monster that she is."

Shinaria looked away, frowning "I hate to be the one to say this, Kal'tharon Dawnshadow...but even if you...or we at this point, manage to kill her masters...there is still no changing the fact that she has done much. She's a traitor of your people practically...not that I'm really one to speak about traitors, given I'm a High elf and our history with Blood elves...but, how are you so sure you can help her through this?"

The man looked at the woman, who looked back, surprised to see a warm smile on his face "I'd rather try and fail rather than not try at all...wouldn't you want to help your family in anyway possible if it meant curing them of something foul?"

Shinaria couldn't answer that, her thoughts suddenly thinking about Aron and Nisha. Shaking her head, she looked up, watching the members of the group board "You know you're going to have to help me with this, right? Giving orders that is..." Kal'tharon nodded, guessing she wanted to change the subject "I will do what I can."

Shinaria nodded, raising her voice "If you have questions, now is the time to ask them!"

Krystala, would have gone towards wheel of the ship, where Kronrick would be, guiding the ship to their destination. As she levitated into the air and cross her legs, Kronrick came and spat out into the water "Why must we trust these weaklings? How are we so sure that they won't turn on us in a moments notice?"

"Because they know that this is important. Project Midnight effects all, including us. If we have a chance and preventing that, then I'm going to take it...besides.." she looked up at the vrykul, smiling sweetly "If we don't do something, the world would become a very boring place, with out anything to do or anything to kill. We don't want -that- to happen, now do we?"

The large man grumbled "You have a fair point...just make sure they don't damage the ship." The girl laughed "Oh, I'm sure they wont. Shinaria made it pretty clear there shall be no harrasment of the vrykul or anything else they might own. What I can't wait to see is the reaction to her threat. -That- would be an amusing thing to watch..."

"She's got a warriors spirit for one who prances in pretty white clothing. I guess all Argent's are the same..." Kronrick replied with amusement.
Sorcies Hawke paused as she exited the tunnel leading to Ravenholdt Manor, as she looks up at the building a faint smile crosses her lips as she recalls her childhood here. After a few moments she continues on up the paved pathway, passing guards and gardeners along the way. When she gets to the door she pushes it silently open on its well-oiled hinges.

Winstone Wolfe sitting at his desk glances up as the door swings open “Welcome home girl, I hear you’ve been keeping yourself busy lately.”

Sorcies grins “Yes, I’ve been keeping busy. I was about to begin a new job when I got your message, what is so urgent that I drop everything and return immediately?”

Winstone shakes his head “I have no idea, all I know is that Lord Jorach had us send out the message and gather some supplies for you.”

“I see, what kind of supplies and when do I find out what is going on?”

Winstone rose from his desk “Lord Jorach said to bring you to him immediately when you got here, even if he was asleep. I don’t know what’s going on but it must be very important, so let’s go up and find out shall we?”
He lead her up the stairs to Lord Jorach’s office, knocking once he pushed the door open and let her into the room.

Lord Jorach Ravenholdt stood behind his desk looking out the window, without turning he said “I see our little lost sheep has returned to the fold.”

Sorcies grinned widely “You know I only came back due to your summons and not to rejoin the League.”

Jorach turned and motioned Winstone to close the door “Yes Sorcies, I’m aware but one can hope can’t they? You are one of our most successful assassins after all.”

She blushed slightly “Well, I will admit that my training here and at SI:7 had a lot to do with it. If I know you some of the methods used by SI:7 are already being included in training here now.”

Sitting at his desk he passes a scroll across to Sorcies “Our agents have seen this show up in every major city as you can see it bears the mark of the Argent Crusade, yet our agents in the Crusade know nothing about it.”
"Hero of the Horde or Alliance, here this call.

A great darkness has shown, it's ugly head rearing to unleash a monstrosity known as Project Midnight.

Come, answer the call, take a rune and crush it in your palm, you will be transported here.

Glory awaits you! Light will Praise you!"

~Shinaria Sunblaze, The Holy Jailor~

Lord Jorach continues “We don’t care about this ‘Project Midnight’, however we are interested in the other mark you see on the document. We aren’t aware of any organizations that use the Star and Dagger seal. We have heard rumors of it being associated with a renegade Blood Elf who goes by the name ‘The Elf Witch’ but haven’t been able to confirm her actual existence.”

Sorcies nods “You want me to investigate this and find out everything I can to report back to Ravenholdt, is this an exclusive contract or will I be free to sell this information to anyone?”

Lord Jorach laughs “It’s exclusive and you’ll be well paid for your work. Master Wolfe has your supplies already for you, including clothing. The last information we had on this Sinaria Sunblaze placed her in Northrend so we made sure to include fur lined leathers for you.”
Reaching across the desk Lord Jorach places a small rune in front of Sorcies “Once you’re ready crush the rune and it will teleport you to wherever this group is assembling. Good luck and try to make it back in one piece.”

Sorcies followed Winstone back downstairs where he handed her a large pack, she opened it and quickly went thru its contents and pulled out the warm clothing. She quickly changed into the warm clothes and packed her own on top of the rest of her supplies.

Holding the rune in her hand she smiled at Winstone “Here goes nothing”. She crushes the rune and is immediately surrounded in magic energies, she inhales sharply then is transported to Northrend.

"Alright, listen up. I am what you probably now know as the Holy Jailor, Shinaria Sunblaze. It is I who have summoned you, however the little girl here beside me... a sense, a part of the reason your here. It was because of her this information was brought to my attention."

Sorcies turns toward the voices as she materializes, thinking to herself "I guess I made it just in time". The cold wind tugs at her cloak as she listens to the High Elf glad that Winstone had the warm clothing packed for her but made her wonder how they knew the exact size to fit her.

Sorcies scans the group as they follow the Vyrkul and sees the typical assortment one would expect on such an adventure. Several Sin'dorei, some DeathKnights, what appeared to be a pair of guards from Stormwind and amusingly enough even a Wild Hammer dwarf with his gryphon.

As they board the vessel she steps up behind the dwarf and says in a soft voice "Interest ya in a pint?"

Gizzle quickly got up to his legs and gave it a big stretch just as the Holy Jailor spoke to the group. Grizzle understood none of it, but simply started to act like he did.

'A bunch of crazies...perfect.' He thought to himself as he simlply nodded at the group, 'Though I guess this could be fun.' He thought before he began to speak.

"Ahem. So what how much does a hero make these days..?" He asked the people in charge as he then began to look at the rest of the group through his ruby goggles. 'Space goats...Magic addicts...Emo knights...' He then sighed, 'This is gonna turn out just fine...' he thought out loud.
Adrian walked silently through Ironforge. Hands behind his back and his pipe hanging from his mouth, he saw a guard nailing a piece of paper to a board, and urgently. He sauntered up to the board and leaned in to it. Reading it while stroking his chin, his eyes seemed to explode at what he read. Grinning madly, he grabbed one of the stones, turned on his heels, and began a dead sprint to his apartment in the War quarter of Ironforge.

Barely able to contain himself, he was giggling madly as he bolted to his apartment. He received a lot of strange looks, but it mattered not. Up the stairs and nearly breaking his door off the hinges - again - he looked around rapidly. Dristis, his death knight brother, snapped up quickly, staring at his brother.

"Uh.. what's going on?" He asked of Adrian.

"Oh, hey. I thought you had left for your Ebon Blade stuff already." he shifted his eyes, and closed the door, which was now loose. He fast walked over to his footlocker and yanked the door of it open. Lifting his plate vest and backpack out, he dropped them on the ground. "There's a call for people. Probably to do something astoundingly heroic. I wish you could come, but you know. You've got your lame Death Knight stuff." he joked. He pulled out the set of camouflage for arctic environments. A tiger striped set of pants, a shirt and jacket consisting of white, black, and grey jagged stripes. Grinning, he stripped down, causing his brother to turn away.

Camo on, he lifted his vest over his head and dropped it down on to his shoulders with a grunt. His pouches were full, he put his goggles to sit on his forehead, put his armor pieces on his arms and thighs and threw his backpack and harness on. He walked over to a beautiful wooden cabinet and opened the door. His rifle stand there, clean, but showing its years of use. He picked it up gently and grabbed its accessories. Spare optics, shorter barrel, bayonet and bipod.

"Ready to ROCK!" he said and went to his brother. He clapped Dristis on the shoulder and hugged him, "I've gotta go be a hero again. See you soon." and gave him a nod. His brother returned it, and Adrian pulled the stone out of his pocket. Raising an eyebrow to his brother, he crushed it, and disappeared.

Teleportation always made Adrian feel weird. He arrived at the frigid destination, and shrieked. Almost embarrassingly. He opened his eyes and he was on his back. Looking around, he saw a group of others, looking like they were getting ready to depart. He sprang to his feet, threw his backpack over his shoulder and lifted his rifle. He ran to the group and stopped just at the edge of it.

"Hey, hi. Uh, hey there. I'm Adrian. I recognize some of you!" he said giddily. And he really did. A few people he recognized, though usually through his drunken haze. There were a few Vrykul too. He stared up at them. He remembered fighting and killing many a Vrykul during his deployment to Northrend. He felt he shouldn't bring that up.

Adrian followed the group on to the ship. He looked around. He hummed quietly to himself. He pulled a flask out of a custom pouch on his belt and took a drink.

"Alcohol makes me warm." he said to no one in particular.
Krieg listened idly as their leader; Shinara Sunblaze laid down the rules for their expedition. They seemed very common sense for the most part, don’t kill et other, don’t attack each other, etc. etc. As she wrapped up her speech Krieg drew one last puff from his pipe before snuffing the remaining ambered tobacco out. As the group started to move out Krieg leaned against Swiftfeather and grabbing the pipe by the mouth piece, gently tapped the remaining unburnt tobacco and ash from the pipes cob.

As the group started to move out, Krieg followed gently wrapping the pipe back into its supple leather bag and replacing it in his traveling sack. His attention on his pipe, Krieg hadn’t notice that he was now in the Vyrkul village. When he brought his head back up his heart nearly skipped a beat. As he looked around at the heavily armored humanoids, he felt like he was in a steel forest. Each vyrkul stood about the same height as Swiftfeather stood long. Though he was confident in his fighting abilities, He sure as hell didn’t want to put them to the test hear and now.

It didn’t take long till they had cleared the village and began boarding a boat that was clearly vyrkul by design. Great harpoons lined the boats hall while a monstrous dragon skull rested on the ships bow. As they approached the gangplank, swiftfeather opted to land on the boat and with two thrusts of his mighty wings, he was secure on the boats deck. Grumbling a few words under his breath, Krieg trundle his way up the final few steps and rejoined his companion.

Before he could admonish his friend a feminine voice clearly directed at his came from his blind spot causing the young dwarf to jump in surprise. Had the words been any other then asking offering drink, Krieg would have chewed the person out however give the circumstance, he would let the action slide. Pivoting on his right leg, Krieg turned his back to swiftfeather as appraised the woman standing in front oh him.

Though the woman was some 8 inches taller then him, she was quite slender, and with a refreshing lack of facial hair that most dwarven woman seemed to sport these days. Brown padded leather covered her body while intelligent violet eyes dotted her freckled and scarred face. “Im always interested ‘n a pint lassy, But I warn ya, their be no casual drinkin; roun’ here” To accent his point Krieg unscrewed his canteen and took a healthy swig of the heavy spice honeyed mead. AS the spicy sweet fluid warmed his body, he offered the large canteen to the woman in front of him, and finished by saying “Te names Krieg, Krieg Stormrider, ‘n my compatriot ther’ is Swiftfeather “.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another human, one whom he hadn’t seen originally taking large drafts from his flask, and krieg would bet his stormhammer that he wasn’t drinking moon berry juice. He would have to make his acquaintance sooner rather than later.

From behind his friend Swiftfeather watched intently like an mother eagle keeping an eye one of her curious protégée.
Ascul followed closely behind the undead woman and was about to announce his presence when the loud roar of a male Vrykul nearly had him jumping out of his skin. When he appeared from behind the bushes Ascul couldn’t help but be impressed by his size. It wasn’t often that he met someone taller than himself, even if it was only by about half a foot. Apparently, their boat was ready for departure.

"Alright, listen up.”

Ascul focused his attention on the blood elf crusader as she introduced herself and the others around her and elaborated on their mission. “Krista,” he called for the little sporebat who quickly hovered over to him on command. “Go get Erani and Reli for me. They seem to be lagging behind.” With a little happy little chiming sound, the sporebat quickly took off into the brisk air and glided toward Erani and Rysill, coming to a halt behind Rysill and politely tapping the back of her hooded head with a flick of her tail to get her attention. Rysill turned at the sight of Krista who chimed for them to get a move on. Rysill nodded and said, “Come along, Erani. Now is not the time for dallying. You can properly greet your friend later.”
Erani sighed then smiled at Lineron and said, “Let us be off, then?”

Taking hold of Nightmare’s reigns, Rysill quickly hoisted herself onto her back and offered a hand to help Erani over. She turned to Gutripper, who was curiously inspecting Lineron’s ghoul, and said, “Let’s go Gutripper, I’m sure your new friend will follow.” Gutripper glanced back at Bonereaver then scurried to Nightmare’s side. When they were both properly seated, Rysill clicked her tongue a few times and Nightmare whickered and started off at a brisk gallop. Gutripper sprinted forward at incredible speed after them with Krista gliding overhead toward Ascul.

By the time they had reached the rest of the group Ascul was already waiting for them by the boat.
The group continued to grow, causing Rhaluzzian to feel a mix of curiosity and worry. No only more death knights, but soon vykrul joined the group. Most vykrul he had encountered came at him with weapons drawn. And then the Argent preistess issued a first declaration: no infighting. That almost begged someone to throw a punch. She introduced a pair of elves, also serving as leaders in this little endeavor, then led the way down to a boat.

The warlock fell in step with the large death knight Catastrokon, both walking silently with the group. Looking upon the village as they passed through, he wondered how this island remained secluded. There was much going on here, that was obvious, but there were many things he didn't know. Secrets that were not his. Once through the village, under the withering glare of an entire village, Rhaluzzian perched on a rail, his eyes settling on the easy to find preistess.

Catastrokon merely stood out of the vykrul crews' way, stern face studying the group. More like counting which ones would die first. Death knights and warlocks were hardest to put down, next to paladins and preists, but he figured the cold would start with the weak and unattentive. He focused on the denoted leaders, letting his geist go for the moment.

"What specifically are we stopping, halting, or killing? Are we even certian our force will be enough?"

"Patience, Catastrokon," Rhaluzzian said, grinning. His eyes glowed with anticipation, his voice soft and almost hoarse already. "If we knew every detail, it wouldn't be fun."

The draenei rolled his eyes and shook his head. He found warlocks bizzarre, none more so than the one he knew personally. "Some of us might have other pressing engagements. You can dig for treasure entirely at your leisure. Besides, it would make the Ebon Hold look bad if we let too many die at once."
“Im always interested ‘n a pint lassy, But I warn ya, their be no casual drinkin; roun’ her. Te names Krieg, Krieg Stormrider, ‘n my compatriot ther’ is Swiftfeather “

Accepting the canteen with a smile she responds in perfect Bronzebeard Dwarvish "Sorcies Hawke at your service". She uncorks the canteen and takes a small sip of the spiced mead then replaces the cork and hands the canteen back.
Grinning as she switches back to common "That is some very good mead, haven't had any that good since my last visit to Kirthaven."
She reaches out with her left hand and lightly strokes the golden fur of Swiftfeather "What do you think of this whole adventure? Horde and Alliance working together with the assistance of the Vyrkul?"

Turning slightly she watches the large group hoping to get a better look at their leaders, especially Krystala. At least Ravenholdt would be interested in knowing she does exist, and she was willing to bet that her location would be sold to the highest bidder along with a contract to kill her.

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